GroupMe updated, includes bug fixes and Lock screen notifications

The official GroupMe app has been bumped to 4.2, up from the recently released version that included a new start screen, as well as Windows Phone 8 support. The popular service by Microsoft enables consumers to connect with others in groups with images and makes use of both push and SMS.

So what's new in this latest release?

  • Fixed Bugs
    • App now updates correctly when returning from a screen time-out
    • Launching from a tile now updates the group correctly
    • Other smaller bug fixes
  • Features
    • Share pictures of any size!
    • Save pictures to your Saved Pictures album in the Photos app

GroupMe App

Though Groupme mentions the above as new features, they left a big one out: Lockscreen notifications. Yes, Windows Phone 8 users can head to their Settings to add notification icons and 'detailed status' information right on their locksceen. Sweet!

It's a handy app should you have a bunch of friends or contacts that you need to contact where private areas can be created between select personnel. We've utilised the app and found it to be fairly reliable and useful for those who enjoy collaborating.

You can download GroupMe from Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, Justin, for the tip!

QR: GroupMe

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm finally able to get a confirmation PIN.
  • finally works pretty good.
  • Even with the new released bugs? Just odd it didn't have bug fixes listed instead, just bugs and small bug fixes. Pretty big of them to admit the new version has new bugs.
  • I was using it for awhile then it became really buggy and conversations wouldn't load so I stopped using it
  • Woot! Got accolades
  • Still no message counter for small tile, that's too bad
  • •sigh• so irritating.. Why is this such a difficult feature for them to implement?.. Nearly every other small tile I use gives me notifications except for groupme..
  • The dev said this will be in the next update. Search the forums for my thread about it.
  • cool thanks for letting us know, that's the feature I need. The big GroupMe tile looks ugly, can't wait for the small tile to work
  • Well now they are there. I guess they're in there just maybe not working quite properly yet.
  • Still not getting the pin, anyone else having this issue?
  • How do I get the lockscreen notifications?
    I look at Settings in the app and didn't see anything. Didn't find it in the Settings for my phone either.
  • Phone --> Settings --> Lock screen --> Notifications WIndows Phone 8 only with Groupme version 4.2
  • Lock Screen support does not seem to work. No icon when selected and no indicator when I have unread messages. Maybe next update... (Edited to correct "Live Tile" to "Lock Screen")
  • the midsize live tile works, but the small one doesn't work yet I think, but I'm sure the next update will correct that.
  • Sorry, I meant to say Lock Screen support.
  • My lockscreen settings don't work either, the detailed message or message count doesn't show on the lockscreen. Also, it still does seem to not refresh correctly, but the manual refresh does. At least the photo size is legitimate.
  • I wonder if they didn't list the lock screen stuff because they thought they pulled it out.