Halo Wars 2 website was a hoax, but we still want to see the game developed

TheHaloWars.com recently caused quite a stir with fans of the Halo Wars title waiting for an upcoming announcement to be made for a sequel. Unfortunately, it turns out the website itself isn't official and was maintained by fans who also want to see a sequel developed. While speculation of a Halo Wars 2 remains, it has not been confirmed by Microsoft with a teaser website as previously reported.

Those who aren't familiar with the name, Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game from the late Ensemble Studios, released back in 2009 on the Xbox 360. It was praised by the Halo community, but left RTS fans wanting more, which is exactly why there's a lot of expectation Microsoft will green light a sequel. It was a solid title, but there was room for improvements and Xbox One could do with a stunning strategy game.

Halo Wars 2 Website Hoax

Should Halo Wars 2 eventually arrive, what would you like to see implemented? The Flood as a playable race or 16 player team maps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Halo Wars; Thanks, Skinkurx, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • We are totally going into a Halo overload...Not at all a bad thing though !!!
  • I really want a second Halo Collection with ODST, Reach, Halo Wars, Spartan Assault, and Spartan Strike.
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  • Thank you for your interest in Halo Wars.
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  • A game that's not unwinnable unless you pick a certain alien race. Humans sucked as in halo wars
  • very true.lol The key to winning with humans was to build up the foot soldiers and Spartans. They build fast enough and are strong enough to cause serious damage.
  • ??? The humans are very competitive. Just build Spartans and flamethrowers to keep the Covenant at bay while you work on getting out your vehicles.
  • This makes me sad :-(
  • Absolutely gutted. I was over the moon when I heard about HW2 this week, hopefully this has made 343 consider making it now.
  • It's already on their radar, thankfully. Frank O'Connor indicated he felt it was still a "viable franchise". So its a matter of the right development team and the right hole in their Halo release schedule. Maybe a year after Halo 5, so 2016?
  • Hope it will come, love the IP and it was the first console RTS that got the controls right imo... Was the last ensemble project if I recall? The guys that brought us Age of Empires...
  • I want this on PC :/
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  • They kept halo mcc a hushed casket very well so im guessing halo wars 2 will definitely be made ;)
  • I ain't expecting it to release till after Halo 5 so maybe in 2016
  • As much as I love stuff from Microsoft(a few years ago that was unthinkable), I simply do not see the whole hype over Halo. It is just like the Half Life franchise: Everyone loves it, so I should too. And let's be honest: In this day and age the Half Life games are simply not the 'best games ever made' anymore.
  • I think halo is one of the last triple A games that have a really big fictional universe evolving around them. And therefore it can offer a quite deep storyline whereas other games always have the same "nuclear missile bomb" campaign. Also it really is the last relevant "arena-shooter-ish" game left when it comes to multiplayer.
  • Not a massive fan of the multiplayer, but the campaign, books, and massive timeline/history is what keeps me coming back for more. Friggin just love halo with a passion, since 2002
  • How unforeseeable ... Really. This was quite obvious.
  • Thats what they say, some people know better :)
  • Why not?
  • Lets hope they fix the game they just put out before starting on another.
  • They said the last patch they released was to be the final one, so don't count on that sadly.
  • Maybe they are holding off making it due to less than stellar sales when compared to the other halo titles. I'd buy it though.
  • Halo Wars sold over two million copies and is still going, the first million at full price, the rest at various discount levels as it got older. Spartan Assault won't have brought in as much revenue as Halo Wars, and they've released Spartan Assault on six platforms (Windows 8 32-bit, x64, RT, Windows Phone, XB360, and XBOne). Spartan Assault also has a sequel coming already.
  • You really can't count that as "six platforms" when three of those are running the exact same game (x86, x64, and Windows RT are all running the RT version, for most intents and purposes. Slightly different code between them, yes, but the game is still the same at its core).
  • I want the Flood playable of course, but also the ability to play as Forerunner versus Flood in prequel levels!
  • I don't mind a remake of the first Halo Wars.
  • Why would you want a sequel? The first game was easily the worst halo series game ever made. I'm sure a small group of people enjoyed the top down game play but enough to necessitate a sequel? I doubt it.
  • I remember buying halo wars and hated it cuz it wasn't the FPS I thought it was going to be. After a week I was addicted to it.
  • Three playable races is pretty much standard for RTS games nowadays. The first question to ask is, when is this game taking place in the Halo universe (if it were to happen)? I would prefer if it took place before Reach so that I could have access to Spartans. Other than that, I would just to see them make the game longer and have Kinect integration.
  • Just hurry up and bring on Halo Wars 2. It's my most anticipated game of any game coming out for the rest if this generation. And make sure there is a 3 & 4 lined up as well and bring back Ensemble.
  • Yes I love Halo wars
  • Halo Wars was pretty underestimated by a lot of people. The gameplay is excellent for a RTS on a console. Me and a couple of friends played it a lot, and worked out an excellent strategy against human opponents :P Don't know how many rage-quit on us when we beat their butts xD haha A sequel would be an instant purchase for me, so I better hope 343i will bring one to the table shortly.
  • Always though it was going to be a hoax but wish it wasn't. I thought when WP7 came out the obvious game to make for it would be Halo Wars. Then when Windows 8 came out, the obvious game for them to make again was Halo Wars. I'd certainly buy it if they made it, loved Halo Wars and if its not popular enough for a sequal on the same level, a more budget phone/tablet app would be more than welcome. It's the perfect game for touch.
  • Another Halo RTS?  No... I'd say we don't need another one.   If they want to make a sequel it better be a PC first game, and console second.  Hell... I wouldn't mind an XCOM styled approach to the game based more on squads and turned based strategy.