Grenade Madness, an online multiplayer blast of a game for Windows 10

Grenade Madness is an online multiplayer action game where you a have to navigate through a series of obstacles, take out your opponents and avoid getting your player blown up.

Available for Windows 10 PC, Grenade Madness is a public Beta with decent 3D graphics, plenty of weapons to choose from, a host of power-ups to give you an advantage over your opponents and an excellent selection of missions to tackle. While there are still a few bugs present, which isn't uncommon for a Beta, Grenade Madness has the potential of being an entertaining online combat game for Windows 10.

Grenade Madness opens up to a username field where you create a player name that will be used during gameplay and for Grenade Madness's leaderboards. The game does require a data connection with the only mode of gameplay being online competitions.

Grenade Madness

The main menu for Grenade Madness provides you with options to jump into gameplay, view/modify your equipment, see your gaming missions, access the game's settings and view the game's developer credits. Equipment options include your primary weapon, mine type and melee weapon. You start with the basics and as you advance through gameplay more advanced weapons become available.

Grenade Madness

Settings cover options for graphics quality, sound/music levels, mouse sensitivity, keyboard control layouts, gamepad options and options for your player profile. On gaming controls, the default keyboard controls for movement rest with the WSDR keys. This control layout felt awkward, and if you do not have a gaming pad, you will want to set up keyboard controls for movement that are more comfortable. Your mouse or touchpad manipulate your point of view and weapon's firing is done by a left click of the mouse or touchpad.

Gaming missions with Grenade Madness are goal based and include the likes of destroying twenty crates, increase your health by 25 points and kill three enemies with laser mines. As you complete missions, you will receive rewards that can be used to unlock additional weapons.

Grenade Madness

The playing field has a variety of crates that create paths and barriers for players to move around or destroy. You can use the crates for cover to hide from your enemy or to trap your enemy to make them an easy target. Destroying the crates with your grenades will open up your field of view, but they will randomly regenerate, changing the landscape of the battle zone.

The layout of the gaming screen will have your player icon and level displayed in the upper left corner of the screen and your health points displayed in the bottom left corner. Available power-ups are shown in the bottom center of the display, and your game timer rests in the upper center of the screen.

Grenade Madness

A scrolling read-out of gaming activity will appear down the right side of the screen highlighting when a player is connected to the game or killed during gameplay.

For the most part, gameplay consists of you running around the battlefield taking out the enemy before they take you out. There are power-ups that will appear on the battlefield that includes speed boost, slow time and health regeneration.

Again, keep in mind that Grenade Madness is still a BETA game and performance glitches shouldn't be a such a shock to the system. In playing Grenade Madness, I did notice load times were a little on the slow side, and there were times when gameplay froze for just a few seconds. These performance quirks should be ironed out as the game moves out of the BETA.

Grenade Madness

Otherwise, Grenade Madness is a decent PC game to spend a little time with. I would have liked to have seen more personalization for your robot fighter and touchscreen controls for those playing from a tablet. I also think an offline mode would improve the appeal of the game to let you hone your grenade launching skills against computer opponents. A team battle mode wouldn't be bad either.

Grenade Madness has a good bit of potential and the developer is headed in the right direction. If you take the plunge and begin playing Grenade Madness and run across a bug or just have a suggestion for the developer, you can do so here at the game's website.

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