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The other day when Nokia announced that their music streaming service was headed to the US, they mentioned a special concert to celebrate featuring the band Green Day. At the time, no date or event was mentioned and instead we were told to tune in later.

Now, details have come forth about that big show—somewhat.

Evidently Green Day will be playing a concert at Irving Plaza here in New York City, on Saturday September 15th.

Unfortunately this isn’t an open concert ala Nicki Minaj and instead, fans have to enter into a contest via Facebook. Green Day only wants the “biggest fans” to go to this show, so in turn, you need to act like a PR agency for the quasi-pop punk band by advertising the heck out of ‘em.

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We checked the Irving Plaza calendar but have not found any links for Green Day, meaning either there won’t be tickets for sale or there will be but they’re not yet available.

We’ll try to find out any more details if we can and maybe even have Nokia hook us up with some tickets.

Meanwhile, if you have a Lumia, go ahead and try Nokia Music out. It’s actually a darn good service and we’re using it quite often.

Source: Marketwire