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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile announced for Windows Phone, coming in December

This is a brief, but exceptional news announcement: Rockstar Games have just announced that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile is headed to various mobile platforms, including “select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile (sic) devices”. Launch time is expected to be in December.

Before Grand Theft Auto V hit the consoles a few weeks ago, San Andreas was one of the biggest titles around.

From the Rockstar website:

“Encompassing Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and everything in between, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been upgraded for its mobile release. Newly remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models make this the best-looking version of San Andreas yet.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas also features brand new touch controls including contextual control options to display buttons only when you need them and three different control schemes for driving and maneuvering, as well as a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression.”

That’s probably the best news of the morning, as for years people have been yearning for some mobile GTA action. Even better is the fact that Windows Phone is right up there now with iOS and Android for getting this title, though it still remains to be seen if it will be a day-one availability or shortly thereafter.

Regardless, get ready to have some fun. Anyone else now reconsidering getting a Lumia 1520 for its giant display and 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor?

Source: Rockstar Games; Thanks, @IceDree, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Finally !
  • But is this an Xbox phone game or not???
  • I don't really care as long as I can get it !
  • Agree with you!!
  • Apps/games already take 5gb on my phone..wonder what this will do
  • You can remove some and reinstall them later from the windowsphone website
  • "Other Storage" is still going to get clogged up with XAPs.
  • And that is why WP will continue to get mediocre games, because people don't demand better. No Xbox live, no sale!
  • So GTA:SA is suddenly a mediocre title without XBL support?
  • Nevermind XBL Support... celebrating like loons over 6 - 20 year old ports keeps the bar low to begin with.   Don't get me wrong... I still own my copy of San Andreas for Xbox Original and I will definitely play this on my Nokia.  I also bought and finished the FF port.   But people with smartphones in general should demand better and more original titles. Classic gaming is fun and all, but let's have some new and original titles as well.     All in all, that people are creaming over 10 year old games is actually a comment on how crappy the current state of original mobile games. Or rather... who buys an Xbox One and brags about playing Halo 1? NOBODY.
  • Making the comparison of Halo 1 on the xbox one isn't that accurate, especially when people were excited about Halo 1 on the 360, 10 years after the initial release. IMO a good game is a good game, doesn’t matter if it's new or old. I think the excitement over this has less to do with the state of original mobile games and more to do with having GTA:SA on the go, anywhere you want. What I think is worth celebrating is that Rockstar decided to name and support WP at the same time as IOS and Android for a high profile release. This bodes well for the platform and hopefully future support. It's yet another sign that developers are taking WP more serious and that's a benefit for all of us, regardless if you like 10 year old ports or new original mobile titles.
  • No one cares - see the poll in the forums. You're one hand clapping.
  • The poll in this site's forums--or anywhere else on the Internet, for that matter--are statistically meaningless. Many people care passionately about Xbox on Windows Phone. However, most of those people aren't on WPCentral (some are, though). They are on more niche sites. Getting big games like this is good, especially as they announced it alongside iOS and Android (while also incorrectly calling Windows Phone Windows Mobile, it should be noted). However, if this game comes without Xbox integration that will be a bad thing for the platform. We need something to set Windows Phone apart from iOS, not clone them. Xbox gaming is one of those things.
  • Why are you people so worked up about XBL? All it does is keep a track of what stupid thing you've done in a game. Big deal!
  • It's tiring having to explain this over and over. Xbox Live integration 1) makes games better (it provides more replay value via achievements, it makes games more social via online gaming and shared leaderboards, etc.) and 2) makes the Windows Phone platform more appealing (via exclusivity: there are many gamers who, given the choice between playing GTA and not getting achievements on iOS or Android vs. playing it on Windows Phone with Xbox achievements, would choose the latter--not for one title, but as more and more titles come to all 3 platforms but Xbox integration comes only to those on Windows Phone, that'll start growing the Windows Phone community; unfortunately, the trend is in the other way: Microsoft is dropping the ball and Xbox-enabled games are drying up. This is not good for the platform, and everyone who cares about WP should fight to #SaveXboxWP regardless of whether you personally care about Xbox or not).
  • This WILL NOT have achievements!
  • Is that confirmed? Source?
  • I better find and charge up my old Windows Mobile 6.7 phone.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Exactly! Why can't people refer to it as Windows Phone and not Windows Mobile??
  • Where's my touch pro 2?
  • Time to get a HD2 off of ebay
  • I need to buy back my LG Fathom..
  • Maybe they meant mobile devices running Windows, aka Windows Phone/8/RT.
  • I think this game won't come to Windows Phone...that it will, indeed, come to Windows Mobile(tablets, RT) devices.
  • But that won't explain why San Andreas is on a Windows Phone in the picture.
  • It might be an image or just a wallpaper.
  • If it's not an Xbox for WP game I'm not interested.
  • You're barking up the wrong tree. The reason why games aren't XBL is because Microsoft's certification process is broken and insanely stupid. Every developer should abandon it until Microsoft realises it needs the developers more than the developers need it.
  • Forget stupid XBox-Archievements.
  • You're playing games for the wrong reason
  • Lol, the only reason I play most WP games, is because of the achievements, I actually hate Angry Birds etc. But since I got em for free, I might as well get them achievements.
  • "LOL the only reason I play is to see a list box of what I've done in a game LOL". Go back to your xbox then. Huge games as GTA have never been made for this purpose, actually no game has ever been made for this purpose. 
  • <SARCASM>the only reason I play is to see a list box of what I've done</SARCASM> Get it?
  • Are you managing 2 accounts or are simply assuming that the comment I replied to was sarcasm ?
  • They need Moga support for this game! And if so it will be epic!!!
  • I don't even want to know how massive a game this will be on memory
  • 1GB maybe
  • Memory : No clue . Storage : it was 3GB on the Xbox 360 . GTA III for android is like 500MB , Vice City is a 1.2GB
  • Hopefully with 8.1 update we'll have a chance to install at least games on microSD card, otherwise my 1520 only gonna have 2-3 good games, sad
  • I am also really hoping for that.  I got the 1520 for free so I went for it but I do wish it were 32 gig.  However I also bought a 64 gig sd card so I hope 8.1 will encrypt the sd and allow app installation in 8.1.
  • this is so good
  • 1gb min?
  • No, pleeeeaaasee D':
  • woa...this is big
  • That's the second time I've heard that today.
  • The first time referring to your head of course? :P Lol
  • hemorrhoid
  • I read that in dexters voice
  • Yes!!! That will be so cool!!
  • This is going to look good on my 1520
  • Nice name lol
  • Yessss!
  • Omfg, my £20 gift voucher has now become useful. Thank you R*.
  • Exactly! I haven't spent any of my 20 because I was waiting on something worth the money. Looks like some of the "lesser" games will be deleted soon...
  • I just pray for cloud support. Cant be asked with starting over if my phone needs a reset
  • Arsed...cant be arsed! Why do people get that wrong???
  • I know its arsed but this forum is American and i would rather say "asked" than be questioned about the phrase 'cant be arsed'. Probably im over complicating it but its done now.
  • Arsed? Asked? Isn't it "can't be tasked with starting over.."
  • Don't think ive come across that variant of the phrase before.
  • Hope it comes out for RT. I prefer gaming on my Surface
  • Yeah! Me too
  • Agreed! I would love to play this on my Surface 2.
  • I wonder how long it would take to port to rt and Xbox? That is the idea right?
  • Its already on Xbox.
  • It should be relatively easy to port to RT.  I say relatively because nothing in game development is easy.   However, you're correct.  MS has supposedly made it easier to port titles cross platforms, especially WP8, Wrt, and W8.
  • Same here.
  • Good news indeed. If only because it's one less thing for haters to point to.
  • Epic stuff, great game!
  • Will it be a Xbox live title?
  • I might delete Vice City from my Note 3 then :) Beautiful the Support for WP8 since my 920 executed itself, But im thinking of getting a Ativ S for Gaming :)
  • Lol that would be a waste of your money... Seriously if you want a separate device for gaming get a 1520...
  • Omg this is everything I've ever wanted on my phone!!
    Thank you rockstar! (please bring us the older games also)
  • It will for lumia 720 512mb ram ?
  • No.
  • Source article says:
     It will be available for select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices. 
    Whenever I see a developer/company refer to Windows Phone as "Windows Mobile" it makes me feel they considerably lack knowdlege for the platform.
  • Developer =! PR side of a company
  • You share my feelings
  • What if they actually mean Windows Mobile? :p
  • What if they mean all windows mobile devices.. Tablets are considered mobile too
  • I think it's because there exist 2 versions of Windows that are considered "mobile" (Phone and RT), and they wanted to group them together. 
  • Definitely lack of knowledge with Windows and its ever-growing platforms. :( Their PR is a disappointment.
  • It will be frustrating and boring on aphone
  • If it supported MOGA controllers it would definately be fun on WP. 
  • censured version ? coralina waits :))))
  • Hhaha
  • Yea! Homie
  • Awesome!
  • Sweet action. Maybe I'll hold onto my gift card a little longer.
  • Great
  • Absolutely fantastic news.  And very good for the WP platform.  I am very excited.
  • Been accused of not being a true gamer because I've never played a single GTA game...maybe I'll change that now IF this will run on my 8X & its an Xbox Live title...wouldn't mind having some achievement points if I'm finally going to dive into the GTA pool...
  • GTA, Call of Duty, Madden... these do not make a gamer. I've never understood the hype honestly. I'd rather play Crackdown or something.
  • I'm almost certain this game was previously available on iOS. Just checked there and it's not now. Anyways, great game which made me very proud to be Scottish. It will be murder on memory of all kinds though..especially in its improved form. I'll still be interested to see how it's received.
  • I think you are mistaken it for other GTA titles. Chinatown Wars came out for iOS around 2009 , GTA III in 2011 & Vice City in 2012 . They will release it in celebration of the 10th anniversary of GTA San Andreas.
  • I used to be involved in an online community for San Andreas...and I'm almost sure we discussed the release of the iOS version and I considered it. I'm sure I can even remember the screenshots. Of course I may be mistaken...but I'm pretty sure I'm not. EDIT: Found no mention online of it before this other than calls for it to be I must be. Maybe the screenshots were for one of the other games. Who knows. I think I'm going senile in my old age! Hehe.
  • wow
    such news
    so awesome
  • Much happy
    Very like
    Many smile
  • yes!
  • Please let this be an Xbox-title.
    Please let someone at Microsoft wake up and stop being stupid and neglecting the advantages of Xbox-titles on WP.
    And please let this be at a reasonable price...for who on his right mind will pay for a mobile phone version of a game, the same it costs to buy it for PC? Anyway, glad it's coming. Wether I'll get it or not will depend only in the way it comes. With Xbox, I'll buy. Without it, I won't.
  • Same here. This game will surely burn my hands off on the 920 running as hot as it does. It will be worth it for some achievements. :)
  • The warmth just simulates your gat when you're puttin fools down for messin with your hoes... haha
  • Price wise, it will probably be like GTA III & Vice City on Android & iOS .... 4.99 USD
  • Man I wish Vice City was on Windows, my favorite GTA game to date.
  • I honestly don't understand the advantages of Xbox branding on WP.  I know you can get achievements and such, but there isn't any kind of direct gameplay/design disadvantage to not using the Xbox branding, right? Sorry, while I game sometimes on my phone, I'm not that hardcore into it, so I'm not sure what the big deal is.  I'm happy it's even coming to the platform.  IMO it's huge that it was announced along with the other versions. Also, by not buying it without Xbox support, you're essentially telling developers that we don't want the support that is given.  It's no different than what Nintendo fans do when Wii/Wii-U titles are undersupported.  Not purchasing an item only sends the wrong message to the developers, but to each their own.  I honestly hopes it sells well on WP, it could only mean more (and possibly better) support in the future.
  • Xbox branding is an advantage because many of us who choose WP like the fact our gaming is connected on the same platform, shows up in our history and adds to our gamerscore. Also, as it's also coming to iOS and Android it helps set it apart. "Yeah but if you get it on Windows Phone it's connected to your XBL profile." :]
  • Thanks Starstrider, I figured those were the advantages and to be honest, I don't consider them that huge.  Sure they are nice, but the exclusion of such features shouldn't stop people from supporting a developer.
  • it is huge if you are on xbox for 7-8 years XBOX SUPPORT OR GTFO, R*.
  • Ditto: No Xbox, No Purchase. Let them know it on Twitter: #SaveXboxWP. Tweet and retweet, rinse and repeat.
  • While I agree, it would be nice, until Microsoft get their shit together I am much happier with getting games faster than having Developers go through certification Hell to get their product out the door. All Microsoft need to do is allow developers to patch in acheivements and we're sweet.
  • All we need now is an official gaming phone with controller extensions or enable Xbox One controllers to control our Windows Phones via WiFi Direct. Also, this game better be Xbox enabled or Xbox on Windows Phone will be officially dead. If the largest release to date (including Halo) doesn't have Xbox support, Xbox on Windows Phon should be put to pasture. Last but not least, where the heck is Terraria?! It was supposed to be Xbox enabled, I bet they're stripping from the title because of the cert requirement pains. :'(
  • See, when it gets to a point where a phone game needs a controller to play, I won't even bother. This is why I have a console hooked to my TV.
  • had been one of the biggest fan of San Andreas. Although it's too old, but i want it and will be very happy if i can have it on devices with 512MB RAM.
  • Is it going to be available to those of us using 512RAM devices? because most of the good apps and games are going to 1GB RAM user of which I`m not happy with.
    Please guys when making an app, kindly put into consideration the users of Lumia devices with 512RAM.
  • It really depends on the game, some times it just isn't possible. And if they do try to get it running for those devices then most people end up complaining that it runs like crap. I for one don't want the game as a whole to be stripped down just so it can run on 512mb devices
  • 512mb isn't just a number you know? You have a low end device, for phones this is a demanding game. Please, before leaving senseless messages. Consider using your brain.
  • No reason to be so harsh Warren.  Everyone doesn't know how memory is used in devices, so it's not clear to them why less memory makes an impact.
  • Don't think you have the faintest clue how development on apps and games actually works. There's no button they just neglect to push if an app doesn't support 512MB of RAM. Sometimes its just not feasible. Do a little research next time
  • Why is everyone such a patronizing prick sheesh
  • Because they expect everyone to understand how programs run on every device even though smartphone owners are usually some of the most casual of tech people.  Instead of talking down to others, MilkyTee and Warren Dance should be considerate enough to explain why support for 512MB devices is harder to pull off.
  • Plus it's total nonsense that the game couldn't run on 512MB, Xbox had 64MB PS2 even less...
  • Well to be fair, we don't know (in detail) what changes has made to the renderer, so I don't think it's safe to assume anything at this point.  We already see other (seemingly) less demanding apps require 1GB.  You also have to take into consideration that while playing this game, the rest of the phone still has to function.  So it's not like the game would have access to 100% of that memory.   Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if it required 1GB, but I still wouldn't talk to someone like they are an idiot because they hope a game lands on their device.
  • Sure, that's true a phone is no device dedicated solely to gaming so only part of RAM is available but still there would be at least a couple of hundred MBs available to game developers. The visual upgrade sure, but if the core game ran on 32MB (PS2)? Challenging maybe, doable for sure I think
  • Yeah, you make a point, and I hope we'll see support for 512MB devices.
  • Screw this I want New Star Soccer already!!!!
  • What abt 512mb ram devices????
  • HOLY COW :D I thought it was WP exclusive :p
  • Oh my god , oh my god , oh my god !!!! San Andreas is my all time favorite video game! I still remember the day I got it ! No problem Dan
  • Welcome to new hood CJ!!
  • Obligitory what no WP 7.8 support? comment Go about your business.
  • Obligatory "How about No" answer Go about your business.
  • Whoosh...
  • Well I have about 14 gigs free. May the rest of the big titles come to windows phone!
  • Epic News!!
  • YAY!
  • My son going tu have ball with this game on my phone
  • After 5 years on android/ was time to go home
  • Back to where it all started, only moved to the new neighborhood.
  • If only WPCentral comments had favorite button!
  • happy
  • Now if we could only get EA on board for some Dead Space game.
  • Holy cow!
  • Windows mobile rockstar seriously out of touch
  • Good stuff Rockstar
  • Now we have until the end of the year:
    - Minions Rush;
    - Angry Birds Go!;
    - Temple Run 2;
    - FIFA 2014;
    - Rayman Fiesta Run;
    - Dungeon Hunter 4;
    - Total Conquest;
    - Danger Dash;
    - Rabbids Big Bang;
    - GTA San Andreas.
    And I still have hope for a new Cut The Rope game. Is all I want. And Pudding Monsters. :P
  • Woah! Hold on there... GTA IV? Not possible.
  • Sorry, I meant to say San Andreas... Edited...
  • And you can still not connect a Xbox controller to a WP beacuse?... Sigh come on MS!
  • My 1520 gimped att memory is a continual problem. Always having to remove games. This includes the fact that I have a 64 gig card. So frustrating.
  • And this is why all new phones should have a 32GB storage option when they're launched!!!  I only have about 1GB left on my Lumia 925...this suuuucks!
  • Couldn't agree more!
  • Awesome :) Gonna fire up my ATIV S this christmas :)
  • They mentioned Windows Mobile (sic) devices, 
    what does (sic) stand for ?  
  • used in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original, as in a story must hold a child's interest and “enrich his [ sic ] life.”.
  • Please let this game come am damn w8ing for it
  • It should be available for all windows phones o! (please no RAM exception)
  • That's awesome news!! Looking forward to it! ☺
  • when the hell will all those People realize that it's not Windows MOBILE anymore but Windows PHONE! (Saturn and MediaMarkt didn't get it either) :D omg
  • I wish Gameloft would bring us their Gangstar series. I love that game more than GTA:Vice City it was the closest game to GTA on iOS and it had amazing graphics. Is gameloft planning to bring this?
  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!
  • My fingers are ready !!!
  • What they actually said was "Windows Mobile," so sounds like us Windows Phone users are being left out in the cold /sarcasm
  • Awesome this is epic!
  • Very nice. Seems like WP is finally considered a real contender.
  • That's good to hear.
  • I've always wanted to kill hookers on the go . . . :|
  • Cloud Social Club support is a great idea. But. How would you fly a plane?? Use gyroscope/accelerometer? I love flying in SA and GTA V. Rock* is very welcomed to WP platform. And how much would they want me spend on a game I already have though?
  • Xbox Live and cloud storage please. A man can dream right.
  • I don't think this will run on device with 512MB RAM. :/
  • Rockstar games are better playing on pc with a keyboard. We can put cheats easily.Such games on mobile operating system is truly terrible.WP should get games like subway surfers temple run 2 candy crush saga and sports games like Tennis, Cricket FIFA14 badminton etc which are favourable to play on touch screen devices
  • Cool
  • As long it's optimized for our lumia 920 too
    who cares if its not Xbox live!
  • Yes! they didnt call us the right name..but at least we're invovled
  • please release a win rt version as well. my xbox gamepad is ready.
  • lol can we guess how big the file is?  would be great if it had achievements too
  • Daaaaaaaaamn And a RT version would be magnificent on the surface 2.
  • +Surface 2
  • This is great news, coming shortly after Belfiore's "critical mass" comment. That the game is being released on Windows Phone alongside Android and iOS supports Belfiore's assertion, and should help contribute towards a change in strategy of other developers to simultaneously publish apps for all three systems.
  • IOS, Android Dec but I bet WP gets it months later, still can't wait great move rockstar
  • Hopefully there's a good chance we'll see the game next month.  They were upfront when iFruit was going to release later on Android and WP.  They didn't seem to indicate the same here IMO.
  • Honestly this game is almost certaintly going to be horible on a phone.  I can picture the ridiculously bad controls now.  Even so I would have bought it with achievements.  No achievements=No purchase.
  • The only thing I'm going to consider is playing this game on my 925 after I've fixed its screen.
  • Wooooaaahhhh.. My heart skipped a beat. 1520, come to me
  • I wonder how many apps should I delete to install this game, and I hope ms fix the other storage problem since it already takes,19-20gb of my device......
  • Not going to take too much stock in this until its either actually on my phone IRL, or someone clarifies what they meant by 'Windows Mobile'.  I don't think it was a slip, I think they mean tablets and Windows 8.
  • GTA:SA is already on the PC, so announcing it for Windows 8 makes little sense.  This most definitely is coming to WP8.  The question is, did they mean Windows Mobile = WP8 and Wrt or did they just make a mistake and meant to say WP instead of Windows Mobile.
  • I'd love a Vice City port, I think that's the best of the series, but I'll happily take this. Great news indeed.
  • when i hear news like this, it motivate me to start saving up for my 1020 for next summer (currently have a 920) whether people believe it or not windows phone is growing and fast as well!   
  • Agree!!
  • I want Vice city
  • Rockstar should at least release their 2 GTA games on WP8 before San Andreas. Must have equal privilege now.
  • I hope it has achievements!!! First time that title will have achievements ever. Friends on my friend list will be doing a double take.
  • Awesome finally rockstar!
  • Forget Xbox Live support , It will pull more bugs and kill the chances of GA:S working for 512mb. Now I'm regretting not getting high end phone.
  • I read one blog that there surprised its coming to wp8. I'm like ya so surprised WP is outselling iPhone In multiple countries...
  • The 1520 is definitely for the gamer.   But I'm curious, how the does 1320 processor stack up against the S4 pro in the 920/925/1020/928/810/820?
  • This is soo awesome. Definitely buying this as soon as it is out. 
  • Looking forward to this as soon as they annouce the damn 1520 in Canada. How long must we wait?? Btw, anyone with an Xbox One notice that our acheivements on the new console don't show up on our Windows Phones? Interesting.. Wondering if this will be fixed.
  • You have to download the Smart Glass app for Xbox One to see your Achievements now. They dont even show up on ...  But yes an update is in order .....
  • I really hope it is LIVE, but I'll be getting it even if it not. Cant wait. :)
  • Hesus Christ! This is big.
  • Respect!
  • the battery drain will be insane!
  • Good job Windows but this game should be free then it would be awesome Windows will be no.1 platforms
  • Why must it be free?
  • Yeah, devs work hard to make these games. They deserve to be paid
  • I hope it has Xbox Achievements and it also comes to Windows 8.1 ....
  • I am waiting for requirements. #Lumia520 :D
  • What ever happened to this? I was so excited but here we are half way through January.. and nothing...
  • Its out now!