GTA V: Maps for Windows Phone, the streets of Los Santos revealed

The Xbox game Grand Theft Auto V (opens in new tab) has been on the shelves for a few months now and if you've hit a few snags building your criminal empire, check out GTA V: Maps for Windows Phone.

GTA V: Maps delivers all the Los Santos maps and locations to your Windows Phone to help guide you through the game.  Layout is simple with GTA V: Maps and includes optional integration with GTA V: Cheats. It may not be an official companion app for Grand Theft Auto but it may help you avoid making that wrong turn that could end your career.

GTA V: Maps charts out eight different locations that are indexed and mapped out with three layer views (Atlas, Roadmap and Satellite). When you tap a location to view a video walkthrough will pop-up.

Videos can be expanded to full screen and shared via messaging, email, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, you can pick up GTA V: Cheats and pull up cheat codes for the locations. It is a little odd that the developer didn't just combine the maps and cheats into one app. But it may not be a stretch that some may want to find their way around Los Santos without benefiting from cheat codes.

Both GTA V: Maps and GTA V: Cheats are free, ad-supported apps available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can pick up GTA V: Maps here (opens in new tab) and GTA V: Cheats here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: GTA V: Maps

QR: GTA V: Cheats

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  • Still waiting for the Ifruit app.....
  • It has come to the point where I don't even play the game anymore so I don't even need the app anymore (if they ever release it)
  • It's not worth the wait.
  • I used Bluestacks, Lagdroid emulator. I've got 1000G on the game but I'm still mad at R* fot not releasing the app, not only so far, but on the game's release date.
  • R* really fucked up by not releasing the app, and now I don't really care anymore. So R* can go fuck themselves, same goes for the damn wait for the PC version, don't care and will wait until its $6 on Steam so R* does not get any profit from me.  
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  • Really? Do you have a link?
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  • Nice hat-tip to the Here Maps UI.
  • Will be 2 months on the 17th.
  • Nice that these come out after most of the people beat the game.... and iFruit, just lol
  • I have $845 million in my account. Living the good life
  • I'm still waiting for the PC version of GTA V... Anyone know when it might be released?
  • Same here, waiting for what will undoubtly be the best version (PC version)
  • Yeah, waiting for it to be on a Steam sale in a year or so (or whenever it comes out). I have way, way too many games to play to care about GTA V right now :P
  • +1  
  • When is the game itself coming for windows phone its on android and ios and Microsoft owns the game industry Xbox come on their not putting a big enough effort to get these kinds of things come on we want new ish too
  • What :S ?
  • When will the GTA V be released? It will be also available here in KSA? 
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