GOG Galaxy's upcoming update will make it the only PC gaming client you'll need to use

What you need to know

  • GOG announces a refreshed GOG Galaxy client with version 2.0.
  • You'll be able to connect all your accounts and import everything from other platforms.
  • Have all your games in a single location with the ability to chat to all your friends.

I was beside gamers who complained about more platforms and storefronts being launched by everyone within the industry, further adding to the difficulty to play with friends and create a healthy community. It seems as though the folks at GOG are on the same page as they've been hard at work on GOG Galaxy 2.0, which sounds like it's going to be what we need right now by bringing everyone together.

It's an issue Managing Director at GOG, Piotr Karwowski understands all too well. "As gamers, we need to juggle between multiple clients to access our games and see what our friends are playing. We believe gamers deserve a better experience, and this became the driving force to redefine GOG GALAXY client. GOG GALAXY 2.0 is designed for all gamers and extends well beyond existing GOG users, into both PC and console platforms."

GOG Galaxy 2.0

With GOG Galaxy 2.0, gamers will be able to connect their account with other platforms, importing all their games into a single library collection. Not only that, but it'll be possible to view the activity and status of friends across different platforms too. It's a crazy thought, being able to install, launch and manage games from a single location.

Bringing all your favorite PC game clients together in one place.

The client will cater to those who enjoy being a little social too by opening up communication channels with all your added friends, and the best part is GOG reiterates that it's not "spying on data from your computer." You can register to try the beta or wait until the public release is pushed out to existing GOG Galaxy users.

GOG was traditionally viewed as a niche platform, but now CD Projekt is wanting to expand its store to become the one platform PC gamers to use, regardless of where their games are purchased from.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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