Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi shows how the Surface Duo helps her balance

Surface Duo Comics
Surface Duo Comics (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new Surface Duo commercial is out that features Katelyn Ohashi.
  • Ohashi is a gymnast whose floor routine went viral when she earned a perfect score.
  • The Surface Duo is discounted to $1,200 through the Microsoft Store.

Katelyn Ohashi knows a thing or two about balance and flexibility. Ohashi is an incredible gymnast who went viral when her floor routine earned a perfect 10.0 in 2019. Now, she's featured in a new commercial for the Surface Duo, which is a folding device that delivers balance and flexibility in the palm of your hand.

In the commercial, Ohashi drags leotard options from one window into Outlook and looks through Pinterest while listening to Spotify. She does all that while doing a handstand. Buying a Surface Duo won't turn you into a gymnastic phenom, but it can flip, fold, and twist into several postures itself.

The Surface Duo launched a few months ago, and since its release, has received several updates. Our executive editor Daniel Rubino recently re-reviewed the Surface Duo and breaks down if those updates add up to a substantial change for the device.

The Surface Duo is on sale right now through the Microsoft Store and Best Buy for $1,200, which is the lowest price that we've ever seen it at. Microsoft frequently discounts the Surface Duo down to this price, so if you'd like to grab one, make sure to do it while it's discounted.

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  • Pretty good ad, if MS had Apple's or Samsung's mindshare. Considering their resources, it's frustrating to see MS repeatedly fumble messaging and marketing. They need to do something compelling that clearly articulates how the Duo can help the average person be more productive. That's the point of the device, right? Productivity? I'm sure the marketing department is high-fiving each other over the creativity but these fluff pieces don't move the needle and they probably confuse as many people as they "educate".
  • Agreed. So I can do a hand stand over my phone and watch a YouTube of myself split across two screens with a giant seam in the middle. Which demographic are they going after with this?
  • Yeah, they should show a white guy in a suit and tie working his Excel numbers! Now that's exciting. One point of ads is to get your attention. The 'wow' factor of dual displays being showed gets people intrigued. If you had a Duo, you should know that people seeing you use in public is already enough to pique interest. There's a thread on this on reddit just from today on this topic. I'm not sure what argument you think can be made in a 27 second ad.
  • You're onto something: a close-up of a multi-sheet Excel file open on OneDrive, then pull back a bit to someone calmly and easily doing a VLOOKUP on 50,000+ rows of up-to-the-second data on one screen which feeds a cash flow in a different sheet on the other screen with an XIRR running over it, and then the camera switches to the person triumphantly walking into a board room and smiling at a bunch of stressed-out executives sitting nervously around the table...yes, quite exciting...
  • Ha. One of Apples most effective commercials of all time had a white guy in a suit (that was the PC guy). lol. I'm a MS fanboy but I get sad watching the cool Apple and Google commercials. Sorta like McDonalds commercials, they are always awful. Surely they have the budget. It's just a swing and a miss.