Hands-on with the first Windows 10X developer preview build

Windows 10X Ac
Windows 10X Ac (Image credit: Windows Central)

Yesterday, Microsoft made available the first public build of Windows 10X for developers to start testing their apps for dual-screen devices. It's our first real look at Windows 10X, and gives us an early look at some of the new features and experiences that Microsoft is building on this new version of Windows.

Because Windows 10X is a modern OS, many legacy components have been stripped out and containerized. That means the entire Windows Shell has been rebuilt from the ground up using modern code, and doesn't feature any legacy elements. Because of this, everything from the Start menu to the Taskbar has been redesigned, and in our hands-on video we take a closer look at some of those changes.

We also go hands-on with how Windows 10X handles dual-screens, with apps that can span across the two displays to show more content. There's also a new Compose Mode, which turns the second screen into a virtual keyboard and trackpad, and adapts the Windows Shell so that it functions better with a mouse and keyboard.

There's a lot more to come with Windows 10X over the next several months, but our first build gives us a good idea at some of the experiences Microsoft is building for Windows 10X and dual-screen and foldable PCs. What are your thoughts on Windows 10X? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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