Here's what you can do with the Google app for Windows 10

We're Bing fans here, but Google is still the most popular search engine. If you prefer to use Google, you can change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge from Bing to Google. You can also use the Google app from the Windows Store, which was updated earlier last week for Windows 10. What exactly can you do with it? We'll show you in our hands-on video.

When you open the Google app, the search form appears immediately front and center. As you start typing, the search box moves up, and Google tries to predict what you are searching for. Hit enter or tap one of the predicted words to perform the search. If you've used from your browser, this feels very familiar. If you like, you can use the Google app as your browser. Any links you click on opens up within the app. This action can be changed in the settings to open in your default browser instead.

The Google app for Windows also features voice search. Tap the microphone icon inside the search box and say what you want to search. The results show just as fast as asking Cortana, but, of course, there's an extra step of having to open the Google app first. On the other hand, you can just tap Cortana's mic button in the Windows 10 taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut, Windows key + C.

There is a sign-in button on the top right corner of the Google app. Signing into your account adds the option to enable Personalized search. This option displays search results are not only based on the relevance of each web page to the search term but also on which websites the you've visited through previous search results.

Signing into your Google account also loads your personalized content when you open the "applications" within the Google app. Tap the dialer icon on the top right corner to open the Applications section. From here, you can open other Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, News, Photos, Youtube, Maps, and more.

If you ever need to go back to the home page, just tap the down arrow from the top right corner and tap the home icon that appears at the bottom. You can also access the settings from here. The settings panel lets you turn on/off opening all links in the default browser and turn on/off personalized search. You can also disable Voice search from here, but why would you?

Google app settings

The Google app is the only application from the company in the Windows Store so far. There's currently no dedicated apps for other services like Youtube, Gmail, Google+, and Google Maps. The Google app doesn't provide much more features than simply going to on your browser, but if you like having all of Google's services within one app, then you'll probably want to pin this app to Start or even the taskbar. The voice search is also pretty fast.

Do you want to see more apps from Google appear in the Window Store? Which app do you want to see next?

Download Google for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) (Free)

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • They must release Youtube app as Hyper for Youtube is dominating the Adless youtube playback... but hope is here as Indian to Indian CEO speaks
  • There are tonnes better apps than official u tube which have great ux.
  • I like google app on would be better if it evolves into google now or chrome 'metro' browser which would be actually light on resources as it is supposed to be..
  • What?
  • I would never set scroogle as my default web browser. Why would I want to mist out on my Bing points, for those in the US, that provides me with most of the apps I buy from the store? Not to mention my monthly groove music pass? Bing has more to offer while Google sells your persona to companies.
  • you are 100% correct. unfortunately, many average people don't see or have any idea what Google and CrApple is doing is 100% wrong, nor many of them care. That is the main problem. If everybody would see like you and I,.....CrApple and Google would not be doing what evil things they are and have been doing for a while. After all, they are making their billions from their BLIND customers. i firmly believe EVIL CrApple and Google will fail sooner or later, just don't know when and/or how. 
  • Microsoft is doing the exact same thing with Windows 10. Why do you think they made it free?,2817,2489212,00.asp Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not sure your correct there Microsoft don't sell details to 3rd parties it tracks your interests sure but only as part of the browser, not selling your every move to another company.
    Windows 10 is free to encourage you to use Microsoft services.
  • Microsoft collects data themselves but doesn't sell to 3rd parties. They have been collecting personal daya who use bing but they don't sell to any other startups.
  • Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Go go screwgle.....
  • Mark Penn ( scroogle  - ad campaign was developed  ), the political strategist and advertising executive is already leaved  Microsoft  so , relations now improving 
  • Seriously Mark, why review the Google app?! It is effectively endorsing Google...and all the things that they do to undermine this platform
  • +1
  • Unfortunately there are fools who do use google so they have to explain it to them.
  • Just because we don't like Google, doesn't mean we have to be all anti-Google here. Supporting our own platform is more important than hating on Google. And some people just like or use Google anyway. Our writers have to be objective and professional at all times. PS: Fuck Google
  • Now platforms doesn't matter... Services matter... Recent move from Microsoft proves that. So to support Windows platform is to support Microsoft and Bing... Use Bing and help others to use Bing
  • Yup. My only hope is that Google will think similarly, someday.
  • To support the windows platform, you need users. MS won't get users if users can't get the apps they want. And like it or not, the average person likes Google. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because it's better than Bing? Try that one. You may have super ace Bing experiences in the US but it's shit anywhere else.
  • ^THIS
  • Google is shit anywhere else to. Google hardly notices there is a world outside Mountain View.
  • I will not put anything google on my computer.
  • Indeed purevibz. Mark should have titled this article "How to install particularly insidious malware on your Windows 10 PC".
  • Because Bing is screwing reward users over.
  • Guess what Google can do with it.
    Hint: It involves penetration.
  • I'm not a fan of Google.  I used to use some of their services, but I am as non-Google as possible these days.  At the school where I teach, they are in the process of forcing Google and Chromebooks on us, which makes me hate Google the more.  Still, I'm glad that Windows users can use their Google services if they want.  To me, CHOICE is what computing should be all about.  I'm sure they see it as part of a survival strategy, but I really like how MS is bringing the OneNote and Office experienc across platforms.  I'm a broken record at work, preaching how Chromebooks are horrible purchasing decisions.  Buying a device that is designed to keep you from using anything except Google services. Google = No Choices
  • You can use any website you want on a Chromebook. I don't see Microsoft packaging competitor's services on Windows 10. What is the difference? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe I'm going crazy. But, didn't you guys made a review of the app some weeks ago?
  • No, we announced it.
  • uninstall it......
  • My thoughts exactly lmao
  • well it looks like one of the suckiest apps on Windows Store, it's like a fart app but even more useless. I guess it would be easier just to if someone wants to search on google.
  • +1
  • The lack of support of google to the windows ecosystem is insulting. This app always felt like if they are making fun of windows users by giving us their worst effort... Disgusting
  • Lack of support to the Windows ecosystem? Funny...last time I checked, Chrome ran wonderfully on Windows machines (and sucks less RAM than Edge while we're at it) and I could access every single Google service on a Windows machine. And I have a Google YouTube app on the Xbox One...   Maybe you should learn how to separate "Ecosystem".from "platform". The only thing Google doesn't waste time supporting is Windows Phone. Not Windows itself.
  • Why so much debate on a shit company... That doesn't care about Windows???
  • Ummm, sorry. Reconsider what you just said. While I understand the reasons supporting the mentality of people found only in this thread, Google is not a shit company.
  • Yea it is
  • Who said not?? Was better but now a total shit 'company'
  • Chrome is a resource hog and everybody knows it. I have 4 windows 10 machines and I have quite chrome to Edge (much faster and much better in terms of touch response) for good on all and I suppose many did the same ( from the comments on the Mozilla Firefox browser article). Chrome is past its glory days. Well, IE is still the king in terms of user base share, I suppose it is easy for MS to dethrone it with Edge.
  • Chrome is a Windows central certified resource hog. There's an article counting this issue dated about 2 months back I think.
  • As far as RAM or CPU usage goes, Edge and Chrome take about the same resources on my laptop. I have however noted that Chrome can take a lot more battery, and this is maybe something both of us can agree on(finally!). I even wrote a post on it: It's a really really good browser.
  • Yeah good to see , Google updated their google app recently . i really want their gmail , adsense , youtube app    I know   much better 3rd party available , but original gives you always a great feeling .    CEO Nadella already told "  : I would love to. It's for them to decide. I would love for them to have YouTube on Windows Phones. I would love for them to do their best work like they have with Chrome on Windows. "
  • Does it just include a link to install Chrome and the Google Toolbar?
  • Open the google app. Throw phone against wall. Done.
  • Best Google advice ever.
  • Hahaha!
  • The worst app ever for such big developer company. They are not returning what microsoft has given to them. No if no windows domination
  • Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products   google android and more .    but it's now time for google to move , don't become 90's microsoft . 
  • In primitive time they were beggar on internet explorer to make their engine default, install chrome etc. Now they are insulting Microsoft.
  • "We're Bing fans here"   Trying to appease the masses are we, Mark? ;P   I don't really need Google apps in the Windows Store anymore since: 1 - I've long ditched WP; 2 - Google apps are not needed in a Windows 10 PC since you already have everything available either individually or through Chrome. But for the sake of those few still using Windows Phone, I'd like to see proper YouTube, Gmail etc apps. Not that the Android YouTube app is any good anymore. Actually, with the latest version, WP users can now have the exact same shitty experience in the browser. But still...
  • Hmm... But why you need a proper app of Gmail and Youtube? I recommend TubeCast for Youtube. For Gmail, I'm just using the default built in mail and link all my inboxes. I find it easier and faster :)
  • Well...*I* don't need any of those :P As for the point you were making, yeah some 3rd party YouTube apps on WP are actually better than the official YouTube One. I always liked MetroTube a lot on WP and if I had it on Android I'd probably be using it instead of the official version. But for people who aren't really concerned about tech, they need to see official apps on the store. They need to find all those apps (Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Drive etc) in the store. If they don't see them, they'll ditch it sooner than later.
  • I'm all for more apps on Windows 10, but let us all start pushing people we know to start using Bing more! A little can go a long way, all MS needs is that spark!
  • Thanks for review anyway... But let's support Bing to make MS better ;)
  • i wish Google would eventually swallow their pride and release their Google Apps on Windows too, now they don't even have to tweak their design much, cuz the hamburguer menu is a Windows 10 key UI design 
  • I hope all those google apps could be side loaded soon... With Astoria it might become possible...
  • Yeah right... Not for me but for those people whose dinner is not digested without using scroogle services... They will be happy
  • Patheric blind fanboy.... Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I'd like to see an app for Hangouts, mostly so I could use it on mobile. I don't even think they do standalone Hangouts, but any way it'd work would be fine. Doesn't even need to be full video hangouts, just the chat. It's pretty much the only Google service I use (to chat with friends) that keeps me from moving my mail over to
  • I like Opera browser then but when they shifted to chromium I shifted to firefox while IE11 is not supporting videocall for Facebook.
  • Opera destroyed itself. I've been using it since ~2004
  • +HappyFirefoxUser
  • Go screw yourself google... One of the biggest tech giant in the world, with such a narrow mind.. Learn from Microsoft, at least they are taking the trouble of making available apps like Cortana and office services to Android....
  • Not in trouble mate... More people will use Microsoft's services
  • forget scrogle.... JUST BING IT!
  • Anytime ppl mention Google haters come here one after other :)
  • yeah , it's not about hating . they are a big company - that's there choice . we can't force anybody    like : it's raining , we can't stop it but get additional protection in terms of umbrella    like wise , we have 3rd party till google not bring 
  • You should mention that after installing this app, you'll most likely have to discard your device in the near future because it will never feel clean again. To the Google defenders - I'm kidding. Great app. Feels faster. 10 points to Alphabet. Yay, sincerity.
  • If Microsoft can successfully convine people to search the Web by just  pressing the Windows key and typing (i.e. use Cortana), that could go a long way into helping Bing surpass Google as far as search goes.  I hope so.
  • Expecting only youtube
  • In an effort to discredit the Microsoft app stores, people like to complain about how many of the apps are just web wrappers. So here we have MS' biggest competitor releasing a purely web wrapper. But some of the items you forgot to list in your "What Can You Do" article -Give all your personal info to Google for them to sell as they wish -Let them know where you live so they can visit your location and hack your WiFi router -Let them know who your friends are, so they can track those people, too And so many more!
  • Or you can buy Windows 10 and Microsoft will do exactly the same thing. The difference is you paid for it. Even if you use the privacy settings, Microsoft still collects your data. All this and their services are still inferior to Google's. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cortana all this way, Microsoft should do same with Cortana within edge
  • I don't like Google, but they are smart. I can't use Cortana in my country (dumb move Microsoft), BUT I can use Googles voice app search thing with their W10 app. At least Google lets me use any language I want, wether I'm good or bad at that language.
  • Hilarious all the pseudo google hate, while in the real world Microsoft are doing all they can to support google's platform. Why are you silly fanboys still "fighting" when Microsoft themselves, the multi billion dollar company, dont care about such a juvenile atttude?
  • Some of us it's not pseudo, I don't use a single Google product or service and I survive just fine.
  • I also.. Ditched 2 years ago
  • Hilarious all the real people hate, while in the real world users are using what they want to simply because they prefer one service to another. Why are you haters still "fighting" when Google, a multi billion dollar company, encourages your juvenile attitude and use you as a tool to scare people from away from their competitors?
  • All I can say is: "Why?"
  • Don't really use google stuff. But would like to see an official Youtube app
  • I thought by now those who realy want google apps and or services already knew how to get them. When you ask what other Google apps windows central readers would like to see, that seems tacky and click baitish for the following reasons: 1) That question is ridicoulsly OLD (Every google app and services users know what they want that google refused to bring to the table) 2) Google does not read and currently care about windows mobile platform, their current app in the store is to make sure windows 10 does not kill them where folks needs to remember Microsoft Edge can be be configured to their services. 3) Today is Monday, and for all of the weekend, Mark G needed to show he is doing something to impress his bosses on google services while touting on his first line We are bing folks here..... This article belongs to android central.  
  • you wouldn't want a Youtube app for Windows?
  • 1. Hey kids, there is something out there in the world called "Google" and some of us grown-ups use it sometimes. That doesn't mean we love you any less or that it's your fault if things in our family don't work out. (So thanks for the review, it was helpful.) 2. That being said, why is this any better than just installing Chrome? I mean I get it for phones, but for a tablet or desktop?
  • Here's what I did with the Google App.... DELETE!
  • Hopefully they bring YouTube officialy
  • Yawn :P
  • I'm surprised Google actually made an app for Windows 10. Google has publicly eschewed developing for Windows, going as far as trying to prevent 3rd parties from making apps that Google won't (specifically on Windows Phone, but it applies to Windows also - which has a much, much larger install base). However, they will happily develop whatever they want for iOS becuase, you know, google.
  • Bing will dominate the search engine because of windows 10 that fulls cortana search from bing if install will reach One Hundred M and it will force google to create apps for windows.
  • Considering there is an app out right now... I don't see anyone forcing Google to do anything.  And while Windows 10 is nice, I almost insticinvely click on a browser to do an online search.  From which point I will have either Bing or Google as my default. 
  • To be honest the only Google thing I think I would REALLY miss is Google maps, which is lightyears ahead of Bing or Here or whatever its called maps, and thats not a problem on desktop 10, only Phone.
  • Guys, stop this internet crime of fanboyism.
  • Most common... Not most popular.
  • Why so much hate for Google?
  • Ask yourself... Definitely there should be reason for this level of hate from all these people towards once a good company..
  • Epic levels of fanboyism rarely seen outside of Apple.  There is no real sane reason for all this hate. 
  • Let's rephrase that: "Why do people have a personal preference for another product." Haven't you noticed that if you have a preference for something other than Google/Apple, then people such as yourself quickly jump to the whining and complaining about haters. But if a Google/Apple fanboy such as yourself says that you do not prefer a product from Microsoft, you are not full of the hate that you like to heap upon others, no, you have an opinion and nobody dare take that opinion away from you. This article is putting out there a preference for Google products. Using your measuring stick, couldn't that mean that you are a Microsoft hater? Are you saying that if I were to go to Android Central, iMore, etc. I would not find one single comment there that is critical of Microsoft, or comments of hate by your standards? And do you, as an author for Mobile Nations, go into those comments section and complain about the hate for Microsoft? No? I just went over to iMore and did some searches, and after seeing words like "desperate" "losers" and some other choice words to describe products from Microsoft. And doing the same over at AndroidCentral I see comments like "DAT that sh...I  don't like" when talking about Microsoft and their products. But no, that isn't hate, that is a person's opinion and you can't say anything negative about a person's opinion, because that would just mean that you are a hater. Unless that opinion is negative towards Google/Apple, then it is not an opinion it is just hate. Just another hypocritical "journalist"   Edit - Hell, recently I am not even allowed to show Microsoft "love." Over the past couple weeks there have been a number of people complaining in comments about having to read positive comments about Windows 10, OneDrive, and other products. Below is someone complaining about having to read positive comments about Bing. So I am not allowed to show Google/Apple "hate" and I am not allowed to show Microsoft "love," so where does that leave us? Oh, right. I am only allowed to talk positive towards Google/Apple, negative about Microsoft, or then people like you will whine and complain about how mean we are towards Google/Apple and it needs to stop now. You people are truly pathetic.  
  • I would only consider using Google search if they release their full suite of apps for Windows 10 desktop and mobile. Even then, I'd have to be convinced it is superior to Bing search.
  • Marked down for Google voice instead of hangouts. GV is useless outside NA.
  • I'll have to give this app a good look.  Looks pretty cool. 
  • A google voice app for the phone. GVoive is sufficient for the desktop
  • isn't that the same app from windows 8.1 ??
  • As for using Bing over Google Search - nobody is perfect.
  • so, if you open the links in that app, is that the Edge engine running in it or is it a chrome engine build into that app? (sorry if this is a stupid question)
  • Here's the what you can do with the Google app for Windows 10.......uninstall it.
  • I really wonder who really uses Bing and why.. Oh, right, all you MS fanboys.. Damn, I'm a WP user but you fanboys make me hate using WP so that I'm willing to not be a WP user. Problem is that if I switch to another platform I'll have to read that platform's fanboys. Therefore unless I code my own OS I'll always have to deal with stupid, blind fanboys.
  • This also used to bother me but if you think about it like sports it gets a lot easier.  Everybody just goes H.A.M for their favorite OS.  Is it that serious?  Absolutely not, but it can be fun sometimes.  Trust me, the IOS/Android wars has scarred me for life so I know exactly what you are talking about.  I think there is a whole lot more pride with us Windows fans because we are the extreme underdogs so we just bark a lot louder, LOL.
  • Yeh...the whining about fanboyism is starting to get just as annoying as the fanboyism itself...
  • Team Bing!!!!
  • ALL
  • I want to like Bing, love the homepage and frequently download the images. But Google nearly always gets me the results I need in the first few results, Bing usually brings up US info which is irrelevant and no rewards for us. As for Cortana, if I ask her how to cook something, she brings up porn links.
  • I totally agree exactly as you said. I too want to like Bing and I feel the same about those beautiful images from the home page. But man. At least here in Argentina they suck as much as Yahoo. The search results are a complete joke. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed Bing but sure as hell they were not thinking in everybody in the world. Judging from the comments I read over the years about Bing it looks like they are doing a decent job for US users but that's it. Outside of US I don't think Google has anything to worry about in terms of search engine market share.
  • Ewww... All those creepy eyeballs goggling at me. Yuck
  • Why should I even need an app?? We already have browsers!
  • The search bar on windows uses bing. But it needs to become more accurate and fast with results.
  • I would use Bing more if MS would increase the number of "Any time" options in there search results. I find Google does a better job of letting you narrowing down the timeframe with options like "past year" and custom date range. Also, how Bing displays video results is annoying. If it's a Youtube video, just let me natively open the link in Youtube.
  • In simple form this is not app.. A Browser made by google to load online google services. Hence we request GOOGLE to make application for individual services.   At present state please state dont call this as app   Microsoft has tools to convert Android apps to Windows 10 pls use it !!  
  • On 10.0.10586 now, what's the best method to navigate/text search in a Google Sheet?
  • Noted your opening comment about you being Bing fans . . . Maybe I co