Gigantic launches in full on Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Arc

Motiga and Perfect World have announced that Gigantic is finally launching in full after a lengthy beta period. The free-to-play game, which served up MOBA shooter action that's reminiscent (at least aesthetically) of Overwatch and Battleborn, is available starting today on Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Perfect World's Arc platform.

Alongside the launch, Gigantic is also getting a big update with some solid content to check out. Included is a new blade-wielding hero — the game's 19th — named Ramsay. The update also introduces text chat, a bunch of new skins, and a load of balance fixes and tweaks. For more, you can check out the full, lengthy patch notes (opens in new tab) at Gigantic's website.

While Gigantic is a free-to-play game, it includes its fair share of purchasable extras. A Starter Pack with eight heroes is available for $10, while an Ultimate Pack that unlocks all heroes is up for grabs for $30.

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  • Nice! Played over last two weeks.
  • Has anyone played this? What's it like? Worth the download?
  • I've given the tutorial a try, and so far it feels like a game very easy to pick up. So far it is far less intimidating compared to Overwatch :)
  • Oh... I forgot to mention the glitches. When it ran on my SP4 i7, there were freezes after loading.
    I experienced this two ways; First, when the game started up Secondly when I loaded the tutorial. The way I experienced it was that the loading screen would disappear as if it has finished downloading, but the game was not animating the next 10-15 seconds. This could be an issue from running on an unstable bandwidth connection (1-20 Mbit/s)
  • Worth it, great graphics and a lot of depth. Dynamic games.
  • I wonder how much difference their is between items sold on Windows 10 pc and steam. I'd imagine XBOX owners are more enticed to buy the Windows 10 version, but classic traditional PC gamers will go through the Steam route.
  • Such a huge mistake to fragment their player base. Personally I'll stick my guns with the Windows 10 Store version.
  • I wonder if you can play cross platform on the Steam version
  • No, you can't, that's my main gripe. They basically left Windows 10 store players alone together with the Xbox players, and that's it. Meanwhile, Steam and Arc (I'm told that to play the steam version you still ned to use Arc (???)) play together, which means it's a totally different player queue. Very sloppy.
  • Aprox. 6 gigabyte download, for those wondering :)
  • So are we boycotting the 'Steam' version to generate healthy competition and support the 'Windows Store'?
  • If you are asking why it is not available on Steam, it is: While the article's links are poorly displayed (if you are using WindowsCentral's app), they do work.
  • We should.
  • Great game but it's completely ridiculous that they released it on three different platforms in PC. Absolutely crazy if you think about it. Also, a total betrayal of their Windows Store deal.
  • it would have made sense if they released it on mac and linux but other than that I don't see the point in releasing it on Steam.
    I'm guessing they want as much playerbase as possible.
  • Well, no, because in PC what they've done is fragment their player base between Windows 10 Store version and Steam/Arc. Sure, the money still goes to them, but when your players are split like that, you're not doing things right.
  • Was Microsoft originally going to publish this?  They made a lot of noise about this a year or so ago, and then nothing for a long time.  Now they are published by Perfect World, and I am pretty sure that wasn't the case originally.
  • They did, but the Perfect World deal is what saved the company. Sadly, after gaining momentum with the Windows 10/Xbox players in the open beta, after getting the game out on Arc they seem to have left behind their previous deals...and with them, everybody who supported them in those difficult early days.
  • about damn time
  • If you play, add me, Fuhr D.