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Glance Screen update lets you set your lockscreen photo as background

Glance Screen just received an update that allows you to set your lockscreen photo as the background. The Lumia-exclusive feature displays time, missed calls, texts and emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications among others when the screen is off, negating the need for you to unlock the device to quickly check an incoming notification.

If the feature sounds familiar, it is because it was already available in Glance Background Beta. It looks like Microsoft is integrating the functionality from that over to the official Glance Screen.

Also, if you want functionality that is above and beyond what Glance currently offers, there are utilities like DayGlance that aim to do just that. As for the update, do note that you have to restart your phone for the changes to be visible.

How are you guys liking the update?

QR: Glance Screen

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

  • Downloading, same battery consumption? The background image is like retro look.. Still nice addition
  • Probably not
  • It depends on your background screen and the technology used in your screen.   For the best part, no. The picture you have is going to draw more than a plain black image on an OLED screen.
  • There is an option to show the image in balck and white. Also don't forget that the glance screen typically only lights up when the proximity sensor is triggered. Unless you've changed that setting most  of the time the screen is completely dark so there would be virtually no effect on the battery.
  • Nice addition would be to have second notification line. We have 5 icons now, 10would be pretty cool
  • I was thinking of it too. After,so many apps, notifications from just 5 isn't enough and 4 options are also very less in the drop down notification menu. I just don't know where to post this idea.
  • When they say background, are they referring to the home screen pic or the bit before you enter your pin (which in my case is the Bing image of the day)?
  • The title is saying that the Glance Screen can now be the same picture as your Lock Screen.  So not the home screen / tile background.  They just used the word background because it was called Glance Background I think...but a better way to describe it would be to just call it the glance screen picture.
  • I thought that. I've tried to make it work. But I'm wondering if I have to uninstall glance beta first. As far as battery is difference yet, but that may be due to not getting it to work properly. Did the restart and everything.
  • Now who's negging your post?
  • I didn't understand what the update brought ....
  • Lets you have a background in glance
  • I can't quite figure it out. I have a photo already. I'm under the impression we can use our lock screen photo, or is it the app, for glance?
  • I'm not getting the idea of the feature .... Sorry :/
  • I'm with you kid...
  • As per the OP:​
    If the feature sounds familiar, it is because it was already available in Glance Background Beta. It looks like Microsoft is integrating the functionality from that over to the official Glance Screen.
  • me neither. If its an app then its none of the apps I'm using...  
  • This is the same functionality of the discontinued glance background (beta) app
  • Hacer , I don't know the functionality of glance background...
  • Yahia, Do you have a Nokia phone?
  • Seraph , -_-
    And I'm not the only one not getting the idea of the update ! , many are
  • Before, with glance, you could only see the time and your notifications. With the update, you can now have the lock screen background show in glance mode. If you had "Glance Background (Beta)" app installed, you could already do this, but they are consolidating it into 1 app since they discontinued that other app.
  • Well i guess i'm getting some issue here. I don't see my lockscreen photo in glance mode. I guess some of us are getting the same problem that we don't really see what the update brings.
  • Did you install the update and restart the phone? I received an instant notification to restart the phone after installation for changes to take effect.
  • I still have the beta...the app says glance background with beta on the icon.
  • Open Glance Screen Settings. There is a new toggle for Background Photo, which can be set for black and white or color. One of the Notification toggles may also be new. It's been a while since I've had Glance Screen turned on or changed its settings so I may not be totally accurate.
  • Some problems here , no new toggles , I didn't get new features
  • I don't see that toggle. And does it weeks with Bing.
  • Yes i did recieve notification to restart the phone before the update takes effects. After restart, my battery drop from 90% to 20% which i thing is a bug (it happens before when there are changes which needed a restart; software update, change region, etc) so i restart again and my battery back to normal. Then i open glance setting but still i dont see toggle for background photo you did mention.
  • I've the same problem
  • In the lock screen setting you need to choose "photo" the you will see the toggle in glance screen settings
  • That was it! I was having the same no toggle issue. Thank you for clearing this up. Pretty rediculous that this isnt made more obvious in the settings! Now, I want my photo glance screen image, but I still want to see the weather on Glance! Wish they'd allow the weather app to show a glance photo.
  • Don't see photo toggle
  • Settings > Glance screen > Lock screen settings > Choose a photo > Back to Glance screen > Set Background photo ON
  • Thanks for that path for finding the settings. . But in actually if we are using any background app instead of pic in lock screen, this update is not relevant right? :)
  • Steini , what if I DIDNT have a background photo toggle ?
  • Settings > Glance screen > Lock screen > settings > Choose a photo > Back to Glance screen > Background App option now greyed out and no Background photo option available > Look puzzled > Download proper Nokia Glance Background utility > Profit!
  • Did that, nothing happens. The Photo toggle is there, but no way to choose black/white or colours, as mentioned elsewhere.
  • You need to check these 3 points:
    1. Whether you have restarted after installing update
    2. Whether you have photo as background for lock screen and not any app.
    3. You have not enabled night mode in glance screen. If you follow these steps, u will get to see the updates
  • I tried all mentioned solutions but no use Shit
  • Can any one please show me how the toggle looks like ? Please
  • Sorry, but these guides don't work. This new option is clearly only available on later MS models. Original Nokia Lumias need to use the Nokia version of the app.
  • Maybe you're right. I tried disabling glance background app and still didn't get the toggle. Still, the beta app always worked great.
  • The new feature supported by some lumia, which have 720p screen resolution.
  • RIP battery
  • Ikr
  • I downloaded Candy Crush, my battery will die faster now.
  • ^That's quite obvious!
  • Lol playing candy crush drains my battery in half an hour from 100 to 3%
  • Actually the just put the Glance Screen Background Beta app features into the phone glance screen setting
  • What was glance screen background beta features?
    Because I've never downloaded it , and downloaded it now but didn't get the idea of the update or the glance screen background..
  • You can actually set a picture as your background. The background would appear even if the phone is locked, with the glance screen on. If you use glance screen, you can see the time, and notifications. But with glance background, you can add a background to the glance screen. The background can be any image. (if you choose an image, it will convert the image into pixels... And then it will be set as a background of your glance screen.)
    I hope you understand what I just said. Or else, email me at I'll send you a picture and you will understand everything.
  • I did understand tejas but the problem is I can't see any toggle or any new option in glance settings
    Thanks anyway ;)
  • U should turn off the glance screen night mode that's the tip
  • Still doesn't work. Nothing mentioned in this thread works, as I suspect is the case for most users considering the comments here. Why do they release so many frustrating updates such as this. This doesn't help build loyalty or confidence.
  • It's not available for all Lumia users. -_- sad. Anyways, the glance background beta works just fine. Never had a problem.
  • I'll try it just to see if it consumes battery at a greater rate. If it doesn't then I'll keep it as default.
  • Didn't Nokia announce they won't update glance anymore?
  • Nokia may not, why should they, furthermore, Nokia better not because they would have gave all code to MS.
  • Yup, the development of the Apps is now a responsibility of Microsoft. Nokia still holds the Glance software patent, though ;)
  • Nokia announced discontinuing of glance background beta app..
    But as now MS holds nokia apps so they have integrated background app features into inbuilt glance setting.
  • Nokia/Microsoft had announced they won't be updating Glance Background BETA anymore
  • If I heard correctly, glance screens will not be part of new phones. Something about the technology and lack of parts.
  • Can you still have it display a short custom phrase of your own making?
  • I remember that. I used my name. Are we thinking of lock screen.
  • I had it, but now can't find it to set it up again.
  • Where is option to add custom wallpaper? I can't find it. I added wallpaper with Glance Screen BETA but I have now delete app as this update to Glance app adds this option.
  • It doesn't have that option. It just uses the image from your lockscreen automatically. The only option you have is to make the image black and white or color. Personally, I didn't like it. I like the simplicity of Glance Screen having no background image.
  • I have MSN weather app on lock screen and I don't see my custom wall. It still shows wallpaper that I have add with "Glance Screen BETA".!?
  • Is that an issue? Glance Screen Background lets you select multiple backgrounds, while the new feature only selects the background you're using. New feature is kind of limiting, heh.
  • That's the problem,you have to set your lock screen to image to use background glance!!! I use accuweather thou!! The update is bullshit!!!!
  • I've installed lock screen beta in which I've multiple wallpapers to display. In this update it took wallpaper from the default lock screen app which uses only single image. Seems legit :/ In my opinion, glance background beta is better than this default one.
  • Yeah, I'll keep my beta app. I like that.
  • I'm with you both. I use four pictures for my Glance backgrounds on rotation. That feature is what's most important to me.
  • Considering it doesn't disable glance background beta, I think it's fair enough. Makes it simple for basic users, but we still get full old school capabilities.
  • I just installed this and rebooted, but I don't see any new options under the glance settings for showing the lock screen wallpaper.  I now see "Detailed status notification" and "Quick status notifications" options, which I don't remember before (only the quick status one, but I might be mistaken).  Weirdly, my battery has instantly dropped from almost fully-charged to 25%.  Very strange.
  • Mine too dropped , but not that much , 74% to 51%
  • Fahmi , me too
  • +720 Me three
  • First you have to select a simple photo for the lockscreen.
  • This is the key. You can use just any lockscreen app to use this glance feature. You need to have the simple photo, or weather or the fitness app for your lockscreen, then the feature will be enabled when you go into Glance Screen.
  • Make sure you have no other lockscreen app running. I had to uninstall my livescreen Beta app to get this working. You should have a valid lockscreen photo from the official "lockscreen" setting. Then you can check in Glance for "black and white" or "color"
  • So I actually have to uninstall Live Lockscreen Beta, as opposed to just not use it, in order to try this out? Forget that...! It's incredible how everything new out from MS seems needlessly complicated and/or limited!
  • Didn't find Nothing New on my 620
  • +620 Same here :/
  • Just downloaded it, looks nice but can't imagine this being too nice to the battery.
  • When i started using background with the beta ago last year i didn't notice any extra battery decrease. I even have it set up as "always on".
  • That's interesting.. What phone do you have?
  • Yes, finally! Oh wait...I don't have glance on my phone.
  • +930 :D
  • You sir ... are make my day .... :D
    *same boat as you here ... no glance on my 520* XD~
  • Lol
  • i think putting your lockscreen photo isn't Necessary.. if this thing doent consumes battery alot then, it is a 5 star.
  • this is my lockscreen and it looks Freakin' awesome! try it guys! :D
  • Thank you.. Nice one
  • Beautiful. I'm using a matrix green code background for glance and it works perfectly too.
  • try this as your lockscreen, and youll have a moving glance screen bg effect woot
  • Where is the option? Can't see anything new even after a reset!
  • Try a hard reset. That'll fix it.
  • Plz make your night mode off
  • Your normal lockscreen image displays when Glance is on in Glance's fancy pixelated way.
  • I updated it & rebooted my Lumia but after that I can't figure out what's new!! My lock screen is set Lockmix ! What to do please tell me? Did i have to uninstall my Glance background BETA ?
  • You can now set your normal lockscreen image to also be the Glance screen background image.
  • You means I have to remove lockmix have to put an normal picture? I have tried uninstalling the glance background & setting simple lock screen but nothing is happening! My last lock screen image I showing up!
  • Yes.
  • Keep the glance beta, its still better.
  • im going to leave it always on for half hour let see how much it will consume
  • Well, at least my little app shows more usefull info that just the day in the glance screen/lock screen :)
  • Very nice. Thank you. Can I add a short phrase to display on the glance screen too?
  • You can. You already could. (not with my app altough)
  • I updated and don't see any new features...
  • I guess it's unavailable for the Icon and L930
  • Guys btw bbm beta release for public use. So now bbm public reach same version as beta version.
  • My lumia 930 is gonna look so beatif........oh wait :|
  • You need to install DayGlance to see something new.
    Edit: But DayGlance has already been in the store earlier this year so whoever posted this news should explain something!
  • Hmph doesn't work with Bing photos?!
  • Sorry there is no option for this how to use it
  • There is a new toggle under Settings>Glance Screen labeled Background Photo.
  • no sir cant see anything of that sort there l620 
  • Same with me, no new toggle in my L620. I also disabled night mode & restarted my phone.
  • Not bad.
  • How it works!
  • How does it work? Please explain.
  • I'm not sure but the processor and may be RAM must be the reason why it is working!
  • I have 620&720
  • Not bad MS.
  • This almost ruins the whole point of battery saving, pretty sure you're supposed to use a small image
  • MS Live lockscreen beta still in beta, when it will become official.
  • kinda defeats the purpose of the lock screen
  • Yeah, but it's cool when you double trap on your black and white glance screen and background photo gets colored!
  • Wouldn't be great to have an e-reader app with using glance screen?
  • No.
  • Am I the only one that has night mode on by default just to get the green font? :)
  • The background photo isn't appearing with Night Mode turned on after this update, on my L920. I remember being able to see the photo in night mode in the past.
  • I don't see anything new. I am still seeing the Glance Background Beta's image. Do I need to uninstall that?
  • Way better than Glance background beta app! Not sure about battery life though!
  • Your post sucks dude
  • Your comment sucks dude
  • Maybe, but not as this post Daniel, it really sucks dude
  • I have read it three times, man the article doesn't suck
  • The update took away the text feature! I used it to put my student info in case I lost the phone at school.
  • I thought I remembered reading that the text feature had been removed, in a prior update, so I didn't install it. Does this update have the text feature?
    I use the text feature.
  • For my Lumia 1520 it disappeared with this update.
  • How I wish we could set a different photo for glance. Having the same image with the lock screen makes everything redundant, I guess.
  • Got it, looks great :) 
  • Where is the option to choose image?
  • Doesn't seem to be working on my Lumia 920... Anybody else having issues?
  • It's working on my L920, but no background photo is showing in Night Mode, only time, date, etc.
  • Aaaaah, I have it set on night mode all the time for the glance text to be green. Turned night mode off and the photo shows, thanks! :D
  • Lumia 930 #nolove
  • 930?????????
  • This! As it should have been! On my 822, which I gave to my son, cuz I have an icon, which can't do glance, so its too late, and now I'm even more annoyed, dammit!
  • Yeah that doesn't work aka useless. And what's the point to update on low end devices when the new option after update does not show.
  • I can't see any option of set background in glance.where it is??
  • Me too not getting anything new. Tried rebooting couple of times but still no option for background. Nothing new is showing up in my L720 glance
  • Same here..i am also using L720
  • Same here on my 720
  • Guys, for those of you who cant see the background photo toggle, it's actually hidden. What you have to do, is go to Settings>lock screen and change your background to 'photo'. When you chose a picture, go back to Glance Screen, and you will see the 'background app' is replaced by 'background photo' toggle. There, you can choose either black and white or colour. Hope this helps. Cheers :)  
  • I tried but still no such option
  • Not happening on L720
  • Nope. That doesn't work. Best solution is to download the Nokia background app. That actually works.
  • No, it doesn't :/. L720 here.
  • Good update....but what about battery consumption?
  • Nothing new here on L925.
  • I hear ya. My 925 shows the toggle for photo in the glance settings now but even with it turned on, nothing shows. On my 1520 it works with even an option for black and white or colored photo
  • Holy crap! Restarting just ate 40% of my battery.
  • Background option is in content ( above date option). Its underlined and in small font size.
  • no sir all i have underlined is a lock screen setting link :) l620
  • Nope, that's the lock screen option. I can choose a lock screen photo fine. What I need is the instructions as to how to reflect such on the GLANCE screen. Any idea?
  • This is cool....but i rarely use it :)
  • This seems like a weird way to go. What's the difference between this and the lock screen now, besides being able to look at it with a wave?
    Edit: I could, however, see this being a nice feature for a lot of people if there was a setting to automatically go to typing your password if you double tap or press the power button on the glance screen. So basically the glance screen would become your lock screen, and you would be able to take the phone out of your pocket, double tap, and enter your password, skipping the lock screen. Perhaps they could even merge the glance screen and lock screen; maybe that's where they're going.
    Edit2: Okay, now that I've tried it, it seems it would at least use less power than the lock screen, while using the same power was one of the reasons I thought it was useless. Even the color version is darker and with higher contrast.
  • Exactly my thoughts. What I want to see from Glance is shorter wake time. 30 seconds is a waste of battery. I want to pic up my phone, see the time and put it back down immediately. Anything else I need, I'll unlock the phone.
  • I beg to differ, I wish there was an option to choose duration I would put mine at 1 min
  • Guys, for those of you who cant see the background photo toggle, it's actually hidden. What you have to do, is go to Settings>lock screen and change your background to 'photo'. When you chose a picture, go back to Glance Screen, and you will see the 'background app' is replaced by 'background photo' toggle. There, you can choose either black and white or co