Great Windows Apps: new website to showcase only the best content for Windows

A new website has been set up for Windows apps, but before thoughts come into play, it's not a duplicate Marketplace. Great Windows Apps ( will showcase only the best content from the Store where developers have poured in hours of effort to ensuring their work shines above the rest. If you're not into sorting through what's deemed as "crap" on the app store, then this may well be the answer to your prayers.

Set up and developed by Chris Newman (opens in new tab) who's Head of Mobile Development at Lightwood Consultancy Ltd, the website aims to provide a means to gain access to only the best presented apps and games on the Windows Store. So how does it all work and how will Great Windows Phones set out to offer only the most aesthetically pleasant and functional content?

"Ugly apps make Windows look ugly. Worthless apps make Windows feel worthless. It's neither of these things."

The website makes use of the following factors when deciding which apps and games should be included for visitors to browse:

  • Apps that sport a unique icon, as opposed to the default Store icon.
  • Apps with appropriate coloured tiles for Store listings (light on dark, dark on light). 
  • Apps with attractive Live Tiles will be included (designs that don't look like an MS Paint job).
  • Apps with effective, constructed descriptions to inform users what the app does.
  • Apps that don't have low ratings from users who have previously purchased / downloaded.
  • Apps that are ripped, not unique or include dozens of clones will not be included.

As well as removing unwanted apps from view, the website will also highlight the work of others through a series of listings that are indeed accurate and are not affected by factors that govern top rated lists on Microsoft's stores. While Microsoft will be focusing on app numbers to build interest in Windows 8, the likes of Great Windows Apps will ensure consumers can find worthwhile content for their new PCs and tablets.

We've previously looked at a number of publishers who have submitted worthless apps to the Windows Phone Store, which were approved by Microsoft, as well as those who release commercial apps that are ripped off someone else's work. So this project to showcase the best apps on Windows 8 is a great opportunity for developers.

On the flip side there are two blogs - highlighted by Great Windows Apps - that both look into the worst apps / publishes for Windows 8. Drunk Compliance Tester and Windows 8 Rubbish Apps are both worth the read for a quiet chuckle at just what's present on the store. This is a sweet graphic from the Drunk Compliance Tester:

Notice how Microsoft made it onto the infographic?

Source: Great Windows Apps; thanks, David, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • Ditto for me
  • I guess the owner will need to upgrade his 50MB bandwidth quota.  I applaud what he is doing, as well as the other site for shaming these crapware developers who are only trying to get their name out there.....notice what part of the world most of the crapware is coming from too.  Stop using Windows Store as your college vo-ed programming project!
  • I think its a pretty good sign when "the community" can flood a site to the point of failure in a matter of minutes...
  • i'm not sure the site was even working when this article got published.
  • Yup the site is not loading
  • its not even loading...apparently the site intended to save us from crap is CRAP itself.
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  • Really a good idea, there's so much garbage apps in the Windows Store
  • Finally and thank you
  • Wow, some angry people here! Any way this site sounds great and its exactly what I have been looking for, kudos
  • ^ +1 - there's a lot of overreacting on the part of wpcentral members these days.
  • Guessing the site is just getting a lot of traffic.....working fine for me (but needs a few refreshes) - It did say that it's a beta version on the website (when you eventually get on).
    Love the idea of it though, some very insightful information.
  • Thanks for the article, and sorry to those who've struggled to get through to the site today.  Apparently you guys did crash it :)  It's back up right now and I'll keep a close eye for the rest of the evening! 
  • It looks like we're going to continue to struggle today.  This is really the first time the site's been tested by anything resembling a horde of keen users!  That spare VPS I found to run it on clearly isn't up to the job - particularly as I was so proud to say how much faster it was to use this than the Windows Store app - so let's see how quickly I can get it moved over to something more meaty...
    So glad you all noticed the "beta" flash.  That makes this *so* much less embarrassing ;)
    In the meantime, may I suggest a nice relaxing game of Word Search Party... ;)
  • Good job lucky donut, keep on with it plz, and maybe even get an app out haha, u could make some nice £££ curating the best apps out there for us
  • Thanks.  We announced an app for it on the apptivate contest: - half expecting it to be silently removed... but it's got a few votes so I guess we actually have to make the app now :)
  • The app made it through certification very quickly!
  • Finally!  I've been waiting for someone to make something like this!  I hope they make a version for Windows Phone as well, since this one is only Windows 8 app right?