Gigantic ditches its closed beta NDA, will be inviting more testers soon

Closed beta testers for Gigantic, the upcoming shooter MOBA for the Xbox One and Windows 10 can now reveal their experiences with the game publicly. Developer Motiga has ditched the NDA for those testers, allowing them to write, stream, take screenshots and more from Gigantic.

Motiga stated:

"We're looking for all your feedback, even if you don't agree! As a matter of fact, we encourage people to share their critical feedback . If you can manage disagreeing with us without threats of violence or defaming our mothers, we'll reward you by listening, and telling you what our plans are to address your concerns."

In addition, the beta forums for Gigantic are available for everyone to read, but only closed beta testers will be able to post new comments. Motiga says that they will be inviting more testers to the beta test soon:

"That means you are going to see giveaways from our partners and our Gigantic Approved Broadcasters, and most importantly, we'll be giving away keys directly to our beta testers so they can invite their friends to play with them."

Motiga has yet to reveal a specific release date for Gigantic, other than a "2016" time frame.

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Source: Gigantic

John Callaham