Groove Music snags handful of tweaks on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has rolled out a fresh update to Groove Music for Windows 10 Mobile. The update pushes the app up to version 10.18011.1341.0 and, surprisingly, brings some of the same new features and tweaks that recently hit the desktop version of the app. Here's a look at what's new (via Windows Latest).

One of the biggest additions is that there's now a toggle in the settings menu for displaying artist art as your lock screen. When toggled on, whatever artist you're currently playing will show up as your lock screen wallpaper. Additionally, the settings menu also now includes options for modifying your storage settings and manually managing and syncing your OneDrive music. Currently, however, the option to sync with OneDrive appears to be causing an error message, and tapping the "manage" option takes you to the OneDrive website.

Finally, the long pressing on an album or song will now give you a "Play next" option, letting you select that full album or song to play after your current track.

It's worth noting that the equalizer feature that recently rolled out on desktop isn't available in this update. Given the bugginess of the OneDrive sync option, however, it'll be interesting to see if this update was meant to roll out on mobile, particularly since Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a focus. Microsoft recently rolled back a Photos update on mobile that apparently mistakenly rolled out with several desktop features.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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