ASRock to launch 16GB Intel Arc A770 graphics card right after I bought the 8GB

ASRock Phantom Gaming Intel Arc A770 8GB graphics card in a PC build
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What you need to know

  • Intel partner ASRock looks to be launching a 16GB VRAM variant of the Arc A770 graphics card. 
  • Currently ASRock already sells an 8GB VRAM version of the A770 under its Phantom Gaming brand. 
  • Intel recently discontinued its own Limited Edition 16GB A770, leaving this and the Acer Predator BiFrost A770 as the only alternatives with the same VRAM. 

Intel Arc doesn't yet enjoy the range of third-party graphics card makers as AMD and NVIDIA enjoy, but there are a few. One such is ASRock, which offers Arc cards from right across the lineup. But now it looks like the top tier A770 is getting a bit of a lift with the arrival of a 16GB version. 

Naturally, I recently purchased the 8GB ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770. Ah well. 

The news comes via Videocardz but does indeed seem to be a thing happening very soon. The 16GB Arc A770 is listed on ASRock's website and according to Newegg it'll be shipping before the end of July. 

ASRock Phantom Gaming Intel Arc A770 16GB

Same GPU, more VRAM.  (Image credit: ASRock)

The new version is virtually identical to the existing one, with the same triple fan cooling system and visual design. The difference is of course double the VRAM and a 17.5 Gbps memory speed, which matches Intel's now defunct Limited Edition Arc A770. This means we're back up to two 16GB versions available with this alongside the Acer Predator BiFrost A770.

It's also priced aggressively, too, apparently costing around the same as the 8GB model did when it first launched. So, if you're buying an Arc A770, this is pretty much the one to get. 

I've been using my own 8GB ASRock A770 for a little while now and it's a really good card. It's surprisingly quiet, even when gaming, and for the reported price of this new 16GB version it's pretty amazing value. Content creators will also enjoy it, since Intel Arc is about the most affordable way to get in on the new AV1 encoding standard. 

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB

ASRock Phantom Gaming Arc A770 16GB

Virtually identical to the current Phantom Gaming Arc A770, this new revision from ASRock doubles the VRAM to 16GB while retaining an extremely affordable price for a good graphics card in 2023. 

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