Gears of War 4 gets road map of upcoming changes

The Coalition has detailed plans for upcoming updates to Gears of War 4, outlining a list of tweaks and fixes currently in the works.

Delivered via a post to the official Gears of War forums, the list provides a brief overview of what players can expect as a part of future updates. While no exact dates were provided, The Coalition's Adam Fletcher has confirmed that the next Gear of War 4 title update will be arriving alongside the first map drop.

Below is a list of what we can expect in future updates arriving over the coming months:

Hammerburst Balancing: This one has been a big pain point amongst those in Core and Social. Gameplay has been dominated with long range combat and we do have some tuning coming up that will address this. We expect this in the next big Title Update.Competitive Lancer/Gnasher adjustments: We have some additional changes we are planning for the competitive Lancer and Gnasher. We will have more details on this in the future. We expect this in the next big Title Update.Matches not starting with full amount of players: We have a team looking into this immediately as this one is pretty concerning. There may be a quick fix that we can do on the backend to address this but it may require some additional work that would come in a later Title Update. We will do what we can to mitigate and correct this one as soon as possible.Harsher Quit Penalties: We are looking to implement some harsher quit penalties to players in an upcoming update. Unfortunately this requires a bit more legwork but we are seeing if we can prioritize and have this come out sooner rather than later. We expect this in a future Title Update but not the next large one.Competitive/Core Lobbies: This requires an extensive amount of work but we have it on our roadmap and are hoping to have this out in a future large Title Update.General Pack feedback items: We have received a mountain of feedback regarding our Gears Pack system. We are looking into ways of improving the experience for all users and we are also looking at additional opportunities to help players obtain packs. We will keep you posted on these notes in the near future.Footsteps of teammates much louder than opponents: We believe DeeBee footstep audio seems to be in a good place based off of feedback from you all. We are looking at increasing human and swarm footstep audio. This will be in a future title update.PC Crossplay Request / Inability to find matches in Core & Competitive: We will be experimenting with Social crossplay weekends. During this time we will be looking at backend telemetry on the performance of players. After we gather some information, we will look into what we can potentially do for further crossplay opportunities. We will also be looking into offering Bonus XP in specific modes that will be constantly rotating either each day or on a weekly basis to help incentivize people to try out each of our different game modes. This would be for both platforms XB1 and PC. We will keep you posted on when these updates hit.Gnasher shots firing but ammo not depleting and registering: We have a fix for this in our next large Title Update0% / 100% UI notifications: This is tied to Unreal rounding numbers up and down and thus confusing people with the numbers they are displaying. We are going to see if we can address this so it comes across a bit more clear on what your true damage and damage taken is. This will occur in a future update.Backfilling in Horde Matchmaking: We want to remind people here that you can invite people from your friends list if someone drops off. We will continue looking into this but wanted to remind that this feature exists and also allows for the user who is being invited to understand what scenario they are about to enter.KOTH/Execution Time Adjustments: Execution I believe is currently set for 10 minutes. That's long! We are going to readjust this so players aren't stalemating for long periods of time. KOTH will be reduced to 1 round in social and we will listen to additional dialogue from Core players if this needs to be reduced down or not. We expect these changes in the next Title Update if not sooner.Windows Insiders not being able to play: There is now a new Insider Build that corrects this issue. (Build 14951). You can read more about it here: not displaying for other users in Squad: We are aware of this. We want to display ranks for other users in the squad. This will be in a future Title Update, but will not be present in the next one.Horde Class Icons in Scoreboard: We are also aware of this one. We want people to be aware of other classes they are working with in-game. This will be in a future Title Update, but will not be present in the next one.PC Mics not working correctly at all times: We are looking into this one and have a future Title Update that will address this issue.Horde Score abuse issues: We have received a few reports on this and have fixes coming related to this. We will probably also look into wiping leaderboards after this is done to ensure players can compete to achieve legitimate scores.Grenade spawning issue: We have this issue logged and will have a fix for this in a future Title Update.Players sometimes leaving maps: We have this issue logged and will have a fix for this in a future Title Update. Players caught abusing this will be subject to disciplinary action including suspensions and bans.

What do you think of these changes? Are you still experiencing issues with Gears of War 4? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

Matt Brown

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  • I'm missing on so many damn good games right now. I'm going to have to majorly catch up over Christmas :-D I really need a laptop capable of playing games on lower settings. I love my Surface Pro 3 but fitting in an hour of Gears 4 or Forza on lunch would be much more fun
  • Play Anywhere finally made me jump in. MSI GS63VR, loving it and having had a weekend at my parents was great playing GoW4 and seamlessly picking it backup on the Xbox. Was going to go Razer but UK availability sent me the MSI way and actually really glad for the extra screen size, went 4k for the better contrast screen and it still looks sharp at 1080p on GoW4
  • I love that 4K has a 1:1 mapping in terms of ratio to 1080p so you can just turn down the resolution to 1080p and get more frames. Doing that on something with an unusual screen size and res like the Surface Pro 3 doesn't really work, not that I try to game much on it :-p I will consider a laptop capable on gaming when I do eventually replace my SP3. It doesn't need to be as good as my desktop but like you say if you are visiting parents, sometimes for quite a while at times like christmas you do miss out on some quality gaming time. PlayAnywhere is awesome. I know some people hate the idea but I really want the next Halo FPS game to be PlayAnywhere. I like Xbox is becoming a more and more of a platform available on Windows 10 as much as it is a console
  • Agreed, they really should put Halo on there. I like what Nintendo has done with the Switch but I'm not really a Nintendo person and I do like my FPS , GoW and the like. That being said give it 2 years and one could see a PC take on that device being powerful enough to run a serious Play Anywhere title and that would be very nice!
  • I have an Acer V15 with a GTX 950m in it, it runs Gears 4 on all low, but it gets it's 60fps mark and It's great to game anywhere. PS I bought mine brand new from Acer on ebay for $450.00, cool huh.
  • That sounds great for a 950 mobile chip to hit the 60fps mark
  • Yup, I actually uploaded a clip from the game last night to YouTube. I mean I works great for what it is. PS while recording the clip, frame rates dipped, which is understandable.
  • No for cross play, I don't want to play with PC players. And they need to fix the shotgun, inconsistent with it's power.
  • The game multiplayer is still crap compared to it's successors, not shooting while wall bouncing, and crappy movements and random lags, this is just for newbs. Ton of balancing required in order for it to be "decent"