Halo Infinite targeting 4K resolution on Xbox One X

A week ago, Microsoft opened its E3 2018 briefing with a teaser for Halo Infinite which is powered by the new Slipspace Engine. According to Xbox's Phil Spencer, the game is Master Chief's greatest story yet. 343 Industries added that the engine allows opportunities for emergent experiences for gamers of today and tomorrow. The official website (opens in new tab) states that Halo Infinite is targeting Xbox One and PC, and should run at "4K Ultra HD" and "HDR" on Xbox One X.

There was a lot of speculation whether Halo Infinite would be a current-generation experience and that definitely seems to be the case. It's always good to address unfounded rumors head-on rather than allowing them to fester. The same goes for Cyberpunk 2077. Numerous outlets said that it would be a next-generation game but CD Projekt RED confirmed that it was targeting Xbox One.

For those unfamiliar with the reveal, Halo Infinite will be a new Halo game centered on the Master Chief that continues the current storyline. Cortana is still the villain and Master Chief has to save humanity from her convoluted schemes. It seems like this time they involve a Halo ring.

The project seems to be going in a radically new direction so it'll take time to craft this experience. Hopefully 343 Industries will take cues from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when it comes to environmental interactivity because the setting seems to be the star of the show in the trailer. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. Until then, be sure to gawk at the gorgeous visuals and Master Chief's classic armor.

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  • This is a strange article, what's the news? It looks like you've found the Xbox.com page showing Halo Infinite currently has the 4K Ultra HD badge, but you don't mention that, you just say this "Halo Infinite is targeting Xbox One and PC, and should run at "4K Ultra HD" and "HDR" on Xbox One X."
  • The article is to inform gamers that it's coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X. There was a lot of speculation from outlets like Digital Foundry that it wasn't going to be available on these systems and that's why no Xbox One logo was shown at E3 2018.
  • Ok, I see you added 'The official website states that'... It didn't read well for me as it didn't attribute the speculation to anyone or give a date to when the Xbox.com page was found. I guess what's newsworthy is that it's debunking rumours, but that's not hammered home. But what do I know? :D
  • No worries. I'm always happy to make the language clearer. Even IGN is saying Halo Infinite is a next-generation game that's skipping Xbox One so we thought it would be best to report the facts.
  • "Even IGN is saying Halo Infinite is a next-generation game that's skipping Xbox One"
    Really? Did they say they are skipping XB1?? Can you provide a link? Because if they think it'll be on the next gen console it doesn't mean that it won't be on current XB1.
    Since you talked about reporting facts please provide a link to where Ign I said it was going to skip XB1.
  • Why don't you use Google? Ever heard of it? You tried to convince people that Aaron Greenberg said Super Lucky's Tale was a "AAA" game. Hilarious!
  • LOL I do love the troll stomping boots writers at WC get issued.
  • @Asher Madan.
    Because it's called burden of proof. Look it up...
    It's the one making the statement who should be able to prove it not the other way round. LOL
    So I didn't find IGN saying Halo Infinite was not coming on XB1. And since you don't want to provide a link, I'll just assume that it's not a fact and you just made it up. Unless you can provide a link of course...
    Now it's up to you. PS: About Aaron Greenberg, that is a clear lie. I never said Aaron Greenberg said Super Lucky tale was a AAA game.
    Why don't you stop lying? You're suppose to be an author here...
  • I can't give you the link (because i'm on mobile) but i'll give you the quote from the video. In the video they talked about how ,quote "not a current gen game" and at no point in the video did they take the time to clear up their statement by saying it could be both or something like that. There's already a lot of confusion about it and the comments on the video made it clear that their video didn't help a bit. An site like IGN should clear up rumours and misinformation like that with facts, not add further confusion with unnecessary speculation
  • Don't response to this "Guest_aotf" troll. All he cares about is abusing people, he doesn't care about proof. Even if you slap him across the face with it.
  • Again, learn how to Google. Read the comment from "Rune Vercammen". Also, the comment history shows the fact that you claimed "blockbuster" was "AAA". So please stop trying to hide the fact that you abuse and spread misinformation. I'm an author who's had enough of your abuse. You insult people over their English skills and are xenophobic. Your behavior is disgraceful and pathetic.
  • Cortana is a villain????? No spoiler alert?
  • Halo 5: Guardians has been out since 2015. There have been numerous free trials on Xbox One and countless comics which reveal that fact.
  • Lol
  • Did that triggered you? Ahhhhhhh
  • That's like saying "Darth Vader is Luke's father? no spoiler alert?" It's a known thing if you've been following the series.
  • For someone so bothered about spoilers you have very little hesitation to highlight it in the comments for all to see.
  • It's funny how a non-gaming site has to clear up these rumours that were clearly not true from the beginning while IGN is making video's called "Why we think Halo: Infinite is a next-gen game" Thank you for reporting facts, not false rumours
  • I honestly have no idea why these outlets are doing this. It's beyond ridiculous.
  • but eh.. 343i frank already confirmed that Halo infinite will be on Xbox One, X, PC and other powerful hardware in the Microsoft ecosystem and some other info about the story etc. before those claims were made. sites like IGN grow on clicks no matter how twisted a report is.
  • I suspect it's because their thinking is tied to hard generation transitions, even though MS has been signaling that they're moving away from them. I would not be surprised if Halo Infinite launched after the announcement or even launch of the next Xbox, with full support for both the new system and, at very least, the X. I can see them depreciating the original and Xbox One S, but carrying the X forward at least until the next system gets a refresh. Basically following a smartphone like model. The fact that everything is also hitting PC with it's wider range of specs and faster update cycles is further sign of this shift. Under that kind of set up, it no longer makes sense to think of release time lines overlapping as meaning it doesn't make sense for a game to support older hardware. But the way that previous generations have worked, the timing on things would make Halo Infinite look like a launch title for the next gen. So game centric news channels are more likely to make that mistake.
  • I agree with you on everything you said. Obviously Halo Infinite will be playable on the next Xbox, whatever it will be. However, a site like IGN had the responsibility to report facts above anything else. In the video I was talking about, they based their arguments on a blogpost by 343; the exact same blogpost literally said"... all while modernising and taking advantage of the full power of the xbox one family". They can not just ignore that statement in their video. I read that blogpost myself and knew that what they were saying wasn't true, but I think the average IGN viewer didn't and are now let to believe that the game is a 'next-gen' game and/or might not be on the xbox one...
  • hmm if it's coming to XB1 it doesn't mean it won't be on the next-gen console.
    A bit like how Zelda breath of the wild was on both Wii U and switch. Did someone actually say it wasn't coming on XB1?
  • Like I said in my previous comment; I'm sure Halo: Infinite will be playable on the next xbox. It bothered me that a big news outlet like ign was speculating that the game is, and I quote: "not a current gen game" while completely ignoring everything that confirmes that the game will be on Xbox One, just to fuel their own speculation. Yes, for all we know the game might be a launch title for the next xbox, but it's a fact that it will be on Xbox One as well and ignoring that statement leads to misinformation, which is the number 1 thing a news outlet has to avoid
  • hmm. But that's interpretation. In 2013-2014, Titanfall was a next gen game and it was marketed as one. It was made for XB1 yet it was also on the 360.
    Last E3, MS did say there will be FC meaning it would be possible to play new gen games on the previous hardware. When I watched the video it was quite clear that they were implying that it was made for the next gen console not saying that it is not coming on XB1.
  • It's not interpretation... here's some simple facts; 343/ microsoft made it clear that this game will be on the xbox one family, it's written on the product page of the game and they made it clear in the 343 blogpost as well. IGN ignored those statements and made a speculation video saying it's "not a current gen game" based on the same blogpost where 343 said it will be on the xbox one family I don't want to turn this into a big issue. There's nothing wrong with some speculation, it makes the wait for a new game excited. I just think that a site like IGN has to report on facts first. That doesn't mean they can't speculate about how the game will be on the next generation, that just mean they should start off with the confirmed facts. Now they didn't thus potentially spreading misinformation. It might have been clear to you that they were implying it would be on both or whatever, it certainly wasn't for others...
  • You've lost the plot. It's not interpretation at all. You got owned and now you're trying to cover your ignorance. Stop insulting people just because you don't know enough about a particular topic.
  • At this point, anything less than 4K is a fail
  • I hope it is on X1X. I'd hate for it to be obsolete within 2 years of launching. I'm hoping the X1X has at least 5 years of support left.
  • I think most of the games made by the new studios and this Halo will be playable on XB1x but they will be made for the new console. Meaning you'll play the better version on that console not on the X.
  • Things are looking good for Xbox.
  • Thanks for being clear, everyone told me it was next gen title but I'm happy it's not the case 😊
  • targeting?
    this is their premiere game on their premier console
    halo on X should be native 4k and never drop below 30fps. with 60fps mode
  • I really hope this is open world or a game similar to Rise of the Tomb Raider with open areas.