GT Racing 2 speeds onto Windows Phone with impressive visuals

GT Racing 2 from Gameloft isn't an entirely new game, it's been available on both Android and iOS for a little while now, but finally the racing title has launched on Windows Phone. If you're a massive fan of racing titles, such as Asphalt, GT Racing 2 will be right up your street with impressive visuals to boot.

The game itself comes with bags of content, including 67 licensed cars on a total of 13 tracks. Over 30 manufacturers are present in GT Racing 2 and players will be able to sit in the driving seat of vehicles from Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more. Then there's the 1,400 events, which include classic races, one-on-ones, knockouts and overtakes.

Gameloft isn't shy when it comes to releasing impressive looking racing games and GT Racing 2 doesn't disappoint.

The video game studio has packed in a new physics engine for even more realistic driving experiences, as well as loading in multiple weather conditions and different times of the day for races to feel more alive. When racing in single player becomes rather tedious, there's the option to compete against friends or other players from around the world in multiplayer match ups.

Then, when you become a veteran, there's always the garage to fine tune performance for ultimate victories. GT Racing 2 looks great on a Windows Phone and runs smoothly as expected. Do note that you'll require 1 GB of RAM to run the game and Wi-Fi as it's a solid 1007 MB download. It's available for free with in-app purchases.

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Update: For those of you concerned, Gameloft reached out to us and said that they'll be coming out with a 512 MB-friendly version of the game soon.

Rich Edmonds
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