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Microsoft has kicked off its second Halo Infinite beta, a technical preview centered around its upcoming multiplayer offerings, ahead of the game's scheduled Dec. 8 release date. The latest flight rolled out to registered Halo Insiders on Thursday, with multiplayer matchmaking set to open on Sept. 24, now confined to strict playtimes.

The Halo Infinite preview build debuts new weapons available to players, including some unannounced gadgetry, seemingly ready for launch. Executing a series of steps has allowed players to bypass content restrictions, opening private matches with various modifiers for custom modes. Right now, the full list of Halo Infinite vehicles and list of Halo Infinite maps remain under wraps.

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The new custom game settings include the complete list of Halo Infinite weapons so far, plus several rumored and unannounced additions. The full roster, per the latest public preview build, now includes over 20 weapons.

  • BR75 Battle Rifle
  • Cindershot
  • CQS48 Bulldog
  • Disruptor
  • Energy Sword
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Heatwave
  • Hydra
  • M41 SPNKr Rocket Launcher
  • MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Mangler
  • MK50 Sidekick Pistol
  • Needler
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Pulse Carbine
  • Ravager
  • S7 Sniper Rifle
  • Sentinel Beam
  • Shock Rifle
  • Skewer
  • Stalker Rifle
  • VK78 Commando

The Disruptor and Stalker Rifle are all unannounced additions in Halo Infinite, and alongside the Shock Rifle, Mauler and Skewer, assemble the Banished arsenal. The faction looks to be the primary foe in the game's single-player campaign, led by Brutes but detached from Covenant forces. These weapons use a combination of ballistic and electricity-based projectiles, a departure from the iconic plasma rifles.

Halo Infinite also looks set to feature a variety of Forerunner technologies, including the new Cindershot power weapon. It uses bouncing, explosive projectiles, and accompanies the Heatwave, also featured in past technical preview builds. The Sentinel Beam and Hydra, both present in past Halo games, are also present in the preview build.

A series of gameplay snippets, demonstrating the leaked weapons, follow.

The Disruptor, Cindershot, Sentinel Beam, Hydra, and Shock Rifle in Halo Infinite.

The Halo Infinite beta download is now live on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with matchmaking set to open in strict beta times through Sept. 26. Halo Infinite multiplayer will be available for free once it launches for all on Dec. 8, while its single-player campaign retails for $60, with preorders now live.

The next adventure in the saga

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

A new Great Journey awaits

Halo Infinite is sure to be an incredible game filled with wonder, adventure, and more. Based on the beta experience and what was seen at E3 2021, we can't wait to play it at launch.

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