Hands-on with MSI's Titan SLI gaming laptops, the GT83 and GT73

Here at Computex 2016, MSI announced two new gaming laptops: the GT83 and the GT73 Titan SLI. For starters, the GT83 has a mechanical keyboard with multicolor backlighting for those that want to get flashy. Powering it is up to two GTX980 video cards working in tandem over SLI and a sixth gen Intel Core i7 processor with up to 64 GB of RAM. 4K video output is a go, as well as support for 3 external monitors, though it has an 18-inch FHD IPS display of its own.

On the lighter side is the 17-inch GT73, which is powered by twin GTX980M video cards, a sixth-gen Intel Core i7 processors, up to 16 GB of RAM. There's lots of storage available, ranging from the 512 GB SSD and the 1 TB hard drive.

Both of these are coming out around August. The GT83 will go for $4,500, while the GT73 is quite a bit lower at $2,500. Though these are both very high-end machines, these price points seem altogether sensible when launched alongside the ASUS ROG GX800.

Simon Sage