Hands-on with Razer's Stargazer, the RealSense-powered webcam built for streamers

While at CES 2016 we got to take a moment to check out the latest RealSense-powered webcam from Razer, the Stargazer. With claims floating around that this may be the world's most advanced webcam, we had to see if it lived up to the hype. Since the Stargazer uses Intel's RealSense technology, you'll be able to use this camera for Windows Hello, as well as video streaming.

When it comes to video capture, the Stargazer streams in 720p at 60fps, which is perfect for streaming to Twitch or YouTube. Built-in you will find an automatic noise cancelling dual array mic, which will help ensure proper audio levels on your broadcasts. It also has dynamic background removal, which automatically removes your background so you don't need to set up a green screen to accomplish this.

Razer Stargazer

Razer Stargazer

The Razer Stargazer will be available in Q2 2016 for $199.

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  • I see Starz
  • Is the range better than the dev kit from intel/creative?
  • If you can actually find it, yes
  • Not to be nitpicky but the auto background removal seemed a little off. Cool idea though, good to see webcam tech move forward a little more, not that I ever use mine for anything other than a Team Speak mic...
  • Now THIS is good for gamers around the world!
  • This is something I'm very interested in.
  • As much as I would love to have one, at $200 lots of prospective buyers will likely take a wait and see approach.
  • I want one for sure. Like to have hello
  • I'd use one of these webcams just for Windows Hello since I don't video call that often. I hope Microsoft or Logitech come up with a cheaper solution.
  • Agreed. Also, as many laptops already include a basic webcam, it would be great to see the additional IR and 3D cams packaged cheaply in a unit (~$20) to augment what many users already have.
  • Yeah, it is surprising to me that we haven't heard anything from Microsoft about a smaller version of the Kinect. I mean they built one into the Hololens, right? The next version should use USB-C of course. I would kind of help sell the idea of Windows Hello as well as enable more people to start scanning their surroundings in 3D, which could again spark new types of apps and help the Windows Holographic platform. We could have AR apps that would run on tablets as well as on Hololens.
  • Webcam for streakers
  • Catch me up, will this alone be enough to utilize Hello on the SP3?
  • Yes, but it is only practical using at at a desk.  Not something I'd carry in my bag personally.
  • Thanks, no doubt.  I keep the SP3 docked (dual monitor set-up) at the house and office so this might be a cool add-on. 
  • need a cheaper webcam that support hello....i don't wanna pay more then 50 or 60$ for a wev cam, I won't use for web cam, I just wanna use the hello fonction...
  • The 3D and IR sensors aren't cheap to add to the solution.  You won't see a sub $100 Webcam that can do Windows Hello for another year or two
  • your right... hello is not that important to me, I can wait a few years.. 
  • Will paul use this?  
  • DANNY Get Paully to Review this for me!!!
  • Skype for business ready I'd hope