Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 is here

We knew it was coming, we even recently saw it appear in the Store for the first time. But today, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition finally becomes available for Windows 10.

The remastered classic became available for Xbox One in 2015, and a PC version was announced alongside it. The whole game has been given a present day makeover, while preserving what made it such an epic to begin with.

For Windows 10, there are some exclusive features:

  • Inclusion of the Deluxe Weapon skin pack and 11 bonus multiplayer character skins, delivering $10 of bonus content to Windows 10 players for free o
  • Mouse and keyboard key bindings, as well as controller support and customization
  • Unlocked campaign and multiplayer framerates and up to 4K resolution using 20GB of simultaneously-streamed textures o Improved lighting, high-detail textures and VFX
  • Graphical setting customization: text chat, motion blur toggle and more

It'll cost $29.99 or £22.99 depending where you are, and the Store link below is where you need to be. Before purchasing though, do be sure to check out the recommended system hardware requirements.

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