Kickstarter campaign launches for DUOVER, a Moleskine-style case for Surface Duo

DUOVER case for Surface Duo
(Image credit: DUOVER)

What you need to know

  • A Kickstarter campaign just launched for a foldable case for the Surface Duo called the DUOVER.
  • The case is inspired by the look of a Moleskine notebook and can be folded into several postures to support the Duo.
  • The DUOVER also features a spot to magnetically attach a Surface Pen.

The list of the best Surface Duo cases is relatively short. There are bumper cases, belt clips, sleeves, and a few other designs, but there aren't many options. In comes the DUOEVER, a Moleskine-style case that's designed to make the Surface Duo feel more like a notebook.

The DUOEVER can flip and fold to act as a vertical or horizontal stand, and it has a place to attach a Surface Pen magnetically. The case attaches with what appears to be double-sided tape rubber that attaches the body to the Duo without using any adhesives. The maker of the DUOEVER likens the rubber to a gecko's foot.

The downside of the DUOEVER is that it's in the early stages of development. A campaign for the DUOEVER just launched on Kickstarter.

There are a few different pledge options for the DUOEVER, including an early bird pledge of $19 that will get you the case for less than its planned price of $39. You can also get a custom engraved DUOEVER case if you pledge $39.

The Kickstarter page outlines what will be done if the campaign reaches its financial goals:

  • Source production equipment and specialized materials
  • Establish potential relationships with manufacturers
  • Add extra features and design tweaks that are currently in development
  • Launch the Surface Duo 2 version of The Duover Case (there will be a simultaneous release of both versions)

As with all Kickstarter and crowdfunded projects, you should take caution before pledging any money. Products on Kickstarter are not guaranteed, so in some cases it's best to hold off from investing. We plan to follow up with the DUOVER as it progresses through its campaign.

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