Leaked Intel Core i7-14700K benchmark shows 20% boost in performance

Intel Core i9-13900K
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What you need to know

  • Intel's Raptor Lake Refresh CPU will reportedly ship with a better performance compared to the Core i7 13700K.
  • The boost in performance can be attributed to a higher core and thread count.
  • Intel Core i7-14700K will feature an 8+12 configuration that supports 20 cores and 28 threads.

According to a source, @wxnod on Twitter, Intel is getting ready to ship its next installment of next-generation CPUs. And when compared to the Raptor Lake lineup, Intel is seemingly pumping more power into this year's entries as spotted by Tom's Hardware.

The screenshots shared by the source seem to belong to Intel's Core i7-14700K, though the user didn't give out full information while sharing these images. Further scrutinizing the images, one can tell that this is a benchmark being run on the entry.

Before diving in any further, it's important to note that while these benchmarks appear legitimate, they need to be taken with a grain of salt since they aren't official. 

AIDA64, Cinebench, and CPU-Z were featured in the benchmark. According to the results shared, the entry sports a significant performance boost. It's up to 20% faster than its predecessor, the Core i7 13700K, while in multi-threaded workloads.

In the first benchmark with the Cinebench R23, Intel's Core i7-14700K managed to score 36292 points in multi-core and 2192 points in single-core. This translates to a 15% and 4% performance bump compared to its predecessor in multi-core and single-threaded tests, respectively.

A significant bump in performance was also spotted when benchmarking the entry with the CPU-z. It hit 905 points in single-core and 14988 points in multi-core, which translates to a 14% and 2% improvement in performance, respectively, compared to the Core i7 13700K.

The Intel Core i7-14700K builds on its predecessor's user experience and performance in multiple ways. For instance, the Core i7 13700K ships with an 8P + 8E core configuration, but Intel is rumored to be working towards pushing the configuration to 8P + 12E with its latest installment that should ship soon. 

The image shared by @harukaze5719 on Twitter aligns with this theory perfectly. First up, the chip has been identified as a Raptor Lake-S model. It sports Intel's 7 process node (10 nm lithography) and the abovementioned 8+12 configuration that supports 20 cores and 28 threads. 

Notably, the Core i7-14700K runs on the same base clock as its predecessor, 3.4 GHz. At the time of writing, it hasn't been established what boost clocks would look like.

Evidently, the improvements in performance can be attributed to the entry's higher core and thread count. Admittedly, the use of newer motherboard models and advanced RAM technology could all impact the performance of the entry. 

To this end, it's not yet clear when the chip is likely to ship, though rumors indicate that Intel could be looking at a "mid-to-late October" launch.

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