Best motherboard for Intel Core i5-13600K in 2024

Intel's 13th Gen Core i5-13600K might have been pushed to "last-gen" by its Core i5-14600K successor, but the older Raptor Lake processor (CPU) is still an outstanding option available at a very competitive price. Add in the fact that the newer 14th Gen chip really doesn't represent that big of an upgrade despite running hotter, and you have a ton of PC builders and gamers sticking with the Core i5-13600K. It's arguably the best all-rounder for the mid-range category, supporting both DDR4 and DDR5 memory speeds. 

The best motherboards for the Core i5-13600K use the LGA 1700 socket, and they range in features and pricing. That means you should find something well-suited to your needs. Here, we've collected the best motherboards using the balanced Z690 chipset and the cutting-edge Z790 variants, with even a B660 board to suit a more budget-focused build.

Choosing the best motherboard for Intel's Core i5-13600K

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The ASUS ROG Strix Maximus Z790 Hero remains a top option for the Intel Core i5-13600K. (Image credit: Future)

Building a PC around Intel's 13th Gen Core i5-13600K CPU gives you a wide range of options, from a budget-conscious mid-range rig to an enthusiast-level powerhouse.

When we reviewed the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wi-Fi, it became clear that it was a top Z690 motherboard thanks to its killer design, DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support, five M.2 slots, and otherwise wide range of I/O connectivity. It was a top choice when we reviewed it in 2022, and it's even better now that the price has dropped; Adorama lists it for about $380. 

Windows Central Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino summed it up by saying in the review, "If you want a Z690 motherboard that offers enough in terms of features and overclocking stability without decimating your PC build budget, look no further than the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi."

If you'd like to spend less on a Z690 motherboard, the MSI PRO Z690-A is standing by. It doesn't support DDR5 RAM, but those happy sticking with DDR4 should love the 8+4 power delivery for overclocking, PCIe 5.0 support, and 2.5GbE Ethernet. You can regularly find it for less than $200 at Amazon.

Budget PC builds centered around the Core i5-13600K are very common, and in that case, the ASRock B660M Pro RS might be your best bet. You can usually find it for less than $100 at Amazon, and its MicroATX design will be great for more compact builds.

Of course, you can push the envelope with a more extreme pick like the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero, which competes with some of the best motherboards if you can afford it. In our ROG Maximus Z790 Hero review, former Senior Editor Rich Edmonds handed it a Windows Central Best Award, noting that it's "a fantastic motherboard for 12th Gen and 13th Gen Intel processors. Supporting ridiculous DDR5 RAM speeds and fully equipped for PCIe 5.0, this is well worth the high asking price." It's available at Amazon, with prices much closer to $500 now that it has aged a couple of years.

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Is the Intel Core i5-13600K a good CPU?

Windows Central Best Award

Intel's Core i5-13600K received a Windows Central Best Award in our 2022 review. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Despite being released in 2022, Intel's Core i5-13600K remains an extremely popular mid-range desktop CPU for gamers in 2024. Intel's 14th Gen desktop refresh wasn't particularly impressive, at least compared to the 13th Gen hardware, and when you add in the fact that you can get the Core i5-13600K for a cheaper price — around $280 at Amazon — many people haven't found a reason to upgrade to the newer generation.

You can see how its performance compares to its prime competition in the tables below.

In our Intel Core i5-13600K review, Daniel Rubino called it "an easy recommendation for PC enthusiasts and anyone looking for a new custom or pre-built desktop computer." That remains true even in 2024, and pairing the CPU with one of the great motherboards we've collected above is a sure way to get off to a great start with your new build.

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