Hangman Pro for Windows Phone, a fun gaming option for the smaller screen

The other day we mentioned the release of Hangman Pro for Windows 8.  It is an entertaining and challenging game, well suited for tablets, and is also available for our smaller screens of our Windows Phones.

Hangman Pro for Windows Phone is patterned very similar to the Windows 8 version with a respectable list of word categories, one or two player game modes, and global leaderboards.  While Trine’s Hangman is a sentimental favorite, Hangman Pro is not a bad choice if you are in the market for a challenging word game for your Windows Phone.

The main menu for Hangman Pro presents you with options to view the online leaderboard/gaming stats, check out the help section or jump into game play.  Your gaming options include choosing between one or two player games, setting your player name (for the online leaderboard) and choosing your word category.  Word categories include:

The first few categories are available from the get go with Hangman Pro and to unlock the bottom four categories you will need to rate the game in the Windows Phone Store.

Hangman Pro Gaming Menu and Single Player Game

Game play is your typical game of hangman.  Your letters are listed at the bottom of the chalkboard, your hangman drawing and score displayed at the top of the chalkboard and the dashes representing each letter of the word in the center.  Just tap on a letter and it will be either placed in the appropriate dash or a part of your hangman will be drawn.  You only get seven wrong guesses before your hangman is complete and the game ends.  Should you correctly solve the word puzzle, another puzzle from the word category will be generated.  Your score is based on the number of correct letters chosen and bonus points once the puzzle is solved.  The score is also cumulative from your consecutive solved puzzles.  The single player game continues until you fail to solve a puzzle.

Hangman Pro Two-Player Game

Game play with the two-player mode follows the same rules but each player creates the word puzzle.  You can set the number of rounds for the two-player mode (1-10) and at the beginning of each turn, a player will create the word puzzle for the other player to solve.

Graphics are nice, single player games are challenging, and I really like the two-player game.  The two-player mode is an easy teaching game for those with children, as well as a fun way to match wits with friends.  Overall, Hangman Pro is an attractive gaming option for your Windows Phone.

Hangman Pro is a free, ad-supported game that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can pick up your copy here in the Windows Phone Store and the Windows 8 version can be found here in the Windows Store.

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