Unlike LG, who seem to have hidden their Windows Phone from the world in turn for Android, Samsung did have their Omnia 7 on display.

Samsung is in the same position as LG too: New high-end Android phone (Galaxy S II) and a new Tablet (Tab 10.1) both of which they are really pushing here in Barcelona (the airport is plastered with advertising). Still, Samsung at least managed to get six of their Euro-Windows Phones on display for others to interact with.

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Here's a short video of us playing with it, only because it's (a) a really nice phone and (b) not available here in the U.S., so this may be our only chance (unless we want to drop $500 to import). Of note, we checked the OS version and it's 7.07.7004, meaning this is pre-NoDO and does not have copy-paste (We're hoping maybe someone had loaded it up, but alas, it's no where to be seen).