Intel expands 13th Gen desktop CPU lineup with 65-watt and 35-watt chips

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What you need to know

  • Intel just announced a lineup of 13th Gen Core desktop processors at CES 2023.
  • The new CPU family includes 65-watt and 35-watt chips built for mainstream desktops.
  • The range features chips with boost clock up to 5.6GHz, 24 cores, and 32 threads.
  • A total of 16 CPUs were announced, with prices ranging from $109 to $549.

Intel just unveiled a new range of desktop CPUs at CES 2023. The newly announced 13th Gen Core processors launch today and round out the chipmaker's 13th Gen lineup that began with Intel's 13th Gen Core K-series CPUs in September 2022. Intel unveils its non-K-series processors today, and the family includes 65-watt and 35-watt CPUs.

The latest 13th Gen CPUs draw less power, but they also cannot be overclocked. They'll likely be seen in pre-built systems, though any PC builder could opt for them if they'd like.

On the high end of Intel's new offering is the Core i9 range of chips. They are up to 11% faster for "mainstream application performance" than their predecessors when it comes to single-thread performance. They see an improvement of up to 34% in the same category in multi-thread performance. The CPUs also have 8 more efficiency cores and up to 18MB more L2 cache and feature Intel Thermal Velocity Boost.

The Intel Core i7 range of the company's 13th gen chips has a max turbo frequency of 5.2GHz. Those CPUs have four more efficiency cores and up to 12MB more L2 cache than the previous generation.

Core i5 chips from the new family will deliver up to 30% improved performance when it comes to multitasking. They have up to 8 more efficiency cores and 4MB more L2 cache than the last generation. Intel also introduced its Performance Hybrid Architecture for these CPUs.

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CPUCores (P/E)ThreadsP-core TurboE-core TurboL3 / L2 CacheBase / Max TDPPrice
Core i9-1390024 (8/16)32Up to 5.6GHzUp to 4.2GHz36MB/32MB65W / 219W$549
Core i9-13900F24 (8/16)32Up to 5.6GhzUp to 4.2GHz36MB/32MB65W / 219W$524
Core i7-1370016 (8/8)24Up to 5.2GHzUp to 4.1GHz30MB/24MB65W / 219W$394
Core i7-13700F16 (8/8)24Up to 5.2GHzUp to 4.1GHz30MB/24MB65W / 219W$359
Core i5-1360014 (6/8)20Up to 5.0GHzUp to 3.7GHz24MB/11.5MB65W / 154W$255
Core i5-1350014 (6/8)20Up to 4.8GhzUp to 3.5GHz24MB/11.5MB65W / 154W$232
Core i5-1340010 (6/4)16Up to 4.6GHzUp to 3.3GHz20MB/9.5MB65W / 148W$221
Core i5-13400F10 (6/4)16Up to 4.6GHzUp to 3.3GHz20MB/9.5MB65W / 148W$196
Core i3-131004 (4/0)8Up to 4.5GHzN/A12MB/5MB60W / 89W$134
Core i3-13100F4 (4/0)8Up to 4.5GHzN/A12MB/5MB60W / 89W$109

All of the 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs are forward and backward compatible with 600- and 700-series motherboards. They all support DDR5 and DDR4 memory as well.

To improve performance per watt (PPW), Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology support was added to this generation of chips. That tech improves power scaling, which allows the processors to deliver power to meet demand more efficiently.

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CPUCores (P/E)ThreadsP-core TurboE-core TurboL3 / L2 CacheBase / Max TDPPrice
Core i9-13900T24 (8/16)32Up to 5.3GHzUp to 3.9GHz36MB/32MB35W / 106W$549
Core i7-13700T16 (8/8)24Up to 4.9GHzUp to 3.6GHz30MB/24MB35W / 106W$384
Core i5-13600T14 (6/8)20Up to 4.8GHzUp to 3.4GHz24MB/11.5MB35W / 92W$255
Core i5-13500T14 (6/8)20Up to 4.6GhzUp to 3.2GHz24MB/11.5MB35W / 92W$232
Core i5-13400T10 (6/4)16Up to 4.4GHzUp to 3.0GHz20MB/9.5MB35W / 82W$221
Core i3-13100T4 (4/0)8Up to 4.2GHzN/A12MB/5MB35W / 69W$134

Windows Central take

Intel first launched its 13th Gen Core desktop CPUs back in fall 2022, but the chips released back then had massive power draws (up to 125W base / 253W max). The non-K-series CPUs announced today use much less power, making them ideal choices for PC owners that don't need such absurdly high performance.

Today's desktop announcement was made alongside Intel's new 13th Gen mobile processors and new entry-level chips. The conjunction of the announcements ushers in a new generation of Intel CPUs in full.

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