Gold's Gym offers custom workout plans and free trial to Microsoft Band owners

Owners of the new Microsoft Band health and fitness wearable device will be able to get custom workout plans developed by the well known fitness franchise Gold's Gym, along with a two week free trial membership to any of their locations.

In a press release, Gold's Gym stated:

"Through the partnership, Microsoft Band users will have access to customized 12-week workout plans created by a panel of world-class Gold's Gym Fitness Institute celebrity trainers, with the ability to download workout plans directly to Microsoft Band. These Guided Workout plans will focus on the most popular fitness goals, ranging from building muscles and getting lean to staying healthy and boosting performance – taking the guess work out of the equation, and putting a virtual trainer right on your wrist. The Microsoft Band will also feature a variety of Gold's Gym curated workouts for users looking to shake up their routine, ranging from total-body workouts like the 30-Day Beach Body Workout and the Power of Plyometrics to body part-specific workouts that will help users sculpt their arms, chest, back, shoulders and butt."

Anyone who purchases a Microsoft Band, either in stores on online, will also be able to go to any Gold's Gym location to claim a free two week trial membership from now until the end of 2014. It states, "To claim the 2-weeks trial membership, customers should bring their proof of purchase and Microsoft Band into their local Gold's Gym." Current members are not eligible for this offer.

Will you be downloading and using these custom workouts for your Microsoft Band?

Source: Gold's Gym

John Callaham
  • Definitely going to take advantage of these perks!
  • I want to know if I can create my own custom workouts, but I will definitely try these out.
  • Speaking of working out, does anyone know if Microsoft has any plans to make this band work with any of the exercise-focused games with Kinect for Xbox 360/Xbox One?
  • Great idea
  • Thanks, it just seems like it would be a perfect indoor use for it. And in addition to having the partnership with Starbucks, i'd like to see some deals with sporting goods stores. Maybe even accure some points for usage that can get you coupons. I'd suggest Nike as a partner, but they probably wouldn't want to support it so they can sell their own fitness bands.
  • I can't believe I hadn't even thought about that :S
  • I'd be shocked if they didn't have it on their roadmap. Only makes sense.
  • i tweeted at joe belifiore and he didnt respond but xbox fitness just tweeted this: @XboxFitness  21 minutes ago (3/3) ...our health vision with other Microsoft, 3rd party, and Xbox services in the future, like we have on Microsoft Band with Cortana.   ‏@XboxFitness  21 minutes ago (2/3) Overtime, we will connect our different health and fitness offerings to Microsoft Health. We look forward to integrating...   @XboxFitness  21 minutes ago (1/3) For those curious about Xbox Fitness and Microsoft Band: Microsoft Band will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Health on day one.
  • Nice! There are so many great potentials for Microsoft Band, and I hope Microsoft continues listening to what people want and executing on those ideas.
  • If not I'd much rather create my own vs. signing a contract for monthly service. I guess I would if I were already a member though.
  • It seems they are partnering with Gold's for the workout plans, we haven't seen whether or not a gym membership is required to access them.
  • Suggest it on the user voice site just in case they have not thought about it!
  • Hey he's wearing it with the screen facing out! Do all the sensors still work that way?
  • Yes it does.
  • You will have to. When using the cable pulls, the face will scratch if you have them facing inward.   
  • Sounds like the media is reacting positively to the news of this device! I'm stoked!!
  • important question: does it actually let you create your own workout? what does the workout look like anyway - like does it have a next or done button before it goes further?
  • So they don't want you to wear it like this, but every product placement has people wearing it like a watch because how else would you see the screen in an advert.
  • Gold's gym? Why do I hear this for the first time now?
  • "celebrity trainers"? Kim Kardashian and Carrot Top maybe?
  • They should name their support Band Aid.
  • Most personal trainers are shit and wastes of money. They just regurgitate old outdated information and use cookie cutter programs and diet plans. But still cool they're using these.
  • Off topic, but Spider Man Unlimited got an update and it now supports 512MB RAM.
  • I see in years to come Microsoft is gonna be leader of so much more great innovations
  • Xbox One fitness integration....
  • I hope it comes with deals when ur zones to Canada!
  • Where do I get help from, Microsoft health app does not work on my phone Lumia 1020
  • ^^^
  • Go to
  • Is there going to be a tie in with You Porn? Asking for a friend.
  • Is there any public APIs on this? My father has a business and is interested in implementing Microsoft Band into his products...
  • Hopefully they will. I have a lot of great ideas for it.
  • My gym was just purchased by Gold's Gym two months ago. I will definitely take advantage of this deal.