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Hands on with the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update (video)

We admit, Microsoft hasn't really focused much on Mobile over the last several months, and that's evident with the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, which is packing a few minor new features and changes that most people aren't going to be too excited about.

But, there are changes, and with every new release of Windows 10 Mobile we like to do a walkthrough video showcasing what's new and changed. You can expect to see improvements to autocorrect, a new system sound, a new Book Store, and improvements to the Settings app. All of which, and more, are showcased in the video.

We'll be writing up our full Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that. Microsoft is expected to begin rolling out the update for Mobile in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let us know what your most anticipated feature is that's coming in the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • 'MINOR' update
  • Yeah and absolutely nothing for creators on an update called "creators update".... OK MS
  • so... its still not DEAD?
  • shambling along, but not dead! come by webOS Nation if you want dead.
  • :(
  • Does trolling never bore you pappy? Just curious.
  • He's butt hurt
  • troling? Nope, Iam not trolling and beside this just FYI  - i have a HP X3 still using W10M and I dont like it = thats my problem and I am rasing my voice because M-fanboys do nothing.. they are installing buggy updates over and over again, smiling when a minor update like a font change happens and thats it for them. This is why W10M will die, because people ignore the reality. This update is a big joke. The OS feels the same, no new app, no new functions just the same again. I would be happy if the OS would feel smoother but the performance on my X3 is the same as on a 650. I dont even care anymore... my Samsung S8 is preordered I will leave this ship soon so... :) #HappyTimesAreComingSoon
  • Bye bye
  • You're missing the point, but ok
  • You'll be back....
  • As hard as it is to swallow, he's right. Windows is progressing way too slow. They've actually been regressing. Astoria is gone. The sms-skype integration is gone. Still no landscape mode. The OS has lost it's appeal. I will use it, however, because it's a great buy for the bargain. So you get what you put in I guess.
  • No Skype sms integration is not dead. I am still using it.
  • I meant the in messaging app toggle. Now you have to set skype as your default app, and it's slow to open and has delayed notifications. It was aesthetically appealing before as well, and it makes sense having it in the messaging app not the skype app.
  • Being Cortana centric, this update will be a total cluster fu ck for anyone outside the US as Cortana is a non functioning joke now.
    She was great on 8, but now 4 years later she is an absolute joke and so is W10 unless u live in Merica.
  • No... On Windows 8... I couldn't get Cortana unless i changed my region to US... Now on 10 my region is on Jamaica am i use Cortana... Just switch to America in Cortana settings... It works flawlessly
  • Or you set your device location to us. Works a charm here down under
  • Oh you cared alright, that's why you are here posting every time, that's a fact. The moment you stop posting is the moment you stop caring. Everyone is allowed to have their rant, you have reasons and that is fair. Others may not be as unhappy as you. We all make compromises to some extent. So stop caring and make an exit, it'll be better for you, you won't be angry as much.
  • Glad you are prepared to jump ship, mate. I think some WP Fanboys here are just delusional to the point where they are blinded by the reality of this dead platform. I'm a huge WP fan for like three years, I even bought the whole Lumia range! Heck, that was a ton of money. It's only five months ago when reality struck me and decided to get an Android, and damn, the experience on the A5 2016 and S7 edge eclipses that of my 1520, 925, 830, 735, 630, 625, 530 and Alpha Luxes. Two weeks ago, I decided to try iOS with my iPhone 7 Plus. That concludes my assumption that WP and Win10M will never be on par with Android and iOS. When was the last time I drool for the 950XL and Elite X3? I can't remember anymore. What's the point of getting a high-end hardware when the software is crappy? And who the heck brags that Windows 10 Mobile is for Business? As much as I tried to live on my 1520 for my work, it never reach the flexibility that my S7 edge provides. All of Microsoft services are there on Android and iOS. There is no point to use Windows 10 Mobile. This ship is sinking. It's up to you if you want to drown or you can get your life vest and jump.
  • Jared, I feel the same! Agree with everything you said... and I am sad that the Microsoft community is ignoring the problems. Ignoring will lead to dead. Thats whats happening. Shame because a more saturated market is always better for us - buyers
  • I use Android for it extensive application in work and WM10 as a hobby device. I treat my device as functional tools. Both are great in their own way if you adopt a positive outlook. WM10 launch screen is still my favourite way to navigate. I also like the mobile edge browser gesture support that i think mobile chrome could benefit from. Just stop being a fanboy, more loving, less hate. btw did any one realise that the EOW in coming and they are still busy fighting their fandom battle instead of doing what they treasure most! Then again, is winning a fandom war the most important thing in your life??
  • You know? you're right.. But shoudn't you be thankful that MS still gives little updates to this "DEAD" platform despite with its almost zero percent market share? 🙄
    Off course you can use android and iOS as much as you want but there are some fans here like me and among others that is still holding on to this "DEAD" OS cause we are more comfortable using it from the start. Just like what Joey Sfb said here in the comment below "Both are great in their own way if you adopt a positive outlook." But it seems like everyone i know switching from W10m to android they're starting to bash and hate w10m for some reason. That's what really bothers me the most cause most WP users i know love Windows in the start and hate it once they get to use another OS. Coudn't they just jump ship and leave windows alone? Treasure the memories you had with WP over the years instead of comparing it to a more dominant mobile OS and think "Omg windows phone really sucks I regret everything". Tsss.. 🙄
  • I've upvoted your comment.  When you expect little to nothing that's what you'll get.  When Microsoft realizes putting any little shiny thing out will get some to salivate as if there was something special, things won't change anytime soon.  I remember I used to be excited when Nokia released something because it used to be something worthwhile.  The reaction I see some provide to your comments reminds me of some of the Blackberry followers.  And we both know where they are today.  Because Microsoft has it's phone linked to it's computer OS it has a better chance of rebounding.  But only time will tell.
  • Could not agree more, so much false hope and back slapping for such crappy minor updates, that as we all know, when one update lands another app doesn't work or affects something else. How can we all, MS mobile die hards, not see this. Just not good enough anymore. Two years in the insider program and it just get worse and worse. Okay, you have to expect some bugs in beta SW, but not this bad. If we take the MS OS and use the analogy with an app and you as a business pushed out this crap month after month, let's face it, you're finished. Like my friend, I have been a huge a windows fan for too long now and cannot take it much longer, I would have been gone with a pixel but fpr the fact that they are not available. Once the S8 lands i am gone. The only one thing I will miss is Jason Ward's excellent journalism.
  • It's great to see there are others that feel the same way I do.
    I have been an avid fan of Windows phones since the Samsung Focus which was the evolution from my Zune HD and I've bought all the flagships including the 950XL. It was the first time I have actually been disappointed with a release. Windows 10 mobile really feels incomplete and I have since switched to android (Moto Z). I changed to a Square Launcher that looks just like windows phone because I love the interface. There are still things I miss like the keyboard, Cortana and reading mode in the browser. But overall I am way better off now, whenever I go back to my 950 I feel like I'm back time with some buggy first gen OS.
  • Buh bye...
  • At this point I no longer care about new app or functions, if MS can fix all the annoying bugs I am happy.
  • Butt hurt much?
  • Bye, please be honorable to leave windows central as well
  • Troll
  • Looking forward to uninstalling groove (along with the other system ones i dont use) and resetting apps!
  • I wish I was able to install ZUNE!  
  • Groove is Zune, dude
  • LMAO. You have never used Zune then. Nowhere near the same and Groove is way out of its element if it is trying to compete with Zune.
  • I loved Zune, but Groove with all types of playlists based on genre, mood, or theme, and playlists generated from your library, there's just more for those who really love music. I miss the scrolling art and UI design, but Groove covers everything else.
  • I'd give up any of those "playlists" for smartplaylists anyday.
  • LMAO it's 2017 and Zune doesn't exist anymore. Get over it.
  • Nowhere did anyone say it exists still. You helped make my point though. Its 2017 and Groove, or whatever the hell they are calling it this week, is still behind what Zune was. Thank you.
  • Groove is Zune, if Zune stopped letting you manually edit files properly in, while tagging things badly and outright refusing to play some files because it is in a bad mood. Oh, and don't forget the horrible, pop-out-bases UI.
  • nvm.  this is mobile.  yes.  I want zune for mobile as well.  
  • I've been wanting to dump Xbox for a looong time, curious if that'll be one of them but thinking not. Yeah resetting apps will be welcomed for sure.
  • Besides being the best player, Groove is also one of the best things on W10M... so IDK where you're going with that.
  • I don't use Groove, nor do I plan to ever use it. Spotify has more of what I listen to and Groove barely has anything (for me, that is) so I'm looking forward to getting it off of my phone.
  • Oh..yea, I only listen to downloaded music, so I'm not sure about streaming. Fair point I guess, though it can't be that bad, can it?
  • Thanks for this Zac. No matter how things go, will forever be a proud member of this ecosystem.
  • That does sound boring...
  • No big features in creator update but if performance of operating system will be better than anniversary update that will be great
  • from where they getting such stupid names?
  • Big names but no new features
  • On mobile....
  • O.o
  • at least the night mode could be part of the creators update for Win10m
  • Done watching the video.. Can't wait for the update for mobile. I love the PC like experience on the SETTINGS and FINALLY we can RESET APPS YAAZZ!! ❤ Thank you Zac Bowden for this and thanks for loving windows 10 mobile..  ^_^
  • Reset them and get ready to download them back, cause it will crash on launching
  • All that's needed is creating a viable app store now.
  • I'd like to see the ability to have multiple apps open at once, like in Windows 10 tablet mode (which also needs to be made to work in portrait mode too), and the ability to view the Start Screen in landscape mode.
  • Windows on ARM.
  • Disappointing update...
  • You are being too kind. It's an embarrassment of an update
  • But remember when we got shafted last summer, with a promise Redstone 2 would be the savior?!?!?!?!
  • What? They always said that RS2 would be less mobile focused. We knew this literally the entire time.
  • Absolutely not. When Redstone was initially split in two, it was said to focus on mobile in the second release. They just keep kicking the can down the road, though.
  • Keith is correct. Redstone 2 was to be mobile focused.
  • In case you try to bluster in with misinformation again: From this site's editor-in-chief: "Microsoft is planning to release their so-called Surface phone by April 2017. I have reported an early 2017 date before, but I have now heard more specifics about that schedule through new channels. The reason for the delay of new hardware - including presumably Surface PCs as initially reported by Mary Jo Foley - is Microsoft waiting for the completion of Windows 10 Redstone 2. That OS refresh will bring new features for PC and especially mobile." Not just FOR mobile, ESPECIALLY for mobile. But, like I said in another article, this site's commenters are often so drunk with its pro-Microsoft propaganda that the only thing that matters is protecting the brand from scrutiny, even as the company repeatedly disappoints the mobile base.
  • Oh yeah, new default sound. So super excited. Definitely gonna take over the market with a new default sound.
  • Mindblowing, huh? And the return of one feature that were already there on WP8.1, OMG, Glance!, Pretty exciting!!
  • Lol
  • My most anticipated feature is the continuum updates that won't be around until RS3 sadly.
  • My Most anticipated feature is NIGHT MODE
  • If only my phone atleast worked properly. DATA randomly not working. Have to restart phone everytime I plug headphones becase it wont play any music.
  • Same **** w10m
  • nice auto correct. and Hemingway was a spy too! some simple common sense stuff as well. everybody's happy. nice.
  • One of the problems of why most of us don't see big changes is because of insider program.
  • No, there just arent any big changes.
  • I had to leave insider on my L950 recently and got back to public release and found myself looking for things that I had on insider but are not present on public.
    Yes, I agree that the PC version has much more new and interesting things, but there's new good stuff on mobile too. Mainly, the user experience will be much better than is now.
  • RS2 vs RS1? Not really
  • Finding swipe-to-text accuracy off considerably compared to 8.1, wonder if that’s been improved any although no mention of it. And it'll be interesting to see what the actually speed improvements equate to.
  • The swipe to text is decent I portrait...the accuracy goes to utter **** in landscape. But once again, crap that should be fixed within a month is still a mess over a year later. People at Microsoft need to be told to start fixing this crap and fixing it fast or look for new jobs.
  • Indeed, it is MUCH worse now after having been only a bit worse with the first version of Win10Mobile. It refuses to write long words, chooses short ones instead (even if completely different letters). And chooses slang over real words. Seems it was targeted toward 14-year-olds or something. I'm guessing normal people have a hard time using swipe-to-text without going back to tap-to-text many of the words...
  • Swipe to text (and typing in general) on WP8.1 was arguably the best mobile typing experience ever IMO. Swipe to to text on W10M is a complete joke from my experience. It suggests words sometimes that aren't even legitimate words in the English dictionary. Some words are completely impossible for me to type using swipe, for example, trying to type 'define' returns 'done' almost always. In general the accuracy of swipe on W10M is way off compared to WP8.1 and is the thing, that by far, irks me the most about W10M.
  • Define - written using swipe at first try... and English in not my native language.
  • THIS ^^^^
    Why have we gone waaaay backwards? W8.1 ate the shorts off 10.
    Typing is such s pain now,used to be fast and fluid but now its a disjointed mess with random nonsense words appearing ALL the time.
    Add the fk up that is Cortana and W10 is an epic fail, 2014 was a MUCH better windows experience than the mess we have today
  • What about the 'windows capture 3D experience' (3D scanning feature)for the mobile device that had been demoed in the october event (2016)?
  • I think this is a feature of the new paint app
  • The app is in the Store
  • Is night mode coming
  • Funny seeing the comments about this being a "minor update" and then complaints because all these things are not added. Wouldn't that make it not a minor update?
  • It's a minor update because things were not added, so you're correct. Don't see what your point is tough.
    People are upset because there been nothing but minor updates. With a named update its expected that there will be major changes. Hence the comaints.
  • So much for 2017 being the year for mobile.....
    Oh well, android has come a long way in the last couple years.
    I'm happy with my moto g.
  • cool story bro
  • Thanks!!
  • I'd like to thank the one developer left on the mobile team at Microsoft for this update. Did all they could.
  • That poor guy, all alone. I picture him like the guy in Office Space who was actually fired but a payroll glitch kept his checks coming and no one ever told him he'd been let go...
  • As long as he has his red swingline he'll be alright in the basement.
  • Lol
  • ...and one tester who never sleeps playing Pokémon.
  • I want night mode!
  • I really like the auto-correct update.  Other than that, I am relatively happy with any refinements they've included.  I REALLY don't like integrating different services into Edge, however (Books, for instance).
  • These changes are good, though minor. Can't wait for the update. Thanks for the article Zac.
  • Still no otg
  • For those who use emoji's a lot it is enhanced: just press the smiley icon once when you want to add several in a row. Killer feature 😉😉😏
  • Sounds cool. But the messaging app needs to be updated badly. It often gets sluggish. Will lag behind your keystrokes, will take forever to send your message sometimes, etc. Adding gif and video attachments will often tell you they are too large, but coming back and trying the same file five seconds later will work. I was hoping to be able to sew YouTube and internet videos right inside the messaging app like iOS, but at this point just make the thing run fluid.
  • You must renounce all hope as long as Nadella is in charge, my friend.
  • You mean Nutella?
  • I don't get why people rag on the guy, he dumped an unprofitable and failing part of the company. Most other good CEOs would've done the same. MS financials have been very good since he took over. Personally I think the company is overvalued right now, but the same can be said for many other companies in the recent market conditions.
  • First and foremost, he pretty much said women haven't earned the right to ask or a raise. You or I say that at work and we get fired. Because he is not white, he gets a pass, which is utter BS. After that, dont get me going about his short-sightedness in regards to the future of the industry.
  • Shortsighted in what way? Genuinely curious.
  • He thinks cloud is the forefront of everything. That is going to be a dime a dozen and already has. They will just take turns undercutting each other on the price of storage until they are practically giving it away. Mobile is the forefront of everything and he won't admit it. Follow that up with consumers are making the choice of what mobile devices the companies they work for use. They no longer tell their employees what to use, but give them the devices they want because they are already familiar with them, a lot easier than trying to force them to make a switch, and their employees are just happier. Look at Microsoft for crying out loud. If their employees weren't the ones making the choices, they would all being using W10M. Obviously they aren't. Eventually mobile will practically push the desktop system out to the point it won't be worth it. Everyone and their grandmother knows this. If that clown running this company knew this, he would be spending just as much time on their mobile sector as he is with this cloud garbage. The whole continium thing will be completely pointless by the time the get it to where they want it.
  • Messaging app; Skype or Messenger?
  • Messaging app, but Skype should be put back in with the messaging app. This move to not allow them to work in unity under the messaging app is one of the dumbest, biggest bone head moves yet. I seriously want to meet the idiots making these decisions.
  • My thoughts exactly!!!
  • While they're at it they could add in Facebook Messenger into the messaging app, like back in the day.
  • Well, that goes back to something I said on another post on here. They claimed they took out all the hugs so they can more quickly update and fix these extensions of the OS. I call bullshit, because practically nothing is getting fixed, and t does get fixed takes over a year. Utter BS.
  • It's total bullshit.
  • I totally agree that removing Skype from the Messaging app was one of the dumbest moves ever!
  • No, dumb the Messaging App. Skype ist great. Hope they could integrate WhatsApp into Skype :-D
  • The big things for me is the Auto-correct and Windows Hello updates.  Especially if it makes Hello work on my L950 as it does on my Surface Pro 4.
  • I wish but that will never happen.  Hello will never work on our 950s like it does on our SP4s.
  • Wonderful. Looks like Cortana still only uses 2/3 of your screen on It's "home" page. Amazing they can get this right on the first try on Android and iOS. Ridiculous. Not to mention it has been over a year and we still can't set Skype as the default video call app. I really dont know how the hell all these people at the top of these projects haven't been fired. We got rid of everything being centralized within the OS and demolished hubs so we could see these things get fixed and updated "quicker" according to them and this has absolutely, negatively not been the case.
  • Really wished changes to mobile were more in line with changes to PC. Like, would love to see extensions, flash and inking support in mobile edge.
    Would love to choose custom accent colours in mobile.
    Would love to have picture in picture and snap mode on mobile.
    Would love to perform system tasks through cortana on mobile as well.
    Would love to group the start menu just like we can on PCs, on mobile as well.
    Need a significant update to native touch keyboard to make it more competitive with what is offered natively on android wrt to customizations, user control etc.
    Finally, would love to see a merge cShell running on windows 10 ARM phones to offer the best of both worlds. Finger crossed.
  • Flash is dead.
  • I know it is but some sites I visit still use it. Legacy is a *****.
  • I'd rather they just work on making it run as smoothly as Android or iOS before they add more to it stuff to bog it down.
  • A feature that is needed badly is a folder enhancement on the start menu. While folders are nice, it can be hard to tell what is actually in the folder when you ope. It and what is other icons from your start screen. They need to do one of three things:
    • Dim the rest of the screen when going into a folder
    • Blur the rest of the screen when going into a folder
    • Zoom the rest of the screen out when going into a folder.
  • This! Do You have it somewhere in Feedback Hub? 😊
  • No. I stopped doing that because my crap never got voted. Haha
  • Honestly. This just looks like an update that could be released a month after Anniversary Update. But 6-7 months later, and these are the only "new" features on Mobile? Really Microsoft?!!!
  • So maybe there are updates under the hood that will become evident with C shell...?
  • Please make windows 10 mobile great again.
  • W10M was never great.  Not to be negative but this is a small step in the right direction to make W10M as great as WP8 was.  Still a long ways to go though.  This "MS won't leave mobile as it's all one OS" has a lot of holes shot through it when we get such minor updates while the PC OS gets loaded. Saying that, I am happier with the OS now than I have been in quite some time.
  • The biggest shot is that UWP is not catching on the way it was suppose to, no matter how someone tries to spin it.
  • The big update is Windows on ARM. It doesn't get much bigger than that. Let me know when Mac OS is running on an ARM chip with a unified app store across every Apple product.
  • Please, let's not all embarrass ourselves by talking about the "next big thing" once again. Okay?
  • Let me know when Windows does it.
  • That sounds like good old Ballmer's times...
  • When was it great?
  • Should've included night mode... ☹
  • What's the new sound? Nadella asking Siri for AAPL's closing price?
  • Nutella. He doesn't deserve your respect. Don't give it to him.
  • Great video Zac. Thanks. :)
  • Anyone know the download size? (data wise)
  • We'll know on ~April 11
  • I recall discussion of a 3D scanning app for Windows 10 Mobile coming with Creator's. Is that included at all?
  • I was wondering the same.
  • It's in the Store
  • This video shows the minor updates which are not looking as I expected. Well, Let's see the changelog for PUBLIC RELEASE.
  • No matter what happens... I will be always fan of windows...
    The feeling of using it gives a royal thing.... !!