AMD boasts a massive 50% improvement to graphics performance with RDNA 3

AMD Radeon
An older Radeon GPU. (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • AMD teased more details regarding its next-gen RDNA 3 architecture for graphics cards.
  • The company promises a performance boost of more than 50%.
  • No word on availability, models, or pricing yet, but we expect cards to be announced later in the year.

AMD teased some information regarding the company's RDNA 3 architecture for its graphics cards, as covered by our friends over at PC Gamer. We've already seen what AMD has in store for desktop processors with Zen 4, but it's good to see the company move forward with plans to combat NVIDIA. In short: we're potentially in store for some incredible performance gains.

The 50% performance improvement is actually per-watt for RDNA 3 and is compared to existing Radeon graphics cards available today. As well as this incredible boast, AMD shared details on the upcoming migration to a chiplet design from monolithic. These GPUs will be built using TSMC's 5nm manufacturing node, just like Zen 4 CPUs.


(Image credit: AMD)

How AMD has managed to achieve this level of performance is through the use of the 5nm process, advanced chipset packaging, an optimized graphics pipeline, next-gen AMD Infinity Cache, and a rearchitected compute unit. All that fancy jargon essentially means AMD has redesigned its GPU to be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

While we've yet to see anything surrounding actual graphics cards using the RDNA 3 architecture, AMD also revealed that RDNA 4 is already in the works. So, when can we expect to see RDNA 3 hit the market? I would feel comfortable placing a bet that we'll see them before the end of this year, especially with NVIDIA also working on new cards.

AMD has had a difficult time taking on NVIDIA for producing the best graphics card, but if these sorts of gains are what we'll see with RDNA 3, we're in for a good time. Let's just hope we'll all be able to buy one and not have to deal with an insane amount of scalping (yes, we're still looking at you, MSI).

Rich Edmonds
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