Halo 5's next free update will add the Halo 2 Battle Rifle, two maps and more

Developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft are getting ready to launch a new free content update later this month for Halo 5: Guardians. The next update for the Xbox One shooter is called Infinity's Amory and includes quite a bit of new content to try out.

Long time Halo fans will get to use the classic Battle Rifle from Halo 2 when Infinity's Amory is released. It wil also add two new multiplayer maps: Riptide for Arena matches and Urban for Warzone Assault games. There will also be some new Carbine variants, the Achilles Armor Set, new assassinations to use and new skins for your weapons (Yes, as shown in the trailer, one of them displays pizza on a weapon).

Source: Halo Waypoint

John Callaham
  • It'd be great if they added more game modes (like Oddball) instead of more skins and crap to clutter up the REQ system. And would more multiplayer achievements kill them? There's almost no achievement love for the multiplayer side of the game. I'm fairly certain that no one will get these skins by default - they'll still have to unlock them with REQ points most likely. I'd rather just have even more maps and game modes than weapon and armor skinning.
  • New gamemodes are coming in February
  • One game mode might be coming at the END of Feb, so plan for March/April for whatever modes you really want.
  • Money money money
  • Just add couch co-op and I'm happy. Needs campaign multiplayer. Plus fix the Req system. I get booted from the match due to host/server issues and I lose my wagered req card.
  • If we all demand split screen for Halo 6 it might be possible.
  • I want them to bring Griffball back!
  • Don't think so. Rooster teeth has the rights on that. And RT hasn't done anything yet with halo 5. So I don't think so
  • Pizza weapon skins haha. Loving all these free updates to Halo 5. Refreshing to see.
  • Awesome trailer, but agree with the first commenter it needs better achievements, I play big team battle a lot and there isn't any in there...
  • There's not a lot of multiplayer games with a lot of Xbox Live achievments. It would be nice if Halo 5 changed that trend.
  • We need reach mp map remakes by MS too.
  • Here's hoping the new Warzone map is actually decent. The last one they added was a laughable turdd. Warden Eternal's a bad antagonist and an even-worse Warzone boss. That they made him the boss TWICE on the new map was so bad. Really, the entire mode needs an overhaul, but I'd settle for a Wardenless map for now. The new Wind Up assassination looks awesome, hope I can unlock it (those things are so hard to get).
  • How long did shipping take? Looks like items are in China.
  • I would pay money for some good campaign DLC. Especially since Halo 5's story was such a letdown. Like a Fireteam Blue story set before the main game so we can get a better sense of Fred, Kelly, and Linda.
  • Indeed.
  • Ahh !! Miss the old good times whit halo 2!
  • I still have it :3 its great to throw on the 360 and play the crap outa it with friends :3
  • Agreed
  • Hmmm... Nah I stick with halo 3 or reach. Griffball, capture the flag and and big team on community maps in reach :) I stay with the good halo games :)
    Also halo reach had the best forge mode yet^^
  • Ikr
  • The Halo 2 battle rifle? Sweet! I loved the piece of Halo 2 music.