AMD's Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series CPUs will soon be available in more workstation PCs

Amd Threadripper Pro
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What you need to know

  • AMD's Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series processors launched March 2022, with availability so far limited to Lenovo ThinkStation P620 and Dell Precision 7865 workstations.
  • AMD has today announced expanded availability for system integrators starting July 2022.
  • Further availability for DIY builders is also expected later this year for those who don't want to buy a full system.
  • Three processors, including the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX, Pro 5975WX, and Pro 5965Wx, fall under this new availability.

AMD today announced that it's expanding availability of its Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series CPUs to "leading system integrators" in July, with further availability to DIY builders planned for later this year. This comes on the heels of a March 2022 initial reveal and limited availability.

So far, only the Lenovo ThinkStation P620 and Dell Precision 7865 workstations have had access to these chips; opening up to more builders will give people a lot more choice and variety when it comes to build type and pricing. AMD doesn't say specifically which system integrators will have access to the chips; however, we have seen this sort of hardware in PCs from the likes of Maingear, Signa, and Origin. 

Three of AMD's Ryzen Threadripper Pro chips are included in this new availability, including the 64-core 5885WX, the 32-core 5975WX, and the 24-core 5965WX.

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ProcessorCores / ThreadsFrequency (Boost / Base)TDP
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX64 / 1284.5GHz / 2.7GHz280W
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5975WX32 / 644.5GHz / 3.6GHz280W
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5965WX24 / 484.5GHz / 3.8GHz280W

These new Zen 3 Threadripper Pro CPUs have been designed to use a common infrastructure with standard Threadripper chips. They'll work with WRX80 chipsets and sWRX8 sockets, with support for 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0, eight-channel UDIMM and RDIMM memory, and enormous L3 cache. 

Even if you have a WRX80 motherboard currently running a Zen 2 processor, a BIOS update should make it ready to handle the latest Threadripper Pro CPUs. Some motherboards with WRX80 chipset will also support memory and processor overclocking to ensure you're getting every last ounce of performance out of your hardware.

Keep an eye open for the Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series CPUs in more pre-built PCs starting July 2022. As for DIY builders, you'll have to wait just a bit longer. They are expected by the end of the year.

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