Grab Cyberpunk 2077 for just $10 on Xbox and explore Night City for yourself

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand
Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand (Image credit: CD Projekt S.A.)

A couple weeks ago, the Steam version of Cyberpunk 2077 dropped to about half off (around $25). That had a huge impact on the game, bringing in an influx of players and positive reviews. Well, today you can get the game for just $9.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab) if you want to play it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X. This is a Deal of the Day so it won't last long at this price, and you can still find it going for around $25 to $30 in other places if you want it for a different platform. It's hard to beat the amount of content you're getting for just $10 with this deal.

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Cyberpunk 2077 standard edition | $20 off (opens in new tab)

This is the physical version of the game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. You get to fully explore all of Night City and play through the storyline. Get ready for upcoming expansions and regular updates as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 will always be known for its unusual launch and the controversial reception it originally had, but the game has made a lot of leaps and bounds to rectify its issues since then. There's still a lot to come, too, as CD Projekt Red has said its going to optimize the game for next-gen consoles soon. They are also working on an expansion, so you'll be able to add onto the content you're getting today.

This is an open-world science fiction RPG game where you explore a futuristic city, drive cars, shoot guns, and talk to all sorts of crazy characters. It has drug-induced meanderings, crime scene investigations, and Keanu Reeves as the former lead singer of a popular band. There are mysteries to solve, a story to uncover, and plenty of content to keep you busy for hours.

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  • Well for $10 I think it's worth it. Just gong to pick up at Best Buy in a hour or two and give it a shot. I expect there will be a 50 GB download before it's playable.
  • By all reports it would'vebeen a world beater if released in early 2023.
    Unfortunately, they released it 18 months early.
    I believe the technical term is: "half baked".
    $10 is interesting but since it won't be Series-optimized till next year, I'll wait until then.
  • Was it even half? It might have even been a third on the XB1.
  • Maybe even a quarter
  • Wouldn't buying it for $10 now entitle you to the Series X optimized version when ready? If so should grab it now.
  • Yes, because as others have said before, they will probably try to do a soft reboot of the game now that it is fixed and will probably put it back to $60.
  • Great game, I think there's a solid game to enjoy. Sadly, the xbox one wasn't the target system for what they wanted to do.
  • It seems reasonable to pick it up now with the expectation of playing it in 6-12 months time.