GT Racing 2 speeds onto Windows Phone with impressive visuals

GT Racing 2 from Gameloft isn't an entirely new game, it's been available on both Android and iOS for a little while now, but finally the racing title has launched on Windows Phone. If you're a massive fan of racing titles, such as Asphalt, GT Racing 2 will be right up your street with impressive visuals to boot.

The game itself comes with bags of content, including 67 licensed cars on a total of 13 tracks. Over 30 manufacturers are present in GT Racing 2 and players will be able to sit in the driving seat of vehicles from Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more. Then there's the 1,400 events, which include classic races, one-on-ones, knockouts and overtakes.

Gameloft isn't shy when it comes to releasing impressive looking racing games and GT Racing 2 doesn't disappoint.

The video game studio has packed in a new physics engine for even more realistic driving experiences, as well as loading in multiple weather conditions and different times of the day for races to feel more alive. When racing in single player becomes rather tedious, there's the option to compete against friends or other players from around the world in multiplayer match ups.

Then, when you become a veteran, there's always the garage to fine tune performance for ultimate victories. GT Racing 2 looks great on a Windows Phone and runs smoothly as expected. Do note that you'll require 1 GB of RAM to run the game and Wi-Fi as it's a solid 1007 MB download. It's available for free with in-app purchases.

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Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Update: For those of you concerned, Gameloft reached out to us and said that they'll be coming out with a 512 MB-friendly version of the game soon.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Inb4 Y U NO 512mb comments
  • i want real racing 3 nowwwwwwwwwwwww and real racing 4 before ios and android
  • I regret buying 625 lumia,i will sell this wp phone and i will buy iphone
  • Go ahead no one's stopping
  • What a troll you are. You regret buying an 100 and something dollar phone to buy a 500 dollar one... Right...
  • On 512 ram android phones this game can be installed, on the iphone 4(with 512 mb) can be installed,on the lumia 625 No)Why??Because Gameloft and Microsoft are idiots,on this sh*t(Iphone 4)all games go with no lags
  • 512MB support will be coming with the first update (:
  • Ohh thanks :)
  • Why there is no graphics setting to enable effects like shadow and Motion blur and sun reflection on Lumia 520?
  • I regret buying a 520.....
  • Why did it cost ti much
  • It is really silly how people complain about not being able to play high end games on a 520 or 630. You are paying $50-$150 for a phone versus paying about $500-$600 for a Lumia 930 or 1520, yet you expect to get the same level of gaming capability? It is one thing to complain about a basic essential app like messaging, but for a video game with 3D graphics you are just being ridiculous.
  • ^What he said.
    I'm tired of people who complains about games/app not running on their low-end WP/Android devices and saying that buying an iPhone would be better...
    C'mon how stupid can you be? comparing a basic phone vs. a high-end phone?. It's like if you buyed a Toyota Corolla expecting to perform equally to a Subaru Impresa...
  • You mean buys an Impreza and expects performance like a GTR.
  • No he I right.You can play every high end game on Moto G (though just a bit costly than 520) then why is it not possible on windows.To beat android we need better support.Its upto the devs to optimise the support for it which in case Gameloft will do.
  • Moto G has 1 GB ram.
  • How can asphalt 8 run on it then?
  • If you were looking for an inexpensive phone a 520 gives you more for the buck than the others. Investing on a high end phone, of course has it pro's, all depends on how much you were willing to spend if you were looking for portable high end gaming, then a PS Vita would have been a better buy....
  • Or just a better Lumia.
  • Same here but gonna sell it soon
  • I never knew about 1gb ram requirement for these apps and games before buying it... I'm interested in selling it and buying a Lumia 525... Or a nice wp from other oem's which have far better specs...
  • Just be glad it was cheap to begin with. If you had this issue with a more expensive phone, like the Lumia 6xx's or 720 with 512MB of RAM, I'm sure you would be far more dissapointed.
  • You're right.. :)
  • My gf bought a 520 which she can, for example, play Asphalt 8 flawlessly. If she would've bought an Android device with the same money, she could call and text people, with horible keyboards. Also, she could play relatively well Angry Birds. Also, she could've bought an iPhone 3G 2nd hand. So ... awesome.   She's very much happy with her L520.
  • Lumia 822 $100 on eBay, the phone is awesome and cheap!
  • +822
  • It's just a bad port. That's why not supporting 512MB RAM
  • It is not a bad port.
  • Don't worry!  512MB support will be coming with the first update!  No need for buyer's remorse.
  • woot! Will Wait for it. :-D Thanks!
  • That's good news!
  • Anything's better than that poor excuse of a port for real racing 2.
  • Asphalt is way better in game play.
  • Lumia 920 ... Trooper... Trooper indeed.
  • I hope the performance is as good as asphalt! Gonna test right now!
  • Yes it is!! I love my 920, i've had it since pre-launch in canada and i haven't looked back. However Microsoft/Nokia needs to release anothe high end AWS Lumia ASAP.
  • Yes the performance is definitely acceptable for a 2012 device! But honestly I'm starting to get hungry for more, so I will probably get the 930 and/or mclaren :D
  • Love my cyan 920 ;) it is the sexiest phone I have ever seen. I will be satisfied with this guy for quite a while I'm sure! And its been great. Love Windows Phone :)
  • I love the cyan colour, wish it was an still an option. I had to settle for bright yellow for my 1020. I still have my Lumia 800 in cyan.
  • Why the hell 512mb ram devices are always left out?!
  • Because they have 512mb
  • Because get a better phone lol
  • Coz 512mb devices have only 100 and something usable memory
  • why the hell won't you stop crying? What do you not understand about impressive visuals? If you want to play games with above average graphics, buy a 1 GB device next time. Seriously.
  • It's like buying a happy meal and being sad because it's not a big mac.
  • +920
  • +920
  • +920
  • Yes, I would if only Nokia made them. There is NO reason why they couldn't increase the price of Lumia 520, 620, 630 and 720 by $10 to include 1 GB RAM and STOP making 512 MB RAM devices.
  • uhm.... 820/920 dirt cheap devices, also htc 8x etc.
  • A little more optimization could possibly make this game play on low memory device. And please you stop crying about 512mb ram comments!
  • Because 512 MB of ram is not enought to run anything decent... that's why lol. Seriously if you wanted high end apps and freatures... get a high end phone. Just sayin
  • Because there is a lot of work involved in optimizing and making assets smaller while retaining the same visual presentation and altmosphere. Also issues related to sound degradation if compressed too much.
  • This.   There's always the chance they'll put out a newer version that's compatible with 512MB devices, but it takes a lot of work. People need to understand this.
  • I agree with you,why they don't make it for 512 ram devices.Asphalt 8 which is a big game runs ok on 512 ram.Anything is possible.But I think it is not possible because on the article at the end they say it 1007 MB to download
  • The size of the download has nothing to do with the amount of RAM a device has.
  • 512MB support will be coming with the first update!
  • Finally :)
  • Free to pay
  • Oh YES! =D The one app I've been really really really looking forward to! Not enough decent racing games.
  • 512 mb support??
  • 1 gb supported only
  • Will be coming with the first update!
  • I'm very happy that when I was placing order on the website I saw ad of Lumia 525. I would've bought 520 otherwise
  • Im just going to stop hoping games are Xbox
  • Lol that took you way too long!
  • Don't give up, hombre. No Xbox, No Interest. #SaveXboxWP. Details here.
  • Happy to buy 525 rather than 520
  • Wtf?! No 512mb?
  • 512MB support will be coming with the first update (:
  • Why why why not in 512mb devices!
  • Why why you didn't buy 1gb device?
  • It'll be coming with the first update to the game :D
  • Most of the windows phone users have 512mb ram developer's shouldnt be so biased
  • Developers want to make great games for great phones, not crappy games for crappy phones. You can always stick to Tetris.
  • Biased? Do you realise how much work it takes to optimize a game to work on devices with lower RAM?   Be patient - chances are they will eventually update it to support the 512MB devices - just be aware of how much work it actually takes.
  • We'll be offering 512MB support with the first update for the game ^.^
  • Are we never again getting AAA Xbox ports or releases!!???!?? :(
  • Let Microsoft and Gameloft know it on Twitter: #SaveXboxWP
  • 1GB game in WP, never seen like this before xD
  • Sims freeplay, gta, order and chaos, subway surfers. List goes on.
  • You obviously don't know about Asphalt 8 or GTA San Andreas.
  • Nissan cars!? Downloading instantly, Im praying for a Kouki Silvia.
  • I realize perhaps Gameloft failed to optimize it for 512mb device users this time because usually they consider these users too... But anyways I've Asphalt 8 and I'm happy with that ;)
  • 512mb support will be coming with the first update for the game.  We definitely haven't forgotten about 512mb users (:
  • 512 ram? Then its not impressive, lol
  • It's coming with the first update for the game.  Will it be impressive then?
  • Downloading now on L920. I hope it nott burn my phone!
  • 525...:):)$_$(*_*)
  • Ur still a kid. Still want achievements in a game. Though we know chic Xbox live is a phenomenal feature on WP and is way better than that stupid google play achievements
  • I'd get it but it takes a GB of storage. |:(
  • Game loft I would say just consider everyone in the game before u create.......
  • 525 rocksss....
  • Yeah that's the reason its made for gaming. Other low Lumia devices are made of 512 Mb ram coz they are segmented not for games mainly but for office work regular issue usage etc
  • Well... I should consider you mean 525 rocks in running the game or what? I'm saying this because my L525 kicks me outta the game even before the gameloft logo passes by... What can be wrong?
  • This is where Xbox live would be a bonus, playing against your friends, getting achievements for completing goals, and just pushing yourself to finish the game. Without that, I'll pass.
  • Anyone playing off storage card? Wondering if it's one of those games that need to be played off internal.
  • Yup it lag at certain times with a class 10 ....So I just ported it to my phone..its free flow now
  • Can you please tell me how much space it requires for installation?  
  • Hahah well this is progress I guess... But we have 2 and the others have 3 :/
  • 3 what? There isn't a GT Racing 3 yet.
  • 512mb ram devices form the major part of windows phones and they are always left out! First u forcefully made win7 users switch to 8 and nw u makin us get devices with 1gb ram
  • The true is hard with this one ...even if i never had an WP 7
  • Are you actually being serious ⁉ If your intention was to be able to play high end games on a mobile phone then you should have bought a handset with high end specs. P.C gamers after well aware of the need to regularly upgrade their machines in order to be able to play the latest games. They definitely do not expect the latest games to ruin on last years tech. Technology moves at a fast pace so you should try and keep up with it rather than complaining about it.
  • 512MB support will be coming with the first update to the game :D
  • We want a video review!
  • Amazing surprise!!! I love playing this game on my Nexus 5! Downloaded for my 1020, free and beautiful!. So far it seems like a great port.
  • I am in desperate need to upgrade my 620 like NOW.
  • Which is much better? GT Racing 2 or Real Racing 2/3 ?
  • GT Racing 2 can fight with RR3, It's hard to say which of the games is better, but mybe RR3 little bit.
  • I play RR3 more than GT2. Both are great but I like RR3s presentation more. The graphics and sound in RR3 and content are slightly better in my opinion. I also like RR3s menus and sounds. Both games play similarly and it is a big win for WP to get GT2.   Even if RR3 never comes to WP, GT2 provides a similar playing, looking and sounding experience that should not be missed.  
  • This games doesn't hold a candle to Real Racing 3.
  • I didn't say that it does. I said that GTR2 provides a similar looking and playing experience.
  • I like play all asists off. RR is better in that way, more simulation feel, more challenging. GT racing feels like no physics at all. I know, game is free and it's a phone not Xbox with Forza 5, but i hope for something more.
  • Well, gameloft games never sucked
  • One thing people doesn't seem to realize is that sometimes, games just need certain amount of horsepower. If you bought a budget device then you should accept its limitations. I remember my first and only android. 128 ram... I never wondered why didn't they make a game version for my phone. I just accepted the fact that my phone wasn't made for gaming and (anyways) I didn't bought it fot that. It's like saying "Why no love for the 512MB video card users? Damn you CD Project/Crytek/EA/BlacTusk/idSoftware"  :P
  • 525...why'd u have to release after i bought the 520   Cool game... but can u please try to optimise it for 512MB devices ?? 
  • 512MB support will be coming with the first update to the game
  • The graphics is easily unbelivable!
  • It's free.
  • Downloading gaban now
  • Anyone know if it unofficially supports moga?
  • Tried it this morning and it doesn't work with it.  Quite dissapointed and I am deleting it until it is updated to support it.
  • Why this game does not support 512mb devices??????
    A great game like Asphalt 8 does then why this game ???
    WP is just a shit.......
  • Aww shut the fuck up Kumar, go find Harold.
  • 512mb device support will be coming with the first update for the game.
  • This is officially the most impressive port that Gameloft has ever made. Finally, a game optimized for Windows Phone and the way to really know is that the game uses high resolution textures, high polygon counts AND has a great frame rate! Somehow, Gameloft pulled some extra GPU power out of the aging Adreno 225 from 2012, my Lumia 1020 feels like it has a Snapdragon 800 when playing GT Racing 2.
  • That's awesome to hear!  Glad you're enjoying the game (:
  • Is this game optimized on Lumias having 1080p screen snapdragon 800? Because I'm playing it now with my 1520 and I see fps dropping sometimes.
  • Uuuuu Microsoft guys why are u not making this type of games for 512mb ram devices I bought a Lumia 630 one week its ur latest phone ryt then y u are not making games for this devices lumia 630 costs 11000 rs in India if I a bought a Moto e then I can play high end games well it only 7000rs but now I am feeling bad for buying this mobile Lumia 630 support 512mb ram devices or don't make this type of devices y u guys divided the Lumia into 512 mb devices and 1gb ram devices give support to 512mb devices I am seriously asking u if u don't give support just stop making these devices if u can see in android all devices have same support I used Sony xperia tipo I was almost all games like gta vice city ,nfs most wanted 2012 but u guys are making shit with these 512mb devices by the tipo has 512mb ram
  • It has been well documented that 512MB Windows Phones miss out on a lot of games. You had to have known this before you bought that phone. Blame yourself, not Microsoft.
  • Gameplay is really slick, just as the graphics! Love this game :)
  • Guys, can anyone confirm whether it works on the L525 or not?
    I downloaded the game but it ain't even going through the Gameloft logo... A moment shown, next not. What could be wrong?
  • Guyz It will Not Work On 525 sorry :P, its working fine on my 1320 :D
  • You tried on the 525 yourself? :(
  • Also available for Windows 8.1 (RT)!
  • Good looking game on the Lumia 920 :) but need some fix updates. Free!
  • Nice
  • Ohh thanks :)
  • Rich, GTR 2 is also available for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows RT 8/8.1.
  • To few Nissan cars im afraid. Pending between uninstall and playing to get a GTR.
  • Thanks gameloft for such a great game with excellent graphics and controls, please port other games as well which are available on other platforms so that WP users can also enjoy the diversity of different games.
  • Does this game support the Moga Pro controller?
  • I downloaded this, I have asphalt, mini motor racing too. Sooo many racers, so little time. :)
  • Yeah!, WP Ecosystem is Growing Fast...hohohoho   *even though i cant play this the Moment. :-D    Lumia 720
  • I have a 1520 but cames stutter sometimes on 8.1 DP. I'll wait for Cyan and hope that speeds things up again. Anyone else had this issue?
  • I also have a 1520 and it does lag and stutter frequently.
  • Wow no one reads the comments they just keep posting the same thing over and over again. #gameloft_Ryan posted the same comment around 20 times and only a couple saw them. Please people read a few comments.
  • Happy to own Lumia 525 :D
  • Yeah thanks #gameloft_Ryan for the news!
  • And...It's free? Thanks Gameloft!
  • I'm going to get this on my 720 later. Quite bored with asphalt 8.
  • It' crashing on my 925 on start.
  • Great game. The best part is the in game purchases can be done using my carrier's prepaid balance. That's good for those without any credit cards. I wish MS allows this for the store.
  • 512mb please....
  • Xbox Live please....
  • @gameloft_Ryan any ETA on that first update?
  • Sad.. No cloud saving feature
  • 512 Mb please