Geocaching Pro is this week's Windows Phone myAppFree Deal

Geocaching is a popular outdoor activity where a GPS is used to hide and seek containers or geocaches that often contain small trinkets and log to document the find. Geocaching Pro is a Windows Phone app that is a mobile client for three popular geocaching websites and is designed to help you with your treasure hunting adventures.

Geocaching Pro is also this week's myAppFree deal of the week. The Windows Phone app normally runs $2.99 (with a trial) but for the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Geocaching Pro free.

Geocaching Pro

Geocaching Pro taps into, (opens in new tab) and to deliver a host of features to your Windows Phone that include:

  • Viewing caches on a live map
  • See caches details, descriptions, logbooks and photos
  • Save multiple caches to your Windows Phone for offline use
  • Log caches
  • Support for Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, detailed Europe, Finland and Norway maps
  • Cache information translation
  • Filter for removing discovered caches
  • Support for, .pl, .us and .nl formats

You also have the ability to pin caches to your Start Screen and search for caches.

All totaled, Geocaching Pro comes across as a feature rich Windows Phone app to help you find your way to the next geocache. The app is currently rated at 4 stars in the Windows Phone Store and if you've been on the fence about picking up Geocaching Pro, with the myAppFree deal now is your chance to save a few bucks.

Please note that due to the various time zones, it may still take a little while for this deal to appear in the myAppFree app. However, the deal is already reflecting in the Windows Phone Store listing.

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  • Yeeees
  • yeah lovely app.... nice TILE
  • Great
  • Maaloo geocaching works far better.
  • Been using for ages. Really good. Get now!
  • Will do....
  • So if I understand correctly, Geocaching is like a thing where you get the "thrill of the hunt" type of enjoyment right? Someone hides something, pins it, and others find it, and put it back but get bragging rights to say they found it?
  • Yes. Also it's a good time pass if you are bored and need to go out. It's a fun activity with friends as well.
  • Exactly. Just started doing this with my family. Lots of fun and the kids enjoy the hunt. Some of caches can be incredibly rewarding to find due to the challenge.
  • Yes, and no. There are some really hard ones where this is the case, but the majority of them are really easy (like a magnet inside the U of a stop sign post). You can make it a challenge about how many to find, or building stats, or how many caches in different states, etc. The other point of geocaching is just being taken to new, cool, and unkown places in a town you thought you knew well, or in a city you've never been before.
  • Sounds worth checking out. I'm downloading it now. Thanks for the info to all who replied.
  • Yes and it's also a great way to discover a new place. When you visit a new country or city etc. you can go to the "must see" but geocaches are often located in interesting places, with a story on locals know (history etc.). Looking for the cache is a great opportunity to discover these little gems, and just to go out and walk. Nobody would walk 10 km randomly in London, without an aim. But if you look for geocaches, you'll walk, enjoy the city as a city, discover places which are not in guides, etc. So it's more than a treasure hunt, it's an alibi go get out ^_^
  • So save offline caches, but does it utilize offline maps?
  • Good question. Maaloo geocaching does and it's my prefered geoecaching app (I love it so much I've proposed the dev to translate it in French). It supports offline maps (the HERE ones you already have and/or local ones you can create with mobac) : HERE has no map for Armenia and I've created an offline Armenia map, for geocaching/positioning purposes, with the mobile atlas creator (with is a free software). Will look at geocaching pro but I think maaloo geocaching has more useful features.
  • +1 for maaloo app ...and it receives regular updates too.
  • Good Cach :)
  • What a nice app. Thanks!
  • Sometimes my dealer plays geocache with me, and I don't get it. Would be more convenient for me to first light a blunt and then play the games.
  • Cool, used to do this with one of those yellow gamin GPS things, maybe I'll take it back up !