Grab these two Star Wars games for Windows Phone before they disappear

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star & Star Wars Assault Team will soon be pulled from the Windows Phone Store. Today, Disney pulled both games from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Developers of the game, Nimblebit, have announced that Disney gave them no prior knowledge of the move. The sad thing about it, is that both titles haven't even been available for a year, with Star Wars Assault Team only being six months old.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star

We here at the site absolutely loved Star Wars: Tiny Death Star! So if you're in need of a something to help you pass the time, you should definitely download both Games from the Windows Phone Store before both are gone for good! Both games work on 512 MB devices and are free, so no reason not to download while you still can.

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Source: Game Informer

Jonathan Dollison
  • Have tiny death on windows, thanfully.
  • I deleted Tiny Death Star because I was addicted and because of some bugs. Are they still there?
  • Yes grab it before they're gone! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Disney also pulled Toy story - Smash it from the store.
  • Downloaded! Thank you !!
  • Check the reviews....
  • Both are 4stars or higher? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • That's a shame. Really enjoy tiny death star.
  • I think it's really bad form to yank a game that I'm sure lots of people have spent real money on, buying in app stuff. I've basically just given away my money for free. I should have just set my wallet on fire for all the good its done.
  • It's yours forever
  • What if you need to hard reset?
  • I wonder if they'll be republished under the Disney name rather than Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • I don't think they need to remove the app from the store to do it.  Microsoft didn't have problems when the majority of the Nokia apps changed publishers.  But hey you never know...
  • Who knew that Disney has a vault for video games as well?
  • This made me laugh. Does that mean they'll temporarily republish games, periodically 'opening the vault' like they do with movies?
  • Yanked from all platforms? That's unusual.
  • Those of us who've been in camp Sony for some time now (at least with PSP and PS3) are very familiar with the fact Disney has a problem with digital content. Wouldn't be the first time they've done something like this... it'll pop up, be gone, pop up again and be gone again...
  • Quick, someone pull the appx/xap files and save it for distribution. Unless they can't be sideloaded lol jk
  • Well.. Sadly they can't be sideloded unless you have a developer account.. And not those Microsoft Dev Center accounts.. Actual developer email IDs... Why Disney why? I loved Tiny Death Star..
  • Wow. Bit out of the blue. Why do that to such great games. Disney turning into a right bunch of a holes.
  • Yep. Disney is going to milk star wars for every penny. Get ready for star wars cartoons, movies, and toys out the wazzoo
  • That's a joke right?
  • They also pulled the toy story.
  • Oh, bad news :( Tiny Death Star is really fun and addictive. Luckly I have it already installed...
  • Will I be able to get more off them on ebay now that they're rare? :P
  • Any idea why they are being pulled? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • According to Disney its because they want to focus more on games like Star Wars:Commander, so no more Casual Games from Disney.
  • Its been that way since spit second tanked
  • Pass.
  • Thanks for letting us know of this. I was addicted to the Tiny Death Star. :( Now I know I have to keep it if they'll pull it out ^^
  • I'll save the xaps, I can't install them till I get a new SD card.
  • doesnt matter having the XAP doesnt mean you can install it, the store checks to see if its still available before it allows the sideload install, unless I'm missing something,,,  I would love to get some delisted games back..
  • Assault team doesn't work without a network connection so even if you have or installed it probably won't work after it gets pulled.
  • Completed both
  • Only good thing came out of them buying lucasfilm was tfu dlc went on sale a 2nd time when it should be a permanent price drop
  • Got em!!
  • Difference is, iOS users can back copies up on their Mac. Were cant back up copies of our version.... Garbage form.
  • Thanks for the heads up loved tiny deathstar could never get into assault team though.
  • tiny death star was fun... but i finished all the quests.. and then it just got boring...
  • Thanks, I don't play these but I downloaded them anyways
  • Tiny Death Star was fun but had some really pronounced hitching on my 920. Drove me crazy.
  • Ralfh y toy story: Smashing is out long time
  • SW Assault has been broken for more than a month. It gets stuck at startup. If you just downloaded it it will work fine for a while so enjoy while you can. If they don't fix it they might as well pull it. No loss.
  • I think they yanked it for poor performance everyone likes the game but too buggy. Disney can't put out half baked items that can't be patched in a reasonable time. No on associates Disney with bottom tier product execution. Read the reviews
  • Too bad. Assault Team is actually really fun.
  • Even pulling an app from the store is slower than iOS & Android...
  • Lmao
  • Why are they removing them??
  • WOAH HOLD UP! Assault Team is class
  • I have this game before, it was really great but after my phone dropped to a concrete floor I had to reset my phone. And I was thinking its ok because I backed up my phone but after I restored it the saved game file wasn't there anymore......
  • Maybe they are doing the right thing and getting out of the trashy business model of addictive and money/time milking games. No more artificial timers, no more pay2win.
  • I know I'm extremely late to the party here but I had this installed on my tablet and then just did a full reformat for to test windows 10 and now I can't reinstall. this really sucks. Seems like you shoudl at least be able to download if you had downloaded previously, what a shitty move Disney. Such my sweaty ball sack.