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Google+ destined for iOS, WP7 on the horizon?

The search giant is pushing forward with its latest social media product (anyone remember the rise and sudden fall of Buzz?) called Google+ and beta testing has been well underway with invites being rolled out. TechRadar reports that Google has confirmed that an iOS app will be hitting the App Store in the closing future which will feature native support. Question is, will they support Windows Phone 7?

Google+ is seen as the potential Facebook Killer and has a lot of hype to live up to according to the social media sphere. Since we already have Facebook and soon-to-be Twitter integration, I think Google+ could be a worthwhile addition. If we look at the current Google presence on WP7 (opens in new tab), it's nothing to be proud of. Users of docs, calendar, GMail, GTalk and other services have to switch between apps and there's no fluidity.

Google+ could become a hub of sorts, which could include all the social features which is present on the web version (chat, video conferencing, messaging etc.) while bringing in other Google services into one location. Then again, we do have Skype coming and WP7 is a very social integrated OS already. Would we really need another social network?

Via: TechRadar (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • My bet is 'no'. Google has largely ignored WP7 so far and I don't see that changing. I don't think we'll see any big (and good) Google apps till WP7 gains larger market share.Microsoft has obviously chosen sides with Facebook (Google's biggest competitor) and I think that's what people will use (even if it is just as creepy).
  • If you take a look at Google+ mobile apps, they show a table for upcoming apps and Windows Mobile is there. My bet they actually refer to WP7 although it's so annoying some press still call WP7 as Windows Mobile.
  • It's there, but native app is blank not a "coming soon" and I really do think they mean Windows Mobile, lol. Google barely acknowledges WP7.Oh and Google+ doesn't even work with the NoDo IE browser on your phone, try it. (Of course it works with IE9 on Mango though).
  • It does work. You have to go to very lacking in features tho and looks very bare. I'd like to see an app for this in future if this social network takes off. Looks interesting.
  • Are there public APIs for Google Docs/Gmail/G+? If so there's absolutely no reason some fun loving developer couldn't make their own hub with all the Google products. Maybe not as much integration, but I'm willing to bet/hope MS will soon include functionality for 3rd party apps to add to the share menu and what not.
  • Probably not... at least not now. If they want to dominate, they would have an app for all the OS, including WebOS and Symbian... IMHO.I really hope they start giving WP7 some attention.
  • how about priority over the other os's take care of your own first!
  • I block everything coming from google as much as posible. Adblock - google adsene, analytic, +1, everything.
  • Smart man!
  • "If we look at the current Google presence on WP7, its nothing to be proud of." Do we need to go back to grammar school? "Its" is a possessive pronoun. You want the contraction of it and is or it's. I'm sorry to say, even in this day and age, PUNCTUATION IS NECESSARY! Please, change this./Grammar **** rant
  • While calling someone a National Socialist is not a good thing, The word N-A-Z-I should not be bleeped out. Why I cant call myself a grammar n-a-z-i is unknown to me.
  • verb subject agreement would be nice microsoft have (should be has)
  • Perhaps its a tpyo?(see what I did there?) :P
  • I know the difference between it's and its, my sleepy eye overlooked this error when proof reading. Good catch.
  • I doubt that very much. Google has released a poorly design Google Search app for Windows Phone.I would have assume that Google would make one of the finest Google Search app, considering that Google Search is Google's flagship product and cash cow.
  • Google+ doesn't even work using Internet Explorer for WP7. I just tried it: I went to and this was the message waiting for me:"Your Browser is no longer supported. Google+ no longer supports your browser. Please upgrade your browser. Learn more."And then it gives me links to download Chrome, IE, Firefox, or Safari.So right now, there's no way to access Google+ on Windows Phone, period.
  • You have to go to for me on my WP7.
  • Yeah, so it does! Wow, it looks like **** though.
  • I agree. Very lacking in features and looks bare enough as it is.
  • Get Mango, it works for me :)
  • Ewwwwwww, get Google away from my Windows Phone!Sorry, fanboy in me coming out.
  • Don't forget about this:SOURCE: could possibly be seeing some sort of video chat integration with Facebook contacts, in the future, on our Windows Phones. G+ has Hangouts and Huddle features, which allows group video chats and group conversations. Maybe they haven't yet developed for WP7 because the APIs only became public recently?
  • I hope this doesn't take off. I don't want to give Google my soul.
  • When do we get WAVE? Oh.....I suppose G+ could take off but it could fall flat on it's face(book). Wave and Buzz were just, eh, weird. Wave was kind of cool but it was weird having someone type in a conversation WHILE you were typing. Very gimmicky and hardly practical. We'll see. :)
  • I really don't care. I really don't trust Google with personal info. I don't use anything Google:- I don't need Google to save my search.- I don't need Google to follow me in web to creates thousand ads for me on my screen.- I don't need Google to have my emails and documents.- I don't need they have my personal life in their **** thing.I don't install or use any of Google services on my computer or on my phone. They are against human right about privacy.Plus for whatever service they offer always there is much better service exist from other companies. Email, Documents (office), Social networking, Search, etc.
  • Microsoft already integrates Facebook RIGHT INTO THE PHONE. I doubt Google+ would even be used much by WP7 users simply because of that alone.Besides, this sounds more like an Android gambit... Something to unify the experience. Much like Microsoft has done with Xbox Live, Microsoft office, IE9, and Facebook, Google wants something that will unify their services as a whole. And, honestly, they need it. While there are some wicked 'droid phones out there, the Android universe is a fragmented mess. Google+ is practically a requirement at this point.
  • I'd love to see Google+ integrated into WP7, just like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The more the merrier, right?I'm definitely replacing FB for G+ as soon as I get an invitation, and would love to see picture auto upload from my WP7 device to G+, but without making public (it's private by default).Also, the concept and simplicity of circles is brilliant, and Google is very much listening to user feedback - my favourite suggestion so far is being able to create difference and intersection of 2 or more circles (at the moment you can only make a union). And having a short hand syntax for that would be awesome, like: share this with "School & Friends", or "Colleagues from old job + new job", or "Friends - Colleagues". That would be very powerful.
  • Google's entire business model is based around using their massive ad revenue to force themselves into competiting markets. Their goal isn't to make money (since most of their stuff is free). Their goal is to stop competitors from making money. Google can afford to constantly fail (Google Buzz, Google TV, etc etc) because Google is not dependent on those services for profit. Or look at it like this. Why do you think Microsoft suddenly cares about Bing so much? After all, they didn't care too much about internet search before, and they're definitely not making any money off Bing. Microsoft is doing exactly what Google does. Microsoft is flooding Bing everywhere to cut into Google's marketshare and profit, not to make money.Google+ is just Google's attempt to cut into Facebook's marketshare and profit. The problem is that Goolge sucks at social networking because Google doesn't really care about social networking. Google+ is just a bunch of Google services sloppily thrown together with the sole purpose of driving Goolge loyalists away from Facebook. As much as people treat Goolge as the holy grail of tech companies, the truth is that Goolge WANTS to be the next Microsoft, and judging by the recent rash of lawsuits, they're doing a very good job of it. Google's biggest strength right now is that everyone still loves them. Google is the anti-thesis to Apple and Microsoft. It's why Google can release Honeycomb as a beta product and call it "finished." The average review for Honeycomb tablets always talks about laggy, buggy, sluggish, and glitchy the Honeycomb software is in comparison to the iPad. And the two I've used I quickly dismissed after having the keyboards freeze up on me. But I ask - where's the blacklash? For some reason, despite all of Honeycomb's (and really Android in general) problems, fans continue to cheer them. I don't think I will ever understand how people can be so forgiving of one crappy product and yet so hateful of another product that is equally as crappy.
  • How many failed social fb killers does Google have to make before google fanboy realize it won't happen. google+ will fail just like buzz and wave
  • When facebook came of age, I remember myspace was full of people saying good bye and closing accounts.Not heard a peep on facebook about Google+, I really don't think its going to work unless it can offer something considerably better than fb.
  • About this news of Google having another new social network, i have this to say....WHO CARES? I bought a WP7 to rid myself of all things Google. So I could use Bing instead of Google. I don't trust Google as far as I could throw one of their servers. Google+ is just another one of those "finger in the pie" projects for Google that will go nowhere fast.