Grounded teases its first content update, changes release date to August 26

Grounded (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is a microscopic co-op survival game from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • The game has already achieved a ton of popularity, even while in early access.
  • Its first content update was set to release on August 27, per a previous community announcement.
  • Now, it's been revealed that the update is actually landing on August 26, one day earlier.

If you were patiently waiting for Grounded's first content update for its Early Access and Game Preview to land on its original release date of August 27, we have some great news for you today. The Grounded team took to their Twitter account and shared a quick video announcing that Grounded's very first content drop would actually be coming on August 26, 2020, a whole day earlier than originally expected.

Now, this isn't the biggest news in the world, of course, but it does show that the Obsidian team working on Grounded is well on schedule, and that they're confident enough to push out the update even earlier than expected, which is awesome to see. It's also great timing, as many Grounded players are starting to get past the point of basic tools and weapons and are looking for more content to slake their thirst.

We're not certain what all Grounded's first content drop will include at this time, but hopefully Grounded gets more missions and objectives for players to complete, which is ultimately where the game falls short at the moment. Perhaps some hints are included in the short teaser video (are those sprig fences we spy?). We're excited to find out right alongside the rest of you on (now) August 26, 2020.

Have you been enjoying Grounded? What do you hope they add in the first content drop? Let us know in the comments below!



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