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Halo: Spartan Assault Lite now available for Windows Phone 8

Halo: Spartan Assault has been available on Windows Phone 8 for some time now, but there isn't a trial to take advantage of for a free go to see if the game is right for you. Now a lite version has been published that sports the first level to give you an insight into the gameplay and whether you feel it's worth the price tag. Perfect if you've never jumped into the Halo universe before or are hesitant at playing a Spartan on the small screen.

The title is a superb download for anyone who's interested in pouring a number of hours into an immersive game. Utilising familiar tactics and weaponry featured in earlier Halo games, players are tasked with combating the Covenant through a variety of missions. Here's a quick look at the gameplay (don't miss our full in-depth review): 

You can download Halo: Spartan Assault Lite from the Windows Phone Store for free (full version costs $6.99). Requires Windows Phone 8 and works on hardware with 512MB RAM.

QR: Halo SA

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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  • Works well for 512 Mb devices....
  • Do you notice much of a differences between 512mb and 1gb? I find it amazing that you can run such a game on a lower end device. You never see that on Android. That's why I think WP is superior to Android in the low end market.
  • If the game needs 4 times the download size then why CANT I DOWNLOAD IT WITH 3GB
  • Yes!!!! Ugh that's so annoying!
  • Tell me about it. I've deleted asphalt 7 lost all my data and you still wont install??! WHAT THE HELL
  • Go to the Asphalt tracker and your progress will be restored.
  • Initiate the download from the website. It will the bypass the ridiculous space requirements.
  • I don't have 1gb device,but the game is butter smooth on my lumia 620,no framedrops,audio is clear,everythings just perfect
  • I remember when I was a happy man. THEN THIS BS HAPPENED GAHHHHJHHHHHH
  • Man, you have my words! +620
  • You do realise though that many iOS devices do not even have 512 MB and yet run even more graphic intense games just fine?
  • Such BS. Name the iOS devices that don't have 512MB. Nonsense.
  • My first Gen iPod touch has 128 MB of ram and was able to play call of duty zombies pretty smoothly
  • Any iPhone before iPhone 4 didn't have 512mb of Ram, 3g was 128mb and 3gs was 256mb
  • Thank you for posting this, I had no idea how much RAM the various iPhones had and you inspired me to check.
    You have to go all the way back to the iPhone 3GS to get less than 512MB, and that phone was released over *four* years ago. The iPhone 4 had 512MB. Ditto the iPhone 4 S. The iPhone 5 has 1GB. I dare say the three most recent models of iPhone make up the bulk of them still in use, and that hot new iPhone games wouldn't all run great on the 3GS.
    That said, like Windows Phone, iOS is more efficient than Android. But isn't everything? ;-)
  • Youd never have a chance to know if theyll run well, after a few years apple stop supporting their phone and wont allow you to upgrade software or install new apps. My little brothers ipod cant even run Facebook, even though it was perfectly capable before. Its just another way of getting you to upgrade. They stopped supporting the ipad1, pretty much the time the iPad 3 came out. No real reason for that either.
  • I call BS! I'm still using my trusty old 2009 ipod touch 3g to play most of the latest games available in the app store with the only notable exception being Real Racing 3; even Infinity Blade I and II, Rage HD run just fine on that 256MB RAM device. You can reinstall any app as long as you have it on iTunes. Sorry about your brothers iPod but if you want to install the latest apps you better have a device more recent than 2008. iPad1 however will still support iOS 5.1 which means that 99% of all apps will run just fine on it. Back on track: Now you go tell the OS support thing to my not-even-two-year-released Lumia 710 (which has much more resources than my ipod touch BTW, yet there NO serious games available) for which the OS upgrade path ceased just 6 months after I bought it.
  • My Ipod 4th run Temple Run OZ buggy as hell.
  • There's a reason I said iOS devices... even the latest iPod touch only has 512MB, up to 4rd Gen only 256MB. Yet the 4g and 5g have a much higher resolution display than the WP8 default. True, the iPhones most of the time had twice the amound of memory, yet all apps run equally well on the lesser equipped ipod touches.
  • It's not that, it's because it has an uber-gpu. RAM isn't the only thing you need to run games.
  • Which is more efficient, WP8 or IOS 6? On a different note, my (old) iPod 4 crashed multiple times, yet my L920 has not even crashed once.
  • True that man. Best example is most wanted. I saw that there was just 90mb of free ram left and the game ran awesome on it. My nexus one with 512mb of ram has frame drop. And wp i think lacks in terms of optimisation. I remember the time when i had a a pc with 600MHz celeron and 256mb of ram running some pretty nice games for that generation, like upto nfs 5! I'm pretty sure we've seen nfs most wanted run on a pc with 512mb or ram. Now compare. Why is this ram such a big deal for phone games?!
  • I really think that the 1gb limitation is intentionally made, and that all games run on all devices, but then why buy an 820 over a 720 if you can get all games, right?
  • No, its that developers are too lazy to make their code efficient
  • May be. That's plausible. This game called abstraction, runs fine on my 520 and 720. That's a game requiring 1gig of ram. Even nba jam works great!
  • I see it all the time on android. Stuff like temple run and gameloft games all run on the specs of a low end Windows Phone. IPhones also have similar specs
  • 512mb too!
  • That's good that MS remembered not everyone can afford such a price tag, specially without playing at least the demo. I bought the game bt its nice to see this as some friends asked me if there was a "free" version (they have iPhones) if they were to use a WP...
  • Nice!
  • Is it 30 levels or the first few of the 30 levels that Halo:SA features?
  • Should be an update to the article. The lite version only has the first mission. Not 30 levels (which is the full versions mission number.)
  • In the spanish description says it's only the first level
  • I know (same with the English description), the wpcentral article makes it sound like this includes 30 levels.
  • It is
  • First of 30 levels :-) I updated the article to better reflect this (missed out "of" in the article).
  • Should be pointed out that, while they placed the "Xbox" green banner in the logo, the Lite version is NOT an Xbox enabled game.
  • No trials for Xbox enabled games have Xbox features
  • True. Except this one isn't an Xbox Game AT ALL. If you install it, it won't go to the Xbox Games list like all other trials. They shouldn't have used the Xbox banner in it.
  • That must only be true of the trial, because I have the full version on my 928 and its in the Live category with XBLive achievements.
  • This is all fine and awesome but does anyone else feel withdrawal symptoms after having two weekends without any updates on Whatsapp /offtopic
  • Lol
  • Checking out now
  • First of 30 missions, not the first 30
  • completed 1st mission,how to start next one? "continue using lite version" returns to main menu
  • Buy the full version. Only has the first mission. Its only a 100mb file, full game is over 1gb.
  • description states first 30 levels available in trail version
  • you missed the OF, "first OF 30 levels" thats why the description says in every language.
    article say it better, but its a lite version. its like a trial but not downloading all the game to test it.
  • oops I missed it! :)
  • Read comment above you
  • This is what has been missing!
  • No no no no no!
    "Lite" or "Free" type of apps shouldn't be in the Windows Phone marketplace. They should be "trials".
    It's stupid. Microsoft needs to enforce the use of the Trial API for Free or Lite versions, ban pure IEFrame wrapper apps (apps that just open a browser window) as well as single-ebook-apps (the app is a single ebook in itself). After doing this they can claim that their App Market is higher quality, has better visibility and more intuitive.
    Sidenote: it's good that they've made a "trial" version of Halo: Spartan Assault available though!
  • I really hate seeing lite versions as well. I think the reason they did this is because of how large the full version is.
  • Makes sense. Why waste time and space to download the whole game if you only want the trial.
  • What would be ideal:
    Have developers choose what kind of purchase it is. Basically something like (but not limited to): Fully free [Purchase button is a "Donate" button] Almost free, non-vital functionality is paywalled [Button becomes "Unlock"] Basic functionality is free - mostly paywalled, Time based trial or non-free [Button becomes "Buy"] And the type should be clearly displayed above the install/download so that people know what kind of purchase/trial app this is.
    A lot of people seem to evade apps that are paid, have a price on them or are not listed under "Free" apps list whilst the "buy" option is simply disabling ads or donations. So such apps should not display their prices in the store listings and be flagged properly as "free".
  • problem is a trial is just a single level but you need to download the full game this makes it work on 512 mb devices and  takes iot down to 100 mbs instead of 1 gb so its a good idea for a lite verison
  • i totally agree with you. having the trial button in the app description is way better than having a whole other "shell' app.
  • I can't download the normal game because there isn't enough space, even not with 2.9 GB free on my device. Anyone knows why?
  • I have 2.6 and it would have let me download it had I had the funds in my MS account or charged it to bill.
  • I have this same problem.  It says the game is only 716 MB, but wont let me download it with 2.4 GB free?
  • I read somewhere that you need four times the downloaded size free to install.
  • From my own experience you need at least 3x the download size free.
  • I downloaded it to my sd card
  • Me too but it's been on there for 2 days already without showing up and I haven't got any patience lol
  • Reboot the phone.  My SD card wouldn't show up as an install source until I did that.
  • It's showing up. I installed some other apps that way. Just no halo
  • Funny thing is 2.9 is even more than 4 times
  • Exactly what I was thinking
  • I pass the first level of 30 which in full version, only used 1 min.......
  • The first level is easily the shortest and easiest of all of them. Microsoft should've offered one more level for free, I think, because the rest of the game just gets better and better.
  • I dislike when free versions of apps are created, when it could simply be a trial.
  • And instead have one download over 1gb just to try one level?
  • yeah because downloading 716 MB is better than downloading only 113 MB just to test the game and see it its worth the buy /s
  • They did it so you wouldn't have to download 1gb of a game to play 1 level.
  • I like the Idea of releasing a lite version of the game so people can try it out. And it doesn't take up as much space the "Proper" version so people can download it quicker.
  • They put the Xbox label on it but install it under other, nice.
  • Wow I've got the Lite version and must say it's sensational! Gonna buy the full version ASAP.
  • I think it is a win that the first level is available as a demo, that it runs on 512 Mb amazing, and it is getting updated. The full game is bigger and would take longer to download.
  • It seems it's a low res version. I played it on my 8X. Is the full version in the same resolution?
  • Yes.
  • That's sad. Until they make it HD I'm not gonna buy it.
  • If it helps, it does feel HD-ish. Lol
  • It's running at the same screen resolution as any other WP8-specific game, so it is indeed HD.
  • Wow, the RT Lite version has 260 MB for 3 minutes worth of completely predefined play. What a waste and certainly not something useable for consideration execpt if one only wants to check for graphics quality...
  • You say it's "not something useable" but yet in the same breath you say "except if one only wants to check for graphics quality...", which means it has some use. So in the same sentence you have contradicted yourself.
  • Why did they not just make a trial? This is not ios/Android.
  • when you use your brain, you might answer that question yourself... people have pointed it out why a "lite" version is better than a trial. you can use that help to answer your question if you are unable of that.
  • Doesn't show up in search, but link works
  • This is awesome. Great controlls.
  • MS and Nokia ought to make available these games over mobile net too.i dont hv free WiFi neither my town....
  • Honestly, this game has some of the worst controls I've ever played with. Gun Bros is infinitely better.
  • Your crazy, you just aren't a halo fan and your angry about the price so you feel the need to bad mouth it. Controls are fantabulous. What do you expect? It's a shooting game on a touch screen. It's as good as it's going to get. I've played gun bros and it is no better than this, sorry
  • No, Gun Bros' controls really are much better. Halo: Spartan Assault on WP has some of the worst virtual sticks I've ever used.
  • I understand what you mean but I think it just takes time to get used to halo: SA's controls. I also feel gun bros has slightly better control.
  • Can't get passed f1. And it's pissing me off greatly!!!!!
  • Even,if Microsoft sponsored games aren't free,i seriously doubt the other developers would be inspired to,give free games
  • Dislike free stuff, devalues ip and the gaming scene.
  • That is a very strange response to this news. I wonder if you understood the article.
  • is it just me or the xbox live enabled windows phone games have run dry?
  • Just you
  • Indeed they have... Very few will be coming out in the future. :(
  • FYi, the lite version is also out for windows 8 :)
  • Anyone having problems charging this to phone bill? I have full signal and enough space but it says my network connection is not present.
  • This game looks a lot better than I thought it would be. And it's butter smooth.
  • Why didn't they just keep one app and have a try and buy button? That's better than having a separate app, then redownload the paid version.
  • I needed 3.8gb of space to download and install the full version,if anyone else is having trouble.
  • Anyone else having trouble updating the app? Im on my 822, purchased the game back in july, and have 2GB if space. Updating the app takes up all my space, freezes my phone so that even IE crashes. Plus, when I deleted the app it now shows that I have to repurchase the app so forget that. >
  • Stop complaining about 512mb, they are entry level phones hence why you paid so much less- you get what u pay for. Buy a high end device if u want high end games, bitches
  • The tutorial and first mission which are available take about 15 minutes to complete. That version is VERY lite. Not sure if this is enough to get a feel of the title.
  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking, need like the first 29.
  • If I finished the only level in this Lite version and buy the full version, do I have to complete the level again in the full version?
  • Come on man! Is that really a question you want to ask, you ain't got nothin' else. . . . Think hard
  • Lmao XD
  • Well, since I've asked the question in the first place, what do you think?
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think the controls s*ck? The gfx are cool. But too tiny figures even on my 720s screen. I badly wanted to buy the game. But after playing the lite version, i don't feel like spending ₹360 for it. :-/
  • Yes, the controls are terrible in the WP version. I hope they fix them in an update.