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If you're heading into the wilderness that makes up Grounded's suburban backyard, you'll need to be prepared to build a stronghold and a fleet of useful stations at which to craft, cook and more. Grounded has a decent list of different building parts, utilities, and meal prep stations to choose from, so we're compiling them all into a list for your viewing pleasure in this comprehensive Grounded guide on all the building parts and more we've found so far.

If you haven't already, you'll want to make sure you have all the basic tools and weapons in Grounded you'll need to survive first, and that you've nailed the basics of combat, crafting, and more in Grounded.

One more thing, this is a flat list of all the useful stations, parts, and tools players have at their disposal, and what they do, but doesn't help you build your first base, or give you any building tips.

Microscopic survival

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It's a big(ger) world out there.

Obsidian Entertainment makes its exclusive debut on Xbox One and PC with Grounded, a unique survival experience that literally makes all of your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends as you're shrunk down to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.

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What are all the building parts in Grounded?

Grounded Building ImageSource: Windows Central

Building parts refer to pieces you can pile together haphazardly into something resembling a coherent base. Or, if you're not me, build amazing fortresses and towering strongholds to protect yourself and your supplies. These include floors, walls, stairs, and scaffolding. There are a few different varieties of building parts that differ in overall fortitude, so the more safety-conscious amongst you will want to invest in some hardier building materials for your base.

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Tier I

Tier 1 building parts can be unlocked just by collecting the ingredients required, and don't need to be bought or any advanced tools. Anyone can gain access to these essentials to build their basic shelter, safe on the ground.

Grounded Building Parts DoorSource: Windows Central

Door. The entrance and exit to your humble abode, the basic door is pretty self-explanatory. It occupies a hole in the wall, and it can be opened to allow access to your house.

Description: Opens and closes.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem, three grass planks, one sprig, two woven fibers.

Grounded Building Parts RoofSource: Windows Central

Roof. The protective covering for the top of your house, and a great way to top everything off, especially if you don't have floors (which can double as ceilings).

Description: A roof thatched with clover leaves.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem, four clover leaves.

Grounded Building Parts Roof CornerSource: Windows Central

Roof corner. If you're not content with just making your home a perfect cube, you may want to employ roof corners to shake things up a little.

Description: A roof corner thatched with clover leaves.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem, four clover leaves.

Grounded Building Parts Roof Interior CornerSource: Windows Central

Roof interior corner. The final evolution of "making my base's roof look interesting," the roof interior corner is here. And it's essentially a roof corner, but inverted. Figures.

Description: An interior corner thatched with clover leaves.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem, four clover leaves.

Grounded Building Parts WallSource: Windows Central

Wall. The first line of defense between you and all the multi-legged buggies that wish to eat or kill you in some way. These basic walls aren't the sturdiest, but they'll keep you safe and are easy to build.

Description: A solid wall that can keep insects outside. Like all buildings, it can be damaged by attacks.

Crafting recipe: Four grass planks.

Grounded Building Parts Windowed WallSource: Windows Central

Windowed wall. As the name suggests, the windowed wall is much like the normal wall, only with a window! You can use this window to peer outside of your base in search of enemies, and give you a much-needed escape path (disclaimer: doesn't work as escape path).

Description: The windowed variant of the basic wall.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem, three grass planks.

Grounded Building Parts ScaffoldSource: Windows Central

Scaffold. Want to reach high places or build your base in a lofty place without it looking dumb and unrealistic? Than scaffolds are for you! These sturdy structures don't give you any more living space, but they still serve their purpose.

Description: A sturdy structure made from weed stem logs.

Crafting recipe: Two weed stems.

Grounded Building Parts Triangle ScaffoldSource: Windows Central

Triangle scaffold. Is your home not a perfect cube? The triangle scaffold is basically a regular scaffold cut in half diagonally, and it lets you make interesting shapes with your base if desired.

Description: A sturdy structure made from weed stem logs.

Crafting recipe: One weed stem.

Tier II

Tier II building parts have to be unlocked with Raw Science by purchasing them from BURG.L. The Multi-Story Base upgrade costs 1,000 Raw Science and unlocks the following three building parts.

Grounded Building Parts FloorSource: Windows Central

Floor. Floors are pretty necessary for any base if you're not literally planted on the ground, and even then, most people would still rather have them than not. They can also make a great ceiling if you're going to have multiple floors.

Description: A solid floor. It can also be used as a ceiling.

Crafting recipe: Four grass planks.

Grounded Building Parts Triangle FloorSource: Windows Central

Triangle floor. The triangle floor is like the floor, only in the shape of a triangle. Imagine you took the normal floor and cut it in half diagonally.

Description: A triangular floor.

Crafting recipe: Two grass planks.

Grounded Building Parts StairsSource: Windows Central

Stairs. If you need to go vaguely "up," there's no better way to do it than stairs. These ramps with pre-installed breaks help you rise vertically, and are a necessity for skybound bases, or multi-story abodes.

Description: Vertical traversal wherever it's needed.

Crafting recipe: Four grass planks, one weed stem.

What are all the utilities in Grounded?

Grounded Building ImageSource: Windows Central

Utilities differ from building parts in that these won't make up the construction of your house, but they do turn it from an empty shell to a functional home. Ranging from features like setting your respawn point, the safe storage of all your supplies, and advanced crafting capabilities, knowing about the different utilities available to you is a must.

Grounded Building Utilities Lean ToSource: Windows Central

Lean-to The lean-to will likely make up the center of your first camp, and will still be important long afterward. This is how you can go to sleep at night to avoid danger and also sets your respawn point in case the worst should happen.

Description: Sleep to bypass the extra dangerous nighttime or set a respawn point to return to in the event of death.

Crafting recipe: Three clover leaves, two sprigs.

Grounded Building Utilities Log PalletSource: Windows Central

Log pallet. Any player stockpiling resources to build a base will need a place to store supplies, and that's where the log pallet comes in. Use these guys to stack your weed stems in neat piles, where they can be easily accessed at a later time.

Description: A platform on which weed logs can be neatly stacked.

Crafting recipe: Four woven fiber, two pebblets, three dry grass chunks, four sprigs.

Grounded Building Utilities Plank PalletSource: Windows Central

Plank pallet. Plank pallets don't differ much from log pallets, beyond a slightly tweaked appearance and the fact that these stack grass planks instead of weed stems. Still very handy to have around, though. Grass planks can be a little jumpy if left unsupervised.

Description: A platform on which grass planks can be neatly stacked.

Crafting recipe: Four woven fiber, five pebblets, three dry grass chunks.

Grounded Building Utilities Sap CatcherSource: Windows Central

Sap catcher. If you need more sap for crafting purposes, the sap catcher is super useful to have and negates the need to explore and find sap deposits on your own. You can attach this to roots that can produce sap to harvest directly from the root.

Description: Attach this to sap-producing roots and branches from more convenient harvesting.

Crafting recipe: One acorn top, one ant mandibles.

Grounded Building Utilities Storage BasketSource: Windows Central

Storage basket. The basic container for all your storage needs, the storage basket is a good starting point for basic camps and small amounts of supplies at a time. Keep in mind storage baskets can only store up to 20 stacks, and are very fragile.

Description: A basket that holds up to 20 stacks of items. It's not very secure. It comes with marking technology so you can tell what's inside from the outside.

Crafting recipe: Four clover leaves, three woven fibers.

Grounded Building Utilities Storage ChestSource: Windows Central

Storage chest. If you need a more permanent location to store your goodies, consider upgrading to the hardy storage chest. These containers can store twice as much as baskets and are much sturdier as well. These are great for bases.

Description: A well-made container. Stores up to 40 stacks of items.

Crafting recipe: Two clover leaves, four acorn tops, four sap.

Grounded Building Utilities Trail MarkerSource: Windows Central

Trail marker. You're not really able to set waypoints in Grounded, and instead have to rely on visual cues like landmarks to find your way around. Alternatively, you can also use the very useful trail marker, which lets you set custom colors and icons for various places, like your base(s), spider dens, exciting locations, and everything in between.

Description: Transmits a trackable visual signal so you can find your way back to a location.

Crafting recipe: Two sprigs, two plant fibers, one clover leaf.

Grounded Building Utilities Water ContainerSource: Windows Central

Water container. Finding sources of clean drinking water is always a struggle in Grounded, and dew drops are few and far between. To capitalize on every source of clean water or other liquids you find, you can use the water container. These containers store a certain amount of any liquid that you can access at any time, so you can eventually build up a decent supply.

Description: This hollowed-out acorn can store up to six drops of liquid.

Crafting recipe: Three acorn shells, two woven fibers, one clover leaf.

Grounded Building Utilities WorkbenchSource: Windows Central

Workbench. In Grounded, you need to craft your own equipment to protect yourself and remain productive. However, beyond the basics, you'll need additional help to gear up. That's where the workbench comes in, drastically increasing the number of crafting recipes you can access for weapons, armor, and tools. Put one in every base!

Description: Three grass planks, four sprigs, two sap.

What are all the meal prep stations in Grounded?

Grounded Building ImageSource: Windows Central

Meal prep stations can overlap with some utilities at points, but these stations all share a common facet: they revolve around the consumption or collection of food and drink. You won't be crafting with any of these, but they're vital for longterm survival, especially if you're playing with a group.

Grounded Building Meal Prep Dew CollectorSource: Windows Central

Dew collector. Struggling to find dew to fill your water containers? Don't fret; just build some dew collectors around your base. This meal prep station slowly accumulates dew over time, which you can drink or store for later use. Be warned, though; you'll need to collect some spider silk to make them.

Description: Store and collect dew to use later.

Crafting recipe: Five woven fiber, six weed stems, eight quartzite, five spider silk.

Grounded Building Meal Prep Mushroom GardenSource: Windows Central

Mushroom garden. One of the easiest and quickest sources of food is mushrooms. They're not particularly tasty, and they won't instantly fill your stomach, but they're still a handy snack to have around. The mushroom garden is a constant source of these toadstools, making it useful as an always-present backup source of food.

Description: A small patch of dirt that produces edible mushrooms a few times a day.

Crafting recipe: Eight woven fibers, six weed stems, one acorn top, one spoiled meat.

Grounded Building Meal Prep Roasting SpitSource: Windows Central

Roasting spit. If you're tired of eating mushrooms and acorn chunks, you can use the roasting spit instead. This meal prep station takes all that tasty insect meat that's been spoiling on you and turns it into a delicious dinner. That will still spoil if you don't eat it that day, so keep that in mind. It'll also light the surrounding area, which can attract insects!

Description: A spit for roasting and illuminating the darkness. You can tell food is ready when it looks tasty.

Crafting recipe: Four pebblets, four sprigs, three dry grass chunks.

Grounded Building Meal Prep Smoothie StationSource: Windows Central

Smoothie station. If you want to take your edibles to the next level, you'll want to invest in a smoothie station. With this meal prep station, you can combine multiple ingredients together in concoctions that provide health boosts, bonuses, and other useful effects.

Description: One acorn top, four sprigs, five grub goop.

What are all the traps in Grounded?

Grounded Building ImageSource: Windows Central

Now that you've taken over an area or built a base, you'll need to defend it. A useful tool you have at your disposal are traps, which can be constructed to dissuade enemies from approaching your base, or lure prey in so you can jump in for the kill (providing you with potential sources of food).

Grounded Building Traps Spike TrapSource: Windows Central

Spike trap. The first trap you'll find in Grounded is likely the spike trap, which is a simple affair that's placed down wherever you want. Once it's placed, any insect that walks into it will be damaged, making the spike trap an effective deterrent if strategically situated around your home.

Description: A spiky board that damages any creature that touches it. Perfect for protecting a base from intruders.

Crafting recipe: Three weed stems, three thistle needles, one sap, two woven fibers.

Grounded Building Traps Lure TrapSource: Windows Central

Lure trap. Unlike the spike trap, which is meant to drive creatures way, the lure trap draws them in with its tantalizing scent. If you're looking to keep feasting on meat every night, the lure trap is a useful way to guaranteeing there's always something edible nearby to hunt. Best to place it a distance away from your home, though.

Description: Lures insects with an enticing aroma.

Crafting recipe: Four flower petals, four sprigs.

What is all the decor in Grounded?

Grounded Building ImageSource: Windows Central

Grounded Building Decor Plant LampSource: Windows Central

Plant lamp. You've now chosen an area to live, or have built your base, but you can't see a darn thing ones the sun goes down. Enter: the plant lamp. This basic light source works much like lamps you're familiar do. It sits in one spot on the floor and lights the surrounding area. It is pretty easy to craft, as well.

Description: A stationary light source that illuminates the area around it.

Crafting recipe: Two sprigs, three sap, two dry grass chunks.

Grounded Building Decor SconceSource: Windows Central

Sconce. If you'd rather your light source didn't stand around doing nothing, like a lamp, you can also attach it to walls so that it can hang out. For this purpose, you want a sconce! These light sources can be attacked on various surfaces, giving you more freedom of where they go.

Description: A simple wall-mounted torch. Convenient and efficient!

Crafting recipe: One sap, three dry grass chunks, two sprigs.

Microscopic survival

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It's a big(ger) world out there.

Obsidian Entertainment makes its exclusive debut on Xbox One and PC with Grounded, a unique survival experience that literally makes all of your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends as you're shrunk down to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.



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