Grounded will receive Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S enhancements, support 4K at 60fps

Grounded Screenshot Bombardier
Grounded Screenshot Bombardier (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is an already-popular open world survival game from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • The game is in early access, and isn't anywhere near finished, but is still planning on fully supporting next-gen hardware.
  • Grounded will receive a free next-gen upgrade through Xbox Smart Delivery to support the Xbox Series X and S.
  • Players can expect a smooth 60fps on both consoles, with up to 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X.

Grounded is already a fantastic game in its own right, but is still very much in Early Access and Game Preview, and receives constant updates to fix bugs and add new content. Despite its early access nature, the small-yet-talented team at Obsidian Entertainment is still prepping a free next-gen upgrade (opens in new tab) for players, to take full advantage of the powerful new hardware inside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Grounded will take advantage of Xbox's Smart Delivery service, which ensures that you're always playing the best version of your games for your console, with all your save information intact. This means players won't have to lift a finger (or pay a dime) in order to get the best version of Grounded, which can be found on Xbox Series X and S. Both next-gen consoles will feature HDR support, massively increased loading speeds, improved graphical fidelity with better textures, and a buttery smooth 60fps to make every movement as seamless as possible.

Xbox Series X will of course push for a higher resolution, with support for 4K in addition to all those other awesome features, while the Xbox Series S will still offer a true next-gen experience, albeit at a lower resolution (likely 1440p, the target resolution for the console).

The Xbox Series X and S launch November 10, 2020, but it's not clear if Grounded's next-gen upgrade will drop on the same day. Either way, you can leap into Grounded's dynamic (and terrifying) backyard at any point through Xbox Game Preview or Xbox Game Pass, and enjoy next-gen features the moment the update drops at no additional cost. Big things really do come in small packages.

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  • There's are two typos when talking about the new consoles: "Both next-gen consoles with feature HDR support, massively increased loading times [...]"
    I think it should be "consoles feature HDR" and "reduced loading times".
  • It’s a fun game with a lot of potential with going into other yards. I built a mansion and had little left to do after. I got all the armor and weapons and now I’m the spider king. Lol.
  • Only downside is it now needs to take up space on the SSD. Only non-optimised and previous gen games can run off third party external drive.