Intel confirms Arc A750 pricing, undercuts NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

Intel Arc A750
(Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • Intel's Arc A750 graphics card will start shipping on October 12, 2022 with a starting price of $289.
  • The recently confirmed pricing of the Arc A750 is notably lower than that of the NVIDIA RTX 3060, which starts at $329.
  • Intel has placed the Arc A750 against the RTX 3060 in several benchmarking tests over the past few months.

Fresh on the heels of Intel announcing pricing for the Arc A770 GPU, the tech giant has shared details about its upcoming Arc A750 graphics card. The Arc A750 will start at $289, placing it safely below the cost of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 that Intel claims it will compete with (via the Verge).

We'll have to see real-world performance before we can judge if the Arc A750 and its more powerful sibling will be among the best graphics cards. But if Intel's ray tracing benchmarks are to be believed, the new GPUs will compare well against the RTX 3060.

Intel fellow Tom Petersen discussed the Arc A750 and how it compares to its competition in a recent graphics preview. "You’ll see we’re kinda trading blows with the RTX 3060. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose."

"We’re mostly winning at 1080p, and mostly winning at 1440p with Vulkan," he added. "On average I’d say this is more like a 3 to 5 percent, maybe a little bit more towards the 5 percent win on Vulkan."

Intel's Arc A770 and A750 will be available starting on October 12, 2022. The A750 will start at $289, and the A770 will start at $329 for the 8GB model. An A770 Limited Edition with 16GB of memory will be available for $349.

Pricing for Intel's Arc graphics cards is quite aggressive. While we'll have to wait to see how they compare against the best GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD in terms of performance, strictly on the cost side of things, Intel's new hardware stands out.

The Arc A750 is supposed to compete with the RTX 3060, which retails for $329. Of course, finding any graphics card at its starting price is rare these days.

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