Here's an early peek at Skype calling on Amazon Echo devices

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo (Image credit: Windows Central)

At its last big product launch in September, Amazon announced that Skype calling is coming to its Echo devices. The feature has yet to launch, but a couple of new promotional videos leaked, courtesy of Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, on Twitter, showing off how simple Skype calling will be once it finally arrives.

The pair of videos are pretty short, but they give us a quick peek at both Skype audio and video calls using a standard Amazon Echo and Echo Show. In both cases, calls are initiated with the simple command: "Alexa, Skype mom."

There's no word on when Skype calling is expected to launch in full for Echo devices, but it's likely not too far off.

With Skype integration, Microsoft will be the first to take advantage of Amazon's communications API for third-party apps, and this is just the latest example of the two companies partnering up. Alexa and Cortana can now work together to accomplish tasks, and you can even use your Echo to issue voice commands to your Xbox One.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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