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Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar are coming to (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft plans to integrate Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive into
  • Microsoft is already testing this integration.
  • With this new feature, people can sign into Outlook and Google accounts side by side.

Microsoft plans to integrate several Google services into, including Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail (via The Verge).Twitter user Florian B gained access to the new feature, showing the option to add a Google account directly into

According to The Verge, there is a quick process to set up the new feature. After this process, you can link your Google account to your account. Following this, your Gmail emails, Google Drive contents, and your Google Calendar will automatically sync within

This feature appears to be in early testing. The option did not show up in our testing, and according to Florian, you can only add one Google account right now.

Once you add your Google account to your account, you can easily add documents to emails, view your calendar, and stay up to date with your emails from your Gmail account.

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  • For those who thought Microsoft was better than Google. They are all the same. Same difference.
  • Your comment makes absolutely zero sense in the context of Microsoft adding options that Gmail doesn't have.
  • Exactly what I was going to say! In what way does this additional option reflect negatively on Microsoft?? My wife and I have been frustrated for many many years because we can't get a shared calendar to work well from both Microsoft (mine) and Google (hers, which she can't change due to work) accounts. This should help immensely. Now we should be able to setup a Google shared calendar and I will hopefully be able to access and edit it properly from Outlook.
  • What I meant is that there are some people that if they see google they run away because they believe they will spy on them. The reality is that all companies do that, Including Microsoft. So, in the end if it's a good service it doesn't matter who it is offered by. Like mentioned above it is going to be very useful to a lot of people.
  • Can you compare the 2 on privacy?
    MS you can opt out of targeted ads. In Private means private in Edge where it’s far from private in Chrome.
    I dunno, MS seem to be more open about its mistakes and privacy. Google seem very closed (to me as an outsider). I’d be interested to have a more objective comparison though. Right now, I trust MS more than Google.
  • <spits out coffee> Hallelujah!! <eyes watering>
  • Wow I'm surprised. Google must have okayed this, which is weird considering how much Microsoft and Google services compete against each other
  • @real0395 That may all be changing now Microsoft have been left with little choice other than embracing Chromium and Android.
    Hopefully these two tech giants can learn to get along a little better as we all benefit when they do.
  • That's a good point. I like this collaboration more
  • Well... Microsoft is killed Windows 10 Mobile. Embracing Chromium for Edge. And their prototype, the Duo, is using Android. Thinking that Microsoft's Outlook app actually used by many people, letting people who using Outlook to ALSO use Google account is a plus for them (Google).
  • This is confusing. I like it.
  • What about integrating Facebook Birthdays in Outlook Calendar, like it used to be on Windows Phone, back in the day?