Halo Infinite beta: Can't swap weapons and how to fix it

Halo Infinite Behemoth Combat
Halo Infinite Behemoth Combat (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite has just kicked off its latest multiplayer technical preview, which will let Halo fans get another taste of what 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have been cooking up for the 2021 holiday season. However, the list of known issues in Halo Infinite's technical preview continues to grow over time, causing some frustrations for players as they try to overcome these obstacles. One of the more widespread bugs we've seen is an issue that prevents you from switching your weapon both in the newfound Training Mode and in multiplayer Slayer matches.

The issue makes it so that, while you can still equip two different weapons like normal, you're entirely unable to switch away from your primary gear. This can be detrimental in a firefight, when being able to switch weapons at a crucial moment can potentially turn the tides. This glitch appears to affect any mode that lets you switch weapons, which makes sense when it becomes apparent how to fix it.

Here's how you can fix the weapon switch bug in Halo Infinite's second technical preview:

  1. While in Halo Infinite, press the Menu button on your Xbox controller.
  2. Navigate to and open Settings in Halo Infinite.
  3. On the "Controller" tab, scroll down to the "On foot" section.
  4. In the "On foot" section, find the "Switch weapon / drop weapon" option.
  5. Press "A" on your Xbox controller to rebind the "Switch weapon / drop weapon" control.
  6. Once the binding menu is open, press the button you wish to use for this control. The default is "Y."

Even though Halo Infinite's controls on the right side of Settings showed that this control was enabled, it actually wasn't in the controller bindings. Rebinding the control should fix the issue, once again letting you switch your weapons whenever it's necessary.

The second Halo Infinite technical preview is ongoing, and we've got the full Halo Infinite beta schedule so that you never have to worry about missing a bout of multiplayer matchmaking. The technical preview may be filled with issues, but it's still giving players a test of what could easily become one of the best Xbox games of the year.

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