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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 is here

We knew it was coming, we even recently saw it appear in the Store for the first time. But today, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition finally becomes available for Windows 10.

The remastered classic became available for Xbox One in 2015, and a PC version was announced alongside it. The whole game has been given a present day makeover, while preserving what made it such an epic to begin with.

For Windows 10, there are some exclusive features:

  • Inclusion of the Deluxe Weapon skin pack and 11 bonus multiplayer character skins, delivering $10 of bonus content to Windows 10 players for free o
  • Mouse and keyboard key bindings, as well as controller support and customization
  • Unlocked campaign and multiplayer framerates and up to 4K resolution using 20GB of simultaneously-streamed textures o Improved lighting, high-detail textures and VFX
  • Graphical setting customization: text chat, motion blur toggle and more

It'll cost $29.99 or £22.99 depending where you are, and the Store link below is where you need to be. Before purchasing though, do be sure to check out the recommended system hardware requirements.

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  • Nice addition to the market place! The Xbox one version was really good, hope this brings in more players to the universe
  • Quite cheap in INDIA. Only Rs.729 (aprx. 11$)...But 52GB would take me 2 months to download. Sorry MS.
  • my country after direct conversion is round $13..
  • Wow..!! 52gb in 2 months.. That's a fast internet connection dude.. !! I can only manage to download 2gb per month. For downloading 52gb in india we need to spend 5 times more money for internet connection alone.
  • 52gb download in what now? 10mbps..unlimited..for 2100bucks..(INR)..Download of the game almost complete..
  • €11.72 on ukrainian store ?
  • what matters is cross-buy, so that Microsoft supporters can play it on Windows 10 OR XB1. If this doesn't have cross-buy, I guess I'll pass.
  • You're passing then. And no, cross-buy isn't the only thing that matters right now. This is a huge project from Microsoft and getting games playing properly and ironing out store issues are way more important.
  • I agree with QuietNine: cross-buy is Microsoft's trump card and so far they're completely dropping the ball on it. Quantum Break should have cross-buy without restrictions (not just as a one-way pre-order bonuns), Gears of War Ultimate absolutely should be cross-buy too, as well as every other Microsoft Studios' published game that comes to Xbox One and Xbox for Windows 10. They are really missing the chance to make a splash and shake up the industry by unifying gaming. Intead, they are promoting segregation, which is a backwards notion for the industry. It's disappointing.
  • Trump card, sure. But there are fundamental issues that need fixing first. Complaining about cross-buy when you're therefore not paying for a game that may present issues to people who do stump up the cash? Microsoft could, nay probably should have done a lot better. But where we're at is where we're at. Quantum Break will put that to the test, let's see what happens before everyone declares they're not interested without it.
  • Quantum Break has already set up a grim future for gaming: cross-buy with caveats--you only get it by shelling out $60 on a preorder of a game you havne't played and hasn't been reviewed yet. That's not the direction we gamers should want Microsoft going. We should want them to offer unconditional cross-buy. I'm not sure why you insist that things aren't in place to do cross-buy now. Microsoft has the capabilities to offer their 25-character codes for cross-buy now until they get their real system programmed. There is no reason to wait. It's just a missed opportunity for them.
  • Does it support saves across platforms like Quantum Break will? I may be imagining it, but I also thought I read that Rise of the Tomb Raider syncs saves between XB1 and PC (Windows Store) versions. I'll be getting that game at some point but still playing through Tomb Raider
  • I'm with you 100%.. Once cross-buy/cross-save becomes a standard platform feature, I'm sold.. I'm holding off on building a new gaming PC in anticipation of that eventuality.. It's gonna be great
  • Is there cross-platform multiplayer?
  • Unfortunately I don't believe there is. Would've been a major hit if that was the case
  • Yes I'm pretty sure there is.
  • My pc is not ready
  • Wonder how bad this will run on a SP2?
  • Extremely so. Probably unplayable
  • Can't wait for Polaris to finally buy me a DX12 GPU.
  • Can we try before a buy?
  • And I promptly just read an article saying the game is virtually unplayable on even high end AMD Radeon cards. Not a good look for MS.
  • link?
  • See post under yours by Joachim T.
  • No word about the big problems with AMD cards? Or with NVidia Monitor Sync?
  • Awesome. Downloading now ☺. Great time to be a pc gamer. Soooooooooooooo many games coming. May need a bigger hard drive soon.
  • The remaster rocks.
  • SO, what country has it the cheapest, so far around $11 in INDIA, is there any where that comes out cheaper ?  After getting Rise of the Tomb raider for like $7 change, I would grab this in a heart beat if I could get it for like $7-8 US...
  • Hmm
  • Anyone from the US try the trick as used on Rise of the Tomb raider to get it from INDIA ? I changed my region, Added billing with a CC/Visa, My address, my city, random state and a zip of 000000, It keeps on failing.  Any idea ? $11 is better than $30...
  • no :/ tried it several times from EU to buy in the ukraine. payment keeps failing. they learned from the tomb raider "bug". So ... i never buy in the windows store again ;) Steam sales ftw! :P its ok for me, that i can never play gears then ... i HATE the store app - games. if they gonna never release this games as "desktop" applications, they NEVER get money from me, unless i can buy it in the ukraine for 90% less money ;)
  • Yea, deal killer for sure. @ $30, it's a good deal for the games if you never played it but, I owned them all on release so it was an extra play through. $11 ok, $30, no way. Oh, well, if you find a trick please post or PM me...thanks !
  • They need to bring Halo to the PC as well. Mouse and Keyboard all day.
  • That will be the store breaks down..if they bring Halo MCC to pc..though they wont..Msft after all
  • Halo 2 is available for Windows....Made for Vista but, should run in 10...(ran in 7 x64)...came with a xbox app for achivements..I have a copy of it
  • Not such a bad price, shame they couldn't round it out to £20!!!! I have it on Xbox one, but may get it for PC and play it again in 4K!!!! :P