Going to Paris? What better place to stay than the Xbox One Hotel?

Xbox One France has posted some amazing shots on their Twitter page of what they are calling the “Xbox One Hotel”. As you might guess, the building and its interior follows Xbox inspired décor. The trendy spot will remain open until the end of November. Until then, visitors can enjoy playing Xbox One consoles and kicking back in the “Xbox One-themed restaurant”.

Microsoft has not posted exactly how much it would cost to stay in one of the rooms, but a Ryse themed photo makes me want to jump on a trip to the city of lights. Check out the picture of the Ryse room above, it comes complete with Roman pillows and, of course, daggers. We are going to assume that Microsoft will remove the daggers just in case you try to lure in a PlayStation fan.

What do you think of the Paris Xbox One Hotel - Would you spend a night?

Source: Twitter; via Neowin

  • Should've been playstation hotel
  • Nope.
  • Sony opened in Paris last month an apartment for PlayStation 4. Microsoft open a hotel
  • Xbox Wins!
  • Actually it was was a one room studio with a doorway to the ally/bathroom and it had ps2 stuff only cause it was there best near perfect console and still shut down the whole neighborhood trying to update a ps3 they had hidden. ( I was more of a Sega perfection Dreamcast.)
  • Yes cuz stupid little big planet shit everywhere would be badass right?
  • Eww xP No thanks.
  • I just wanted to comment on an article, I didn't mean to start a console war... typical Xbox fans
  • How old are you, dick? 15 ? Just asking...
  • Calm down die hard Xbox fans, didn't mean to insult anyone..... Again, typical Xbox fans....
  • True.
  • i see what you did there :P
  • Sony made an apartment, MS went big.
  • Yeah, an apartment in Amsterdam. With red lights. Playstation. Lol
  • I'll spend a nigth with some Xbox chicks
  • Neat. To bad they didn't do a new Theme room at west Edmonton mall. They just got the new Microsoft store there.
  • "eh I don't know Lloyd the French are assholes"!! Dumb and dumber,couldn't help myself!
  • I live near Paris ^^ Hotel will be open to the public. More information in coming days Instagram picture of the tweet : http://t.co/a70odlDman
  • I want to go!
  • Me too ;)
  • I was excited until I found out there was game themed rooms. Cheesy as F.
  • Hmm, I would like a few days in the Forza room.
  • I would spend 10 years in that place if I could!
  • idk why microsoft has all these extravagant marketing campaigns when all they have to do is listen to their customer base and give them what they want....too late for that i guess
  • I'm a 8 year Gold user, Xbox Music Premium, 151k GS, have 3 360's, One pre-ordered way back to E3, more than 100 boxed games, so I think I qualify as a fan and I like extravagant marketing campaigns.
  • I have a game boy, AND a game boy color! @_@
  • i'll go there just to play the xbox one :D