How to watch Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2023: Get a first look at the X Series platform designed to take on Apple

Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit 2023
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What you need to know

  • The annual Qualcomm Snapdragon summit kicks off from Hawaii on October 24. 
  • The event will be streamed live and is expected to give us our first look at the new X Series of chips that will power Windows laptops. 
  • Recent reports have also suggested Microsoft's VP of Windows and Devices, Pavan Davuluri, will be appearing. 
  • The main keynote begins at 12 p.m. Pacific Time (8 p.m. BST). 

The annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit is upon us, and this year is set to be a big one for Windows. As it stands, Qualcomm is the exclusive partner for Microsoft on ARM-powered Windows machines, but this year's event is particularly interesting. 

Qualcomm has already revealed that its next generation chips for Windows laptops will be known as the Snapdragon X Series, built on the Oryon CPU that was devised by ex-Apple engineers. Oryon is not an ARM Ltd design, as was the case with the Snapdragon 8cx, and given the credentials of its designers, you can see why we're excited. 

Not all of us can be in glorious Hawaii to take in the event live, we'll leave that to our Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Rubino. But those of us confined to our homes or places of work can still follow the action live. 

The keynote will be broadcast live on the Snapdragon YouTube channel (which is also embedded just above), as well as the Snapdragon Summit website and there will be a watch party for Snapdragon Insiders in the company's Discord server.

Things kick off at 10 a.m. local time, which is 12 p.m. Pacific Time. For those in Europe, it's a late one. Things start at 8 p.m. in the UK and 9 p.m. for most of mainland Europe. 

Beyond just the debut of the Snapdragon X Series, there will also be news on what's next for Android devices, and a recent report suggests Microsoft's VP of Windows and Devices, Pavan Davuluri, will also be making an appearance. 

And of course, the Windows Central team will be covering everything you need to know from the event, so stick around. This is one you probably don't want to miss.

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