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Data visualization is a way to help people understand the complexities and significance of various data by placing it within a visual context. Text-based data can be unreadable at times and certain patterns and idiosyncrasies can go entirely unnoticed by simply getting lost amongst the noise.

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The field of data visualization is growing, as more and more software is developed to help create meaningful visual representations of data in the form of statistical graphics, plots (usually graphs), and infographics. To create these, data visualization software is usually required, and it makes the whole task a lot easier. But which software do you use, and where do you even start?

The Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop 9 Bundle is your way to get familiar with one of the most popular data visualization tools in the world: Tableau Desktop. You'll get lifetime access to three separate courses that take you from the very basics of Tableau Desktop to building interactive dashboards, for only $14 with code LEARN50. These courses retail for $235, but with Windows Central Digital Offers, you save more than 88%.

The three courses are:

  • Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Training: You'll learn to develop different types of projects and reports in Tableau, and how to visualize and present different types of data in an insightful manner.
  • Learn Tableau Desktop 9 from Scratch for Data Science: You'll learn how to build data visualizations and dashboards from scratch.
  • Building Interactive Dashboards with Tableau: You'll learn to design some of the most common dashboard elements and build a complete dashboard and more.

Save more than 88% right now!

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Whether you're wanting to get into data science or business analysis, knowledge of and proficiency in Tableau Desktop is invaluable, and learning how to effectively create data visualizations can take you far in your career. Windows Central Digital Offers is simply here to help by making the road to success a little less expensive. Grab the Data Visualization with Tableau Desktop 9 Bundle today for just $14, and save hundreds.

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