Google Contribute to make ad-free blogs a reality

It looks like advertising isn't the only way way to fund your favorite sites anymore. Google announced a new program called Contributor today that allows people to contribute money to participating websites via a monthly subscription to get rid of ads.

In typical Google fashion, the service will be a slow rollout, requiring an invitation at first. After you receive an invitation, you'll have the option to buy a subscription that runs between $1 and $3 per month that will go to participating websites in lieu of traditional advertising.

Google clearly labels this as an experiment, and that is made even more evident by the slow rollout and relatively small number of initial participating websites. Still, this is definitely an interesting new take on funding the web, and it will be cool to see if it gains traction.

If you want to give it a shot, you can head over to the source link below to read about the service yourself and request an invitation.

Would you guys be willing to pay a low monthly subscription to Windows Central instead of dealing with advertising? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Google

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I'd be more inclined if it wasn't run by Google.  They will likely find a way to exclude Windows Phones from being able to hide the ads. I'm waiting for the "Make It Free" commenters who never want to pay for anything or see an ad.   
  • Yeah. I'm with you on that one.
  • I think ads are a necessary evil... People won't subscribe to anything that doesn't give them a clear advantage and this doesn't. Idk why someone would hate ads enough to pay 1$ or 3$ per website if the only advantage is that you'll get rid of some ads. I can definitely see why I'd pay facebook to get rid of the ads tho... It's annoying to see all those ads in your feed, but on WPcentral it would feel like the website is making me pay for very little benefits since the ads are not invasive.
  • Its about preferences. I found the ads on WC app ugly & distracting but to some people it's not. So I paid to get rid of the ads.
  • I'm with the OP.  This is just another cynical method to capture your personal information. F google.
  • Adblock.
  • Definitely. Free. FTW.
  • Adblock is cheaper.
  • I agree completely, and just can't trust Google on anything.  If they admitted all the data they currently collect on everyone using their services, then I might be open to a Google product.  But although Google likes to have all you data, they never even discuss their data.  Maybe, if they allowed people to use their services without all the backend personal data collection, I might listen more.  Actually, Google should also allow people to clean the data Google has on them, then I may use a Google product.  Until then, Google is just the world's biggest Spyware/Adware company. 
  • Indeed. In fact, the only time I ever want to see Google-related news on Windows Central is if it's a breaking news story that their headquarters are on fire.
  • Disliking a company is one thing, but you should never wish harm upon others. While Google may have ideology that you and I disagree with, what fault of their employees would it be that might be hurt in the fire?
  • The fire department arrived in time. There were no injuries. Stop jumping to conclusions, anyway. Clearly it was a facetious expression. I would never wish harm on anyone. That said, Google is the most egregious violator of privacy. Their employees are culpable for the unconscionable privacy transgressions.
  • Lol, I know how you meant it, the point was still you shouldn't wish ill upon those who have done bad because then you're stooping to their level. You're better than that! The transgressions you're talking about are more the fault of the higher ups who would probably lose next to nothing during a fire at the physical headquarters.
  • You pay either way so no real benefit, really.
  • Adblock is free actually...
  • They probably doing this because people like you and me are using ad block
  • Thanks to Tracking Protection lists built into IE11, I don't have to deal with ads or companies tracking me. Ever. :)
  • desn't work for me
  • Please explain in detail
  • There was an article on WindowsCentral.
  • Link?
  • Bing it!
  • Why is this here? This isn't Google Central to my knowledge...
  • 100% supported. I read till the end looking for any connection to Windows but could not.
  • yes you're right. nothing related. its total off subject article.
  • @cyborg4 Comments like this are unhealthy for the community. We don't need 'relevance police' in the comments. Just read something else if you are not interested. Besides, last time i checked, this site is a blog!
  • @bradleyj Well, my sincere apologies for participating in discussion! I merely believe there should be more WINDOWS in Windows Central, otherwise it should be called Technology Central. Which I would not necessarily be against, but I come here for Windows news. Not let's-throw-in-anything-at-all-news.
  • It's a service which may have potential ramifications for how the site interacts with its readers. Of course it's relevant.
  • I absolutely agree with this....
    I know the Windows Central authors need to earn ad revenue or whatever - but they need to be careful not to inundate us with junk news like this.
  • Obviously this has nothing to do with windows because you can't see ads on the Internet with windows right, so this has absolutely nothing to do with every operating system that exists. /s
  • @bradleyj, I would love for you to explain to me how a calmly stated opinion is "unhealthy for the community".  Like you said, it is a blog where opinions flow freely.  There has been a push to stay topical from management and the users and this seems to be a bit off topic for the site. @cyborg4 made his point without all of the drama that usually happens around here. He didn't threaten to leave the site or the platform. He didn't engage in any insult or hyperbolic ranting. He simply stated his confusion as to the placement of this story.  I personally, don't have any issue with it. When you speak of not needing 'relevance police', please note that we might not need a 'community health practitioneer', either.
  • The comment by @cyborg4 may have been calm, but I found it disrepectful, unnecessary and it has derailed the conversation from the subject matter of the OP. I think my response was also fair and calm. The irony is that by saying we don't need a 'commmuity health practitioneer[sic]' you are no different than me: you are critiquing someone's comment. In any case, this conversation is pointless and unnecessary (as caused by the original pointless comment by @cyborg) so I will not engage further.
  • You're entitled to your opinion and others are entitled to challenge it.  I have NO problem with critique, so I don't find my critique of your comment hypocritical or ironic.  The main thing I take issue with is this notion of critique being "unhealthy for the community".  I'm still in agreement with the original comment by @cyborg and I don't find it pointless.  I agree that this is a Windows-based site/blog and we expect see Windows-based topics and participate in Windows-based discussions here at Windows Central.  Instead of insulting the OP, you could have pointed out that it is (somewhat) topical because they ask the question of whether we Windows Central users would be willing to donate to get rid of ads.  Please note, again, that I have no problem with critique. I take issue with this "my opinion is superior" and therefore "my way is more healthy for the community" attitude.  The community survives much worse in the forms of "Make it free", "Microsoft hates (insert country)", "I'm leaving the platform", etc.  I'm sure it will make it through someone questioning an editorial choice.  
  • Well, it /is/ filed under 'General News,' and the end of the article suggests they're (Win Central team) considering making this an option available to users should the demand be great enough.
  • It is in a way related... WindowsCentral just asked if we want the option to pay a subscription to remove ads. Most likely implying they will switch to using Google Ads if they aren't already.
  • This news applies to any operating system as it is information related to the way that we view the Internet, last I checked this can be done on Windows devices.
  • Judging from what I've seen many users on Windows Central would rather watch a string of advertisements just to read one article rather than have anything to do with the "evil" Google. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Says a guy who use android
  • Obviously as an Android user he supports Google every step of the way, gets a fanboy check every month in the mail, and gets a free knife to stab poor Windows Phone users with.
  • He was trying to make a point, and he succeeded. Too bad you could not understand it.
  • This.
  • Obviously I would rather watch advertisements if I'm only going to read one article. Paying $3 to read one article sounds idiotic.
  • So says the deluded Google and Android fanboy. 
  • Sounds great until you realize that sites are going to do both - find ways to advertise to paying customers, just like cable TV channels do.  nothankyou.jpg
  • I don't want to see google headlines unless they are making apps for WP8
  • This
  • I'm assuming they still track you across sites anyway, which is my biggest problem. The fact that I see ads isn't that big a deal. I just don't like them to be personally targeted.
  • Exactly my issue. I'd be willing to disable my Tracking Protection on IE so that way the awesome folks at Windows Central could make the money they so well deserve, but how much companies would track me if I did that is most disturbing.
  • Same with me. No problem with the ad model. Targeted ad-model is bad.
  • No I am not willing to pay windows central, nor am I going to put up with advertisement that would clutter this beautiful app. Btw didn't we already pay a dollar to download this app from the store:P
  • I got it for free, actually. It was some limited time offer or something.
  • Me too lol
  • You're taking about the myAppfree deal, they do that with many paid apps and games in the Windows Phone store.
  • Will google also stop harvesting data on adfree sites?
  • I would pay directly to Windows Central rather than trough a google service. I would never get a google account. I'd pay a small sum just for supporting the site and get adfree as a bonus.
  • There are ads on windows central!? Ads don't bother me as I didn't know there were ads here lol
  • Yes because their advertising business is like of slowing down. Their Android OS is becoming more expensive than Windows Phone. Apple is outdoing their phone star seller Shamesung with the iPhone 6 Plus. Lets se what happen in the next 5 years!!!
  • ADBlocker do that for free. Thanks.
  • Not interested, do not care.
  • Makes sense I you think about it. Google's profits are going down YoY because money from advertisements is quickly slowing down and they seem incapable of finding another source of income. Investors see it too. Their stock dropped $15 billion after their earnings report. They're pretty desperate to find a way to counter this trend.
  • they lost 10 billion last year selling motorola. but that motorola thing was to move away from Microsoft patents
  • Not sure what that has to do with their YoY decline in profits from advertising, but yeah, that too.
  • If it's run by Google, never.
    Also, why pay when you have ABP?
  • I like to see the price updates of the phones I usually search in the amazon store, etc
  • Tbh.. I just use Ad blocker anyways.. :) especially on Windows Central, it's horrible lol. Yet I agree that websites needs income.. :)
  • Ads doesn't really matter me. I want news, and I can read the news clearly. Who cares the ads.
  • Paying a fee to Windows Central? Maybe. Paying Google to hide their ads on some sites? Not in a million years.
  • Can I pay google to stop showing me ADS ? Well then hell no !
  • By the way reading this article made me kinda feel like someone told me I got an android phone after spending hundreds of dollars on a windows phone.... Yuck
  • Yeah me too. I felt the rage boiling up inside me while reading this.
  • No
  • Google Go to Hell!
  • Google go to hell! Hey! Google go to hell! Yeah! ... Sing it with us people!
  • Nope
  • Pay Google? Not a dime! They screwed up their image years ago for me and unless they get their sh*t together, I'll never use anything Google ever again unless it's absolutely neccessary.
  • I don't mind ads that sit around what I'm reading in a website as long as they aren't too intrusive. It's when they take over the screen or deliberately block what I'm doing that they annoy me.
  • Then we still get ads.
  • Please do so!! Ads certainly detracts from intended content, takes up real-estate, & requires more navigation to avoid them. Thank you, in advance for your dedication to a quality experience for our select community.
  • I just wonder how much they are taking of the money, since they want to make something from this to. I'd rather donate money direct instead.
  • I'm not paying for this.
  • Why is this in wpcentral?
  • Well, there goes one of my business ideas....
  • How about "No"
  • Can someone please delete this article?
  • It should be deleted...
  • I turned off Adblock for an hour then browsed my usual sites. It was a horrible experience. I am never turning Adblock off again.
  • This adds create revenue for us,then why to pay to remove it...
  • I think ads not only provide revenue to web and apps developer bt also fills the knowledge gap as well for a certain product..... They are necessary only if its not vulgar.... :-p
  • Instead of paying a monthly subscription for having an ad-free search in Google, I will continue to use Bing which is more secure and ad-free for free.
  • I'd pay what $1-5 a month to browse Windows Central if it means absolutely no google adsense and no google in general.